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Do broker companies offer many risk-free trades? If you need this kind of service, please contact Capital Hall broker. It is a young company that has successfully entered the market, attracting traders with convenient terms of cooperation and offering a MetaTrader4 terminal for trading.

Trade on advantageous terms

It is difficult for a trader to start working on a stock or currency exchange without a broker, since he needs reliable financial support to conduct successful trades. Do you want to earn from the start without a large amount of invested money? Leverage up to 1: 300 gives you such an opportunity inside the CapitalHall. Scam, as many believe, in matters of leverage actually means that you operate the company’s money when making a deal. All its activities are conducted in accordance with strictly regulated documentation. At the same time CapitalHall brokerage company offers favorable conditions for cooperation and a lot of advantages:

  1. A necessary set of trader’s tools and instruments. CapitalHall works with CFD, currency pairs and commodity assets.
  2. Protection of personal data of customers. If you are afraid of losing any personal details online or think that any project like CapitalHall can be a scam, carefully study the legal documents of the company: they clearly state the obligation to store the confidentiality of customer data.
  3. Simple principle of working with accounts. Money transfers can be made even from a mobile phone.
  4. 24-hour technical support. Each client of CapitalHall gets help of a personal manager, who can be contacted for any questions in the operation of accounts and software.
  5. Consultations of experts. If there are difficulties with conducting operations on exchanges, traders of CapitalHall can consult with experienced experts.

Please note that the company does not work with crypto currency on a massive level, working only with major tokens. This is another proof of the reliability of CapitalHall. Scammers would not refuse the opportunity to attract the attention of more traders.

Open an account with the CapitalHall broker and get the maximum bonuses.

You can start trading with $ 250. But for convenience of work the CapitalHall broker offers customers a choice of one of three account types:

  1. Advanced. Suitable for beginners who can put on an account of only $ 2 thousand and assumes spreads of 2.5 pips.
  2. Pro. The most popular type of account, which involves making an initial deposit of $ 10 thousand Spreads are reduced to 1.5 pips.
  3. The expert. The account that assumes the most benefits for the CapitalHall traders, but requires an investment of $ 50 thousand. Spreads are taken down to 0.1 pips.

The only difference between all the accounts of the Capital Hall broker is the necessary amount of the initial payment and the size of the spreads (which, in general, is important for constant trading). All other conditions are the same:

  • leverage up to 1: 300;
  • the right to use up to 50 currency pairs in trading;
  • the ability to conduct operations up to 50 lots;
  • the ability to open positions without any restrictions;
  • 5% level of Stop Out;
  • scalping;
  • the opportunity to conduct trading on news;


Each of the accounts opens opportunities for Capital Hall traders to get the free training and all available tools.

CapitalHall – software with the best reviews

MetaTrader4 is an informational and trading platform that is used by almost all experienced traders, and CapitalHall is no exception.

Advantages of this platform:

  1. Reliability. The program is designed in such a way that it prevents the system and the process of data transmission to slow down, even with a weak Internet signal. This factor allows the traders of CapitalHall to avoid losing money.
  2. Simplicity. The MetaTrader4 interface allows even a novice trader to get the necessary result from trading. User reviews confirm that this is the most convenient program for working with Forex.
  3. Mobility. The program is provided to traders in the web, desktop and mobile versions. Such mobility allows the CapitalHall clients to keep a hand on the pulse of the exchanges at any time and anywhere in the world with the Internet access. For those who have not previously worked with MetaTrader4, the CapitalHall broker provides free training. After the trader starts working, he also has the opportunity to communicate daily with the technical support of CapitalHall. This factor significantly simplifies the work on the exchanges and makes it more efficient.

Convenient terms of the affiliate program

If you started working with CapitalHall broker, then you can connect your colleagues to the company and get bonuses for it when trading almost immediately. CapitalHall is not a scam, and the opportunity to open one’s own account means the beginning of trading in a reliable and time-tested company. The more traders you connect, the more money you can earn: for each new partner, a bonus is paid in the form of a percentage of his or her initial investment. The percentage of the bonus from CapitalHall (reviews of traders confirm that the money is actually paid) depends on the volume of investment of your contacts. Details can be obtained from the website of CapitalHall. Scammers will not be able to receive bonuses, since payments are made only after the active partner is connected.

Join and multiply your profits from working on stock and currency exchanges!

