Main differences between good brokers and bad ones.

Practicing investments, both beginners and experienced traders may get into a bummer. The points are not only process complexity, efficient responses and accurate analysis of situations. It’s equally important to timely protect yourself from swindlers intentionally “hunting” for novice traders or people who have forgotten about caution.


How not to lose everything: danger of shady forex brokers. It`s possible to be Key Markets scam?


Can somebody start a trader career and on the first try find a trustworthy broker? Key Markets scam? Let’s compare. Swindlers always try to draw traders’ money over to their side, offering alluring terms and compelling to doubt in proven companies’ reliability.

 Young forex broker and his profits

Shady forex brokers work all over the world causing huge financial losses to traders of all levels, like for example FXCM. In 2016 alone damages equaled to 16 billion dollars, and this sum doesn’t take account of non-registered fraud cases. Shell games are everywhere, and often their organizers don’t suffer penalties for defalcation – on the Internet they can work anonymously, and many deceived clients don’t even file official reviews.


Financial regulators try to solve the problem, but some brokers don’t register with them, and loads of cases hinder from considering everything in a timely manner. Amends of financial losses (as it was in the case of TradeGroupPro Inc) are not always possible too. Therefore, it’s important to define in advance whether a chosen broker can be trusted or it’s better to look for another one.


How to distinguish and avoid shady brokers. Key Markets reviews.


Trustworthy traders, such as Key Markets broker, don’t cheat clients. But uncontrolled companies can:


  • embezzle all the money and make off;
  • take unaccounted sums through overvaluation of charges, commission fees and spreads;
  • compel to use unnecessary paid services;
  • execute orders only when it’s convenient and profitable for them;
  • hinder from free managing of invested money;
  • delay money withdrawal capitally;
  • make money withdrawal complicated and practically impossible;
  • trade against clients’ orders;
  • transact deals at prices far from market ones.


Proven brokers, such as Key Markets forex broker, release you from these problems, losses of time and money.

Scam broker or not | sell or buy

To attract new traders, swindlers most often use the following tricks:

  • promises of an immediate huge profit;
  • advertisement of “surely profitable” autotraders;
  • gifts, bonuses, discounts etc.


Some forex brokers which are good to work with sometimes offer discounts and promotions, but top-companies lead the way thanks to a high-quality service.

Key Markets scam or a wonderful assistant? How to check a forex broker


It’s easy to estimate perspectives of work with a company in advance. There are three main criteria:


  • If a broker is registered with an international financial regulator, it officially pays taxes and meets the conditions of the local law. The law, in turn, protects the interests of traders. Assess trading conditions by looking at registration documents.
  • Online reviews help to estimate the broker’s work. Most often, as in the case of Key Markets reviews allow to build quite a complete picture with lots of company’s work aspects. Also you should pay attention to awards received by a company. But awards also have their “authority”, and the most significant ones are those that have been received recently and from prestigious organizations.
  • Choose forex brokers with high-quality webpages with accurate detailed information. Minimal and average spreads, marginal demands, information on expenses, published on the site, enhance confidence in the owner drastically too.


Advertisement and information on the site may be attractive, but registration is much more reliable. Estimation of the site helps to cut time for making a decision on the work with a broker. One shouldn’t start partnership if the chosen company’s site is characterized by:


  • poor quality graphic;
  • many mistakes;
  • non-structured, inaccurate, nothing but advertising or loose information.


Usually, a “bad” broker’s site is easy to identify, but some swindlers can successfully imitate trustworthy companies. Even if a broker has a good filled site, office, technical support, this doesn’t guarantee its decency.

Even if sometimes it takes time to identify a scammer, there are signs that make a site suspicious of deception. For example, check the content. Texts copied from other sites, as a rule, can serve as an indicator of a dishonest company. Many companies simply copy other websites entirely to show and use for their own and thus gain the trust of the audience. Usually in such a situation, the site does not have enough pages, you can find errors (links leading to nowhere) and other bugs that will help to reveal deception. If you have noticed at least some similar details, do not leave your personal data on this resource.

However, it should be borne in mind that if you have any technical problems during registration, it doesn’t always mean that the company is scam - perhaps the problem here can quickly be solved when contacting technical support, or you made some kind of registration mistake yourself. Key Markets broker tech support can solve any problem with the login or sign up issues shortly after your call.

Key Markets forex broker to which your success matters


How to choose a company if the risk of coming across swindlers is nevertheless high? It’s recommended to choose a broker with a good history, great experience, positive feedback and work strictly in the legal framework.

Advantages of Key Markets broker:

  • quick and user-friendly platform;
  • convenient grades of startup investments;
  • immediate deposition and withdrawal of money;
  • services of a manager and alanysts;
  • optimizing programs;
  • tutorials;
  • trade according to news;
  • analysts’ services.


Key Markets forex broker which is interested in being profitable and easy to work with. Reputation for Key Markets reviews is excellent. Preserving and enriching positive reputation, the company provides transparency of processes, their efficiency, accordance with market prices and absence of trading barriers. Learn the terms offered by the company – you can start partnership right now.

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  1. Oliver 05.11.2018
    In September, I left my first Insta Forex broker. I managed to practice there on demos, and opened a real account. But merged deposit. I understood that the reasons are in high spreads. Tried another broker, and then came to a very young company. Broker Key Markets found due to an interesting article in the internet. There are quite low static spreads, very good order execution speed. I like to trade with the MetaTrader 4 terminal, although there are no other options. You can work with the proposed analytics, and you can try to build your own strategy. I find it easier with analytics. I compared quotes with market indicators, here they are the same or slightly lower. I mostly looked at my EUR / USD pair. Support more than once rescued. It is a pity that when it is necessary, you have to wait for 5-10 minutes on the line to connect with the consultant. I am glad that managers are savvy and not nervous))
    1. Braian 09.11.2018
      Briefly my impressions. Key Markets broker advantages: low base entry threshold, stable operation of the entire system, successful analytics, competent technical support, quick entry of any amount without commission, quick withdrawal without brokerage commission, static spreads, average market quotes, fast ordering, 50 key currency pairs, choice of traded positions, MetaTrader trading platform 4. Disadvantages: no platform choice, no entertainment elements, little fast connection with support, only 4 user packages, no demo and micro accounts, no webinars and few teaching materials. IMHO, this is of course not a kitchen, and certainly not a scam. Too thoroughly approached functionality. I think there are prospects for development, it remains for the broker himself to understand this.
      1. Germiona 19.11.2018
        Opened an account with Key Markets broker in August, and recently I took the second 350 bucks. At first glance, everything seemed too easy. Very fast registration, no messing with paper and scans. Trade began after the replenishment of the account at once. Excellent speed, no disconnects, sometimes slippage, but the terminal MT 4 allows them to extinguish. You can scalp. There are all key currency pairs and a large selection of items of trade. Very competent support. At the first contact with the support, consultant introduced himself to me as my personal manager, like this… He said that before the first withdrawal, it will be necessary to verify the account. You can withdraw without delay to the card or wallet (fastest, for half an hour), as well as to a bank account (up to three days). No commission on I / O. In general, the trading conditions suit me completely. There is a bright side, and there is a dark one. For example, the broker left his traders without tournaments, contests and promotions))))) But seriously, I would add a choice of platform, additional withdrawal methods, new opportunities for operative communication with support and a couple of custom packages.
        1