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  1. Bob 06.07.2018
    I worked with Gerchik and Co., came to them because of the analyst, but not everything turned out to be as good as they write. Analytics, to put it mildly, mediocre, 50% of hits somewhere. Or lucky, or not lucky. Therefore, when I got bogged down with this, I started looking for a broker just by the quality of analyst. I thought to open an account in Alpari, but the trading conditions there did not fit. So, opened in Capital Hall, even if the broker is not very well-known, but analyst is really good there. The volumes are large, you can find all the necessary information, it comes in a convenient format. Otherwise to be honest everything is standard enough. Terminal Meta Trader 4, quite convenient. Relatively fast orders are executed, spreads are static. There are no commissions for withdrawal. Transfer within an hour or faster.
    1. Reno 15.07.2018
      Had an account in Fresh Forex, they began to hold up withdrawals, I closed it. Now I’ve opened a new one in Capital Hall, still like it. At least the money is withdrowing in half an hour, almost any amount, 20 dollars or 200, and so on. There is no commission to withdraw to the card, only the commission of the bank itself. A stable normal system, you can work. Terminal Meta Trader 4, the exchange of data is quite bright, the orders are executed without delay. Demo and micro accounts are not, but pay no attention. Usually such accounts are given by the kitchens, which do not take the transaction out to the foreign market. And in Capital Hall you pay only for real and spreads are sane, static. I did not only like just how support is organized. Either by e-mail, or by phone. It woulnd be good to screw a chat on the site or to communicate in Skype, so much more convenient.
      1. Touren 25.07.2018
        I have long wanted to try to work on Forex with real deals, but not everything always worked both in demos and micro accounts, and I’ve been postponing it. And then a friend registered in Capital Hall and told that there is the profit, although very small, but there is. Well, I decided that 300 bucks is not all the money of the world, opened a deposit and tried it. Of course, after the demo I traded very carefully, so as not to drain the deposit. But there were first drawdowns, and I falling in a minus … Now here, kind of corrected it, already I returned that which has merged, slowly I go uphill. I deduced once, 20 bucks, on the card. There is no commission for withdrawal. The downside is that they did not warn about verification. Therefore, only afterwards, when the manager called and clarified it, passed the procedure and only then outputed. Purely the withdrawal took about half an hour. Input, of course, is faster, in minutes, at the current rate and also without commission.
        1. Burman 31.07.2018
          With the Capital Hall broker I have been working for a little over a year, since last winter. Moved from Insta Forex, there with a demo deposit everything turned out, but the real for some reason merged on the spreads. In principle Capital Hall has static spreads, which in themselves are not very large, they do not jump while the market is jumping. Quotes are also in the market. The only drawback is in the work of the support, it is not really possible to call in the morning from the first time, it is necessary to wait … I looked quotations on the sites of other brokers, they are higher or similarly, as in Capital Hall. I trade EUR USD, I just compared them. Support sometimes takes 10 minutes to wait on the phone, but explain and help normally. In general, the broker is a four.
          1. Fokko 03.08.2018
            My trader colleague advised me to open an account with Capital Hall, said that there is very good and quick to scalp until crowds came running in. Well, if scalping works without slippage, then the broker is good, you have to take it)))) Seriously, it’s very fast execution of orders, all statistics are updated at once. Well, money comes in – go out very quickly. It’s, by the way, on the current courses. And there is no commission for withdrawal.
            1. Barbossa 09.08.2018
              I noticed that many brokers, as soon as they fall into the tops of all ratings, and their quality of services falls sharply. I had an account in one of the most well-known companies in Russia, but … In short, it’s good that the withdrawal was given normally. Now the account is in CapitalHall, the broker is not very well known, but with real trading conditions + you can enter almost any amount. Everything works clearly, commissions are at the market level, spreads are low. In support there are busy lines, but quite rarely.
              1. Enjoykin 13.08.2018
                I do not often write reviews on the web, but I think that my experience will help someone. A month or two ago, I opened an account on the Capital Hall website. The broker is not the first, so there is someone to compare. From the pluses, I will say about low enough, besides dynamic spreads, especially for CAD, NZD, for example. And about the analyst, the accuracy is high, it’s interesting to trade on it. As for cons, there are not enough packets and no micro accounts. Although you can start with a few hundred dollars, that is without serious damage to the budget.
                1. Ali 15.08.2018
                  First time I write a feedback about the broker, do not judge strictly. I work with the base account of Capital Hall, opened a month ago. I chose spreads for AUD and NZD, basically I work with these currencies. Spreads themselves turned out to be static, do not jump, it’s easy enough to work. Consultants are pleasant, help if that, without nerves. Dialing is also OK. So far from the minuses only noticed that there is not enough services and, for example, there is no possibility to choose a terminal – only Meta Trader.
                  1. Arthur 20.08.2018
                    Two months as I trade with Capital Hall, in general I’m in this business about three years. Broker is sane, spreads are medium or slightly lower than on the market, I have something to compare. Support, too, like the norm, was for example the moment when I sat down a smartphone and did not have time to do everything in the terminal. While driving, they told me what they had done, so I did not run into losses. If there were some chat for support, it would be super.
                    1. Antonio 26.08.2018
                      I have been working with this broker since not so long ago, just over two months. Frankly speaking, my friends recommended it, saying spreads were quite low, decent trading terms, so why not try. I checked everything, it was fine with me, so I set up an account. I can’t say I have earned already dozens of thousands, like many traders yarn. But my humble income is with me. It became discernibly more profitable to trade. As a matter of fact, you lose only spread. And managers are adequate. Gappings… well, couple of such cases, yeah. But generally orders are executed quite quickly, no delaying. Truth be told, the broker still offers not so many services, and it would be great if the technical support would work in a chat or Viber. It’s not always convenient to talk on the phone.
                      1. Anna 29.08.2018
                        Frankly speaking, I came to CapitalHall mainly due to its spreads. When I started working with another company, it was interesting: tutorial, different goodies etc. But when you learn the ropes, you understand that it’s very difficult to trade with such spreads. CapitalHall broker doesn’t allow to set up demo accounts, but it gives you more profit. I work with euro cross rates, and according to my comparisons – it’s at or just a bit below market. It was a surprise for me to meet here static spreads, they are usually dynamic. Deposits comply with current rates. Money is withdrawn to the card, bank account or e-wallet. It’s the easiest and a quite quick way for me to use webmoney wallet. I don’t like that the support works only by the phone. You don’t always get through at once, and then you always speak with different managers. It’s not so convenient. It’s high time to master Viber.
                        1. Artem 02.09.2018
                          I tried to set up an account at Sky Broker. I thought it was a reliable bank broker. But the registration there was totally buggy, I had a go and gave up, it didn’t work out at all. And the whole time something malfunctioned there, so I was through and set up an account at CapitalHall – this broker was next in the top list. I have no regrets, because registration took only two minutes. And also spreads are lower, afterwards I compared data
                          1. Andrey 07.09.2018
                            I set up an account at ATON. It’s a really tried and true, reliable broker. But I didn’t get along with the trading platform “QUIK”: it’s inconvenient, extra tools are hard to find… Now I work with CapitalHall, the company uses MetaTrader 4, it’s more common to me. This terminal is more user-friendly for both smartphone and laptop, and one can set additional signals or guide with no trouble. And to my mind, spreads are lower, and they are static too, though I don’t insist – in cases of different currencies they vary.
                            1. Hitan 11.09.2018
                              Has started to work with Capital Hall since last winter, that is almost a year already soon. Has an experience with other brokers, the last one was Insta Forex. Everything went like clockwork with the demo, but the real deposit was poured out on the spikes of spreads. Here, the spreads are static, low, volatility does not affect at all. Works on actual market quotes, I compared with other brokers. It’s a little annoying to call up to support in urgent questions, sometimes you have to wait for 10 minutes. I’m glad that managers explain everything and really help, it’s clear that they are well-trained guys, with experience. Four for all the affairs of the broker.
                              1. George 15.09.2018
                                I saw negative reviews in the network about Capital Hall. It sounds like it was made up. I already have some work experience, I write not for advertising, but honestly. A middle-sized broker, not the fastest fox in the forest, but he answers for his work. Well, maybe someone does not have enough technical stuffs and bonus features, contests and demos. To be honest, I would add more tools. But here there are fixed spreads, quick orders and prompt withdrawal without commissions.
                                1. Jiny 19.09.2018
                                  About two months ago, I registered a brokerage account with Capital Hall. The first imprinting tha everything is simple and understandable. The manager explained that at the first withdrawing, it is necessary to validate the account and sign (for the first and last time) the papers. All the rest of the work is done on the network. Orders are executed quickly, there is no commission to input and withdraw money. Spreads are static, not high enough. There are not enough competitions and contests, but it’s the matter of taste. As for me I haven’t enough choice of platform, there is only Metatrader. In general, I am ready to put a solid four for trading conditions.
                                  1. Jil 24.09.2018
                                    It was not easy after QUIK to master Metatrader in Capital Hall. But it was the most difficult. Once figured out with the terminal, I was able to appreciate all the pros and cons of the system. To be honest, I do not have enough basic tools. And for the beginner that’s perfect. Market quotes, spreads are low and static. The withdrawal is fast, for about an hour and without commission. A normal broker, there is everything for quiet work.
                                    1. Daria 28.09.2018
                                      I’ve been with Capital Hall for a long time, probably more than a year. I am satisfied, everything is good enough for me. Normal spreads, static, you can trade almost any volume within the deposit. Trouble-free withdrawing for in an hour, with no commission. But what caused the inconvenience – the metatrader 4 did not want to be installed normally on the MacBook, it was necessary to adapt to the work with the emulator, which is somehow strange and not very comfortable. MT itself does not brake or even glitching up. I would not abandon the web terminal for just in case.
                                      1. Zoria 30.09.2018
                                        My account at the Capital Hall broker is just under a year. In short, everything that promised for trading conditions corresponds to reality. Before the first withdrawal, it is necessary to go through the verification process carefully, fill in the papers, this is all done in order to comply with the safety standards. And the rest is already clear and simple. As well as read in the reviews, spreads all the time are static, within the declared limits, do not skip when the market fluctuates and do not bury suddenly in a storm. The withdrawing is easy and quick. In a pinch, experienced consultants are always on the line. To be honest, I think they themselves trade, so clearly they are always aware of all trends.
                                        1. Tim 02.10.2018
                                          Disconnects are driving me crazy, I’ve had a bit of experience with different brokers. The colleague advised to try Capital Hall, not particularly well-known in a wide range of brokers. It’s strange that there is so little information about it, although Capital Hall has been on the market for three years already. So far, for six months I have been trading on forex, no traps, everything is quite transparent. I have never seen traces of intervention by managers in the terminal, there were no false candles. I would like to see more options for withdrawal, some Kiwi for example.
                                          1. Feriki 04.10.2018
                                            I left Alpari like many other after they began to inflate the spreads. About 9 months ago, I opened an account with the broker Capital Hall. I can not say that the broker is in a fix, but I was impressed by the constructive feedbacks on the web. Not disappointed. Input on the current exchange rate is fast, the output is a bit slower, but without commission. Requests are not present, execution is quicker. Technical support is not short-staffed, but all work clearly and quickly.
                                            1. Torsten 09.10.2018
                                              Although Capital Hall is a fairly young broker, they already could add more functions and services during its working. Therefore, five stars I will not put. However, all that was initially stated – works perfectly. All promises are fulfilled, spreads do not swell, remain static. Therefore, I stay here. I see no reason to change to another broker. My profit is not big yet, about a hundred and fifty bucks from a thousand to the depot every month. Normal such a second source of income, I think. I like that the withdrawal to the card or account is fast and hassle-free.
                                              1. Dieter 11.10.2018
                                                Last winter, I went from Insta Forex to Capital Hall. I got comfortable with the demos there, everything worked out, but on a real account I unexpectedly merged on the spreads. At Capital Hall, the spreads themselves are small, static, not jumping from the market when storming. Quotes correspond to the market. I compared the EUR USD pair, which I trade. It is inconvenient that you will not get the support in the morning from the first time, you have to hang and wait, sometimes up to 10 minutes. It is good that the team is sane, they explain and adequately help. In short, I would give the broker a solid four from me.
                                                1. Gertrud 17.10.2018
                                                  On the Internet, you can write anything, even nasty things, even advertising, someone even pays for it. I write my opinion, you can check on my experience. I think Capital Hall is an adequate middle broker. Order execution is fast, prompt withdrawal, great support. There are not enough additional tools, contests, webinars, no demo accounts. Spreads are low, static. Work profitable.
                                                  1. Mark 21.10.2018
                                                    More than two months ago, I opened a brokerage account at Capital Hall. The first impression is all too simple. Then the support explained that it will be necessary to pass the verification of the account before the first withdrawal, there you will have to sign the papers. But it will be the first and the last time. All other procedures are quietly carried out via the Internet. Trade conditions are satisfied, on the strong four. Static spreads are not high. Bonus is absence of commission on withdrawal and input. Orders are executed quickly. There are no webinars, tournaments, contests or promotions yet. More to come probably.
                                                    1. Hans 26.10.2018
                                                      To be honest, I had to suffer over the Meta Trader terminal after registering with Capital Hall. Well, it was incomprehensible to me after Qwik. While I figured it out, I understood what was happening, by that time I was already able to appreciate it for dignity. Along the way, I found out that the broker does not provide so many tools. To start, in principle, just enough, you can work normally. Static spreads, low quotes. There is no commission to withdraw, after a heap of other brokers this is a real relief. The output itself passes quickly, an hour, maximum two, but usually less.
                                                      1. Ellisy 31.10.2018
                                                        Checked into Capital Hall last November. Satisfied. Low enough spreads, the system allows you to trade with virtually no restrictions on any volumes, if your deposit allows, of course. There are no problems with the withdrawal, as well as the commissions for the withdrawal – also not, and it is really convenient. I have a serious technical claim, the MetaTrader terminal is crookedly installed on a MacBook, through an emulator, somehow this is inhuman, uncomfortable. At the same time, the terminal doesn’t seem to care, it doesn’t even slow down, and it’s not buggy. But, it would be better to have a web version of the terminal for such cases, seriously.
                                                        1. Daria 01.11.2018
                                                          The last broker had permanent disconnects, all the practices flew. Honestly, fed up. I decided to leave. Coworker advised to open an account in Capital Hall, like, the conditions are favorable and there will be no disconnection to you. I looked for some information about the broker, I was surprised that Capital Hall had been in Russia for about three years now, and it’s still not very well known company and few have heard about it. Decided to take a chance. I have been trading forex for half a year already. Only one minus here is a lack of functionality for the withdraw, I wish some other capacities, such as Kiwi for example. For the rest it’s OK, clean, no cheating. No left candles, managers do not interfere. They can only react when orders for stop outs are closed. I was immediately warned about this.
                                                          1. Brigitte 05.11.2018
                                                            With the Capital Hall broker I have been around for 8 months already, I feel quite comfortable. All trading conditions correspond to the stated initially, static spreads invariably keep within their limits, do not jump, no sudden peaks. Trouble-free conclusion, repeatedly verified. The longest here is a one-time verification procedure before the first withdrawal, apparently due to compliance with safety standards. Support inspires confidence, experienced staff, there is a thought that they are also in the subject, they trade))) because they are always up to date on all trends.
                                                            1. Olaf 10.11.2018
                                                              Changed the broker for technical reasons, and not financial ones, it was impossible to work because of constant disconnects. Read the reviews and stopped at Capital Hall. I understood that the risk. Strange affair, the company has been on the market for almost three years, and has not gained much fame. Started with small transfers, then I went and went, and half a year passed imperceptibly. I am pleased. Everything works transparently, the system is stable, with the support team no problems. Trade calmly, knowing that no one will draw a left candle behind my back and climb into my account without asking. Profit is growing, with the withdrawal everything is ok, but except for one thing – it would be good to increase the number of options for withdrawing, add Kiwi, for example.
                                                              1. Miho 16.11.2018
                                                                I don’t remember how I had stumbled on some of information about Capital Hall for the first time. There was such a moment, a year ago I thoroughly studied the topic and compared various user and professional ratings, so I most likely came out through cross-references. Learned a lot of interesting things. And then I myself wanted to try trade. Then I looked more closely at different conditions and chose Capital Hall. Liked that the quotes corresponded to the average market indicators, the spreads were low and static. It turns out that I have been here since the end of winter. The system is adequate, everything works quickly, personally my expectations were met. I hope that they will add more ways to withdraw funds, and all sorts of smart options to the basic level.
                                                                1. Gunter 21.11.2018
                                                                  Alpari began to inflate the spreads, so I had to leave. Colleagues advised to look at Capital Hall. I can not say that at that time the broker had at least some fame, I did not find much information in the internet. It seems that traders to a greater extent shared their experiences from hand to hand. But even the minimum that I read was convincing enough. Everything turned out well. Operational orders, input and output are fast, without commission, there were practically no requotes. Terminal MetaTrader 4. Adequate trading conditions, fixed spreads. A big request is to increase the staff, tech support is clearly not able to cope, although the managers are very competent.
                                                                  1. Maximilian 27.11.2018
                                                                    Working for almost a year with one broker, I was quite pleased until the commissions began to rise. And when the most popular budget fares were removed, I decided to look for a new broker. Opened an account at Capital Hall in March. The choice of tariffs is not great, but the conditions that are on silver are quite enough for me. Its analytics is excellent, very intelligent guys in the support, it quickly turns out to hold input and output. Only one thing brought me real discomfort at first, the broker does not have a terminal choice, only MetaTrader 4 works, and I don’t like it and got used to others. But it’s not a big deal, what has been called, I’ve mastered it with time, we became friends.
                                                                    1. Hitan 29.11.2018
                                                                      Have to confesI, I chose the previous broker without thinking. I followed a bright Alpari ad like a child, and spent half a year on difficult relationships. Pretty quickly, I realized that there was a big difference between a beautiful picture on the screen and reality, I left, and have never regretted it. On the recommendation of an experienced friend opened an account in Capital Hall. Here, too, were attractive promises, but I did not find any cheating anywhere. Trading conditions are adequate to the market, maybe there are not so many packages, but well and clearly composed. Basic starts at $ 250, and packages higher are more expensive. But if you have not so much experience, then the starting level will be enough for you. Tariffs are stuffed according to the level, the most expensive is full of all the necessary tools of an experienced trader. Excellent technical support, always answers questions and consults without persuasion. It happens that it is impossible to get through right away, but in difficult moments, managers are strongly helping out, especially when you stuck in a drawdown and do not understand how to close.
                                                                      1. Filip 30.11.2018
                                                                        In May, at a meeting of classmates, we talked about passive income. It turned out that the people do not really imagine how such things can work in our realities. And one of ours, as it turned out, has been a trader for three years and has a good profit. At the same time, he has a confident income from another activity that he really loves. He advised those interested to open an account with Capital Hall, said that this is a great place to start, to get a hand and learn to scalp. I’ve listened then and decided to take a chance. Registered, learned about everything from support, thanks to them. While I figured out, and until I got the first profit, two months passed. Orders are executed faster than I use my head ))))) the system is stable, the terminal is not overwhelmed with any stuffs, I have mastered cooperation with local analytics, and trade slowly. The first profit was already withdrawing, quickly enough, it took less than an hour. Input is even faster, and at the same time broker has no commission for this. Now I have something to tell about passive income )))))
                                                                        1. Dante 02.12.2018
                                                                          I opened an account at Capital Hall after comparing spreads of different brokers in my currency range. Here they were the most comfortable, and static besides. For all the time I have not had any technical problems or problems with support. Everything that was specified in the contract exists in reality too, the broker works transparently. The terminal is simple and straightforward. I’m betting “a four” for technical support, but I think it’s not their fault that it’s impossible to call up quickly. Add a couple of employees would not hurt.
                                                                          1. Julian 07.12.2018
                                                                            My penultimate attempt to find a suitable broker for my expectations ended in failure. In general, I had no complaints about the brokerage service of VTB24, but there it was necessary to constantly mess around with the documents and their confirmation. I learned about the young company Capital Hall, I liked the reviews, that this broker makes the most of everything possible by phone or online, and the documents required a full minimum. Further, according to the trading conditions: the input is at the current bank rate, everything is very fast, orders are executed in a high-speed mode, quotes are absolutely sane, spreads are fixed and low. Money is withdrawn within half an hour – an hour, there is no commission. Everything is available for understanding and work.
                                                                            1. Leonardo 11.12.2018
                                                                              I was strained by constant disconnects in work with one broker. A friend advised to look at Capital Hall. Honestly, I was surprised, because I hadn’t heard anything about this broker before, even though I’ve been in the theme. As it turned out, this company on the market is still relatively recent, but it already has its reputation. Reviews are generally positive, many constructive suggestions, it is clear that the functionality is not yet advanced. I decided to try to trade with this minimum set. In principle, now, half a year has passed without any complaints. Decent forex broker, transparent conditions, traces of fraud are not found. Managers do not interfere in the transaction, do not paint the left candles. Well, yes, now I just want to add extra options. For example, some new opportunities for withdrawal, for example, the same Kiwi.
                                                                              1. Kail 15.12.2018
                                                                                I went through the banners on the network to the information offer of broker Capital Hall. I read, it became interesting to learn more. For several days I compared quotes from different brokers, studied spreads, it turned out that this offer was fair and all indicators corresponded to the market. I was particularly pleased with the stated static spreads and the absence of a commission for withdrawal and deposit. I opened an account, and have been trading somewhere since March, all expectations were met. Execution is fast, no pitfalls or hidden commissions. I lack the output methods and the more advanced set of tools on the starter pack.
                                                                                1. Miranda 17.12.2018
                                                                                  When Alpari began to inflate spreads, I went to look for another broker. An experienced acquaintance recommended opening an account with Capital Hall. I have already heard something about this broker, briefly, but I was not particularly interested. I had to read feedbacks, sat on the forums. In general, it’s a good broker. In the end, I have been working here for almost a year, and so far I am completely satisfied. The platform MetaTrader 4, normal, fast and intuitive to understand, sometimes slippage occurs, but very rarely, and even then – half in my direction. Spreads for major currency pairs are rather low, fixed. Orders are executed clearly, no requotes. Technical support imputed, it would not hurt to increase the number of employees. Replenishment (at the current rate) and withdrawal – fast, without any commission, not counting banking one. In short, a reliable promising broker.
                                                                                  1. Enri 22.12.2018
                                                                                    Relationship wasn’t working for me with the latest broker. Everything was fine until the commissions grew, and the most comfortable tariffs were removed without explanation. Relying on reviews in the internet, I decided to try to trade with the young Forex broker Capital Hall, opened an account and quickly feel comfortable, for now I am satisfied with everything. There are not so many tariffs here, I settled down on the average one. Good analytics, competent technical support. Prompt withdrawal. MetaTrader terminal, unaccustomed to me, but also figured out.
                                                                                    1. Sandra 27.12.2018
                                                                                      Little birdie told me the news that there is such a new broker Capital Hall, in which there are not so many people, and therefore there is the possibility of especially high-speed scalping. At the same time, the broker has all the conditions and capacities, the conditions are excellent, orders are flying, there are no commissions for I / O. Thanks, birdie, this has turned out to be the case. Indeed, while people are not here so scalping works without slippage)))) Seriously, I have been working here since last year and do not want to change anything. I do not think that can choose a broker with much better conditions for my requirements. All the same here and the terminal is proven, Meta Trader in the fourth version, and the system works without bugs, stable. With the withdrawal of profit, there are no difficulties at all, orders are executed quickly, statistics are immediately updated. Replenishment is at the current rate without commission, on withdrawal can only be bank interest, if such conditions of your bank.
                                                                                      1. Alfa 31.12.2018
                                                                                        I came to Alpari after reading an advertisement. After a while, I realized that I did not read everything in that advertisement, because, as usual, the most important thing was printed in small font )))) I went to another broker, a new one, Capital Hall, and I haven’t regretted it. Quite human trading conditions, understandable tariffs, although there are frankly few packages. Basic from 300 dollars, medium + VIP are more expensive, but I have enough and basic. Filling tariffs of course according to the level of the package. It is good that support works equally adequately for all tariffs, very competent consultants, always ready to help out. It was especially important at the time of drawdown, when I really sat and went through the options, not understanding how to close.
                                                                                        1. Govard 02.01.2019
                                                                                          Before opening an account at Capital Hall, I spent time comparing spreads in my currencies with several brokers, and above all with top brokers. It turned out that with this broker they are not only low enough, but also, a bold plus, they are static. I have been trading for about a month, until there were no problems or troubles, serious failures and disconnects never happened. The feeling of stability, confidence in the work. Trading conditions in reality correspond to the stated. Convenient to work terminal MetaTrader. I like the local analytics, well-calculated. A lot of hits to a bull’s eye. Support is clever rather than fast, but if it is not urgent, then all questions are calmly answered and prompt when it is necessary.
                                                                                          1. Lukara 05.01.2019
                                                                                            I tried to work with the brokerage service VTB24, but was disappointed. Conditions are suitable in whole, just too much paperwork needs to be made out, I don’t like it all. I registered at Capital Hall, here it is much easier with this, all issues are resolved by phone and online, documents are minimum and there is no need to go anywhere. Everything works operative. Quotes and spreads are sane, and correspond to the market, entering at the current rate of the bank, withdrawing within a couple of hours without a commission, there were no refusals.
                                                                                            1. Kris 08.01.2019
                                                                                              The previous broker had frequent breakdowns and interruptions in communication, so I decided to switch to another. Stopped at the Capital Hall. It was recommended to me that everything was without cheating, and the conditions were generally pleasant. Although before that I practically did not meet the information about this broker in the network. Well, maybe purely by chance, I saw the reviews. It turns out that the company has been operating for more than two years, or something, and is stable. Here I anchor for last three months. The broker works transparently, not fraud. I have never seen any managers drawing left-handed spiers or interfering in the state of the account. I do not have enough choice and opportunities for withdrawal, but also tournaments and webinars.
                                                                                              1. Tamir 10.01.2019
                                                                                                I had no complaints about the conditions for working with the brokerage service VTB24, but at the moment I was tired of messing with papers. I tried several other options, less well-known, until I reached the young broker Capital Hall. Here, all the paperwork is minimized, it is necessary to verify only once before the first withdrawal, everything is done online and by phone. Well, is it not a miracle? Input quickly at the current rate of the bank, without commission. It takes up to an hour to file a bid and withdrawal, and there is also no commission, not counting the banking fee. Adequate quotes, fixed spreads, low starting threshold, all key currency pairs, affiliate program. There is no training material and one could expand the range of financial instruments.
                                                                                                1. Falc 13.01.2019
                                                                                                  In the summer with cross-references, I went to the rating of young brokers. There was free time and interest, so I read all the info, matched, and hooked on the trading conditions of Capital Hall. I thought that here you can comfortably try to start working with real transactions. The company was created by skilled traders with many years of exchange experience, while IMHO there are no fictional promises just for show, and everything looks transparent. I also compared quotes for a couple of days. Finally, I signed up, and everything went quickly. I have been trading since July. Everything works as stated in the program texts. Static spreads, average market quotes, about 50 currency pairs, you can choose what to trade. There is no commission for depositing / withdrawing, withdrawal is fast, not more than an hour While starting, I’ve had my eye carefully on the terminal MetaTrader 4, but I mastered it quickly. Technical support gave all the necessary information. I would like more options for withdrawal.
                                                                                                  1. Djinger 17.01.2019
                                                                                                    I left the native Alpari after increasing the spreads at the end of last winter. Long surfing Internet to choose a replacement. In the end, I decided to try to build relationships with the new (and not very well-known in the market) Capital Hall broker team. The feedback was mostly positive, but there was little information. Therefore, at first I talked a lot with technical support, tested their level of competence. I didn’t win))) The system works stably, there are practically no disconnects, static spreads do not give jumps to the storm, slippage can be controlled thanks to the settings of the Metatrader 4 terminal. All the most important currency pairs are presented, average market quotes. Support is clearly worth thinking about expanding the state, because it is impossible to get through on the first attempt. In addition, what kind of communication means is a telephone and an email, some kind of past century. Funds are entered at the current bank rate within minutes, withdrawn in 30-45 minutes, all without commission.
                                                                                                    1. Fargo 21.01.2019
                                                                                                      Before registering at Capital Hall, I meticulously compared spreads for my currencies with all top brokers. It turned out that there is no point in going to the most promoted brands, and it’s better to get more buns from a not very busy young company on the same indicators. There are a lot of currency pairs here, static spreads, competent technical support, showed themselves from the best side, quotes are sane, why look for something else? The reliability of the platform MetaTrader 4 with a flexible system of settings has been tested over the years of trading, all the conditions are as promised. For a couple of months of work there were no system crashes, communication breaks or conflicts with managers. But it’s impossible to get through the phone on the first attempt, it’s worth adding other channels of operational communication.
                                                                                                      1. Diana 24.01.2019
                                                                                                        Capital Hall I chose for reviews in the internet. Before that, I traded with Alpari, but it did not go. Here I liked all the trading conditions, simplicity, speed, good analytics and decent service. The basic package costs $ 250, there are three higher tariffs, they are more expensive and their content corresponds to the level. But the quality of service, leverage of 1: 300 and static spreads are the same for all packages. They consult in general as gods, the guys obviously practice constantly and in the know of all the nuances of the actual moment. Managers rescued me more than once in a drawdown when I was shocked and did not understand how to close. It is a pity that there are obviously few of them there, not to get through the first attempt.
                                                                                                        1. Ramus 27.01.2019
                                                                                                          I was advised to work with Capital Hall by a colleague from work. His whole family lives by trading, his father, brother, he even taught his wife to trade. She sits at home with the children and looks after it while he is at the office or on the road. He said that the broker is not very popular yet, so the system works smoothly and does not hang because of the influx of traders. And the conditions for scalping, respectively, everything is there. So it turned out, and the speed is excellent, and orders are executed without sags. Statistics updated immediately. Putting / withdrawing money is not a problem at all. They enter at the current rate in a few minutes, they take out in 30 minutes. It took me up to two hours once. There is no commission. Verification once before the first output.
                                                                                                          1. Kail 31.01.2019
                                                                                                            My last broker raised commissions by summer and has replaced the tariff plans, the most pleasant were removed. I was offended and left))) in the summer I rested, and by the fall I was already seriously looking for a new broker. It’s a long time to describe how I chose, in the end I settled on Capital Hall and have never regretted it yet, after all the intuition is a strong thing. There are only four tariff plans here, especially not have to choose. But very competent support and excellent analytics. Order execution, input / output – everything flies, if you want to scalp – go ahead. If you have experience with MetaTrader – even better. I had to get used to it, but I managed)) the broker kept all the promises. He promised – there are no tournaments and promotions, and there are none))) in fact, the company works transparently, managers do not make extra gestures in the account, they helped me to get out of the drawdown with the least harm to the budget. Profit grows and it pleases.
                                                                                                            1. Yoric 01.02.2019
                                                                                                              Prior to Capital Hall, I worked with many other brokers, so there is experience. Basically I trade a pair of CAD / NZD, spreads on it here, by the way, below the total market. In general, both the spreads and quotes here correspond to the market, static. There are four tariff packages. Basic one costs only 250 bucks. Leverage is 1: 300. Broker trades 50 key currency pairs. You can trade proven cryptocurrency. Terminal MetaTrader 4, a fairly flexible and efficient trading platform. It is interesting to customize it for yourself and your strategy. There are no tournaments, competitions, contests, micro and demo accounts. Call in support from the first time is impossible. But there are no complaints to the support itself, they work around the clock, an excellent competent team of specialists, adequate, always helps to deal with incomprehensibilities on the topic. There is a personal manager.
                                                                                                              1. Uri 03.02.2019
                                                                                                                Trading with Capital Hall broker is easy, profitable and interesting. Technical support is discreetd, works politely, answers all questions about the topic. Convenient fixed spreads. No commission on I / O. Money withdrawn without delay. No training materials, webinars. There are no demo accounts, contests and tournaments yet. This is a pity. For half a year I deduced a large amount of money to the card twice, now I am saving up a depot.
                                                                                                                1. Anatolii 05.02.2019
                                                                                                                  At the end of June, I finally switched to the PRO of Hall Capital broker account with an initial investment of $ 10,000. I had to save, but with this manager and his conditions it is real. At this level, very favorable spreads. Especially for them I came here. Profit is growing now even faster. For the rest, the conditions do not differ much from the package’s lower propositions. All tariffs include the option of scalping, news trading, leverage 1: 300 and 50 key currency pairs in the asset. There is a personal manager, although I practically do not use technical support services. I also do not need demo and micro accounts, I’ll just write so that you know that they are not here))) Terminal MetaTrader 4 can be set up to full automation, smoothes slippage, allows you to enable trading bots and do your own business at this time. Super analytics, daily updated.
                                                                                                                  1. Qentin 07.02.2019
                                                                                                                    I was looking for a suitable broker with favorable terms for my pair of USD and JPY. Found a young broker with an unknown name, Capital Hall. At first I thought that maybe they were fraudsters, some kind of scam? I started searching for information, it turns out that I just missed everything. The company has been on the market for more than two years, founded by experienced traders with practical experience of several years. The MetaTrader 4 terminal, a reliable and stable system known to hundreds of thousands of traders. Fixed spreads, four tariff plans, an available entry threshold for the base level, only 250 bucks. I decided to open an account, I registered. Well here everything is thought out, excellent support, give the most complete information and advise only proven ways to solve problems. I'll stay here for more work.
                                                                                                                    1. Tommy 10.02.2019
                                                                                                                      One must be very careful when choosing a broker, this is especially important for beginners. There are companies that successfully disguise ordinary kitchen with a mass of beautiful promises. And then all transactions remain on the broker’s servers and do not enter the foreign market. To earn on such brokers is unreal. I had a certain amount of fears on this topic when I was advised to trade with the little-known broker Capital Hall. I was afraid that if young, then surely fraudsters. From the time of experience I gained and learned how to distinguish a kitchen from a live broker with real deals. It's been 7 months here. Not once have already withdrawn money on the card. Under the terms of the broker, fixed spreads, slightly below market. True, there are drawbacks. The broker has no operational communication channels with technical support, The broker has no operative communication channels with technical support, and the phone has not been considered like this for a long time. To call from the first time is generally beyond the limits of the possible. And in general, I like to write to the chat, and not to sit and wait for the connection, in order to then forget everything I wanted to say.
                                                                                                                      1. William 16.02.2019
                                                                                                                        My former broker did not follow the spreads and they often got out beyond the limits of the established limits. Several times I turned to technical support, was surprised, then began to resent. Support did not react any. I do not like to make trouble, so I simply withdrew all the funds and left. By this time I already had a couple of recommendations on hand. A friend advised to open an account with a young broker Capital Hall. Quotes here are the same as in the general market, nothing is picked up, static spreads. All conditions for successful scalping. There is no commission for withdrawal / input, execution is fast. The system works predictably, transparently and fair.
                                                                                                                        1. Jack 19.02.2019
                                                                                                                          For several years I have been trading in metal and have gained enough experience to distinguish real deals from the kitchen. I immediately see fake feedbacks or customized reviews. I prefer to consult with experts. My last broker, Capital Hall, was advised by a journalist friend who wrote small notes for the average hand of the forex site. He is quite strong in the subject, although he does not work in the top edition. Just sick with forex. A friend said that this company was created by real pros, so the system is debugged to the maximum, there should not be uncalculated nonsense, bugs and system crashes. So it turned out. In addition, an excellent support, tactful, competent. Calling is difficult, but possible. The expanded analytics is updated every day. There is an excellent customizable MetaTrader 4 terminal. The execution speed is almost instant. So I’m still testing the broker.
                                                                                                                          1. Gared 23.02.2019
                                                                                                                            I do not really approve of such a wide range of tariff packages broker Capital Hall. There are four of them on the site. Starting is worth 250 dollars. And the following are already 2,000, 10,000 and 50,000 respectively. If there was a possibility, I would open an account at the intermediate level between the first and second tariffs. In the meantime, I sit and save up the depot on the basic package. Already studied here all thoroughly. Already bored. I want more tools, analytical tools. And to meet old age in a rocking chair near his house on the shores of the Indian Ocean)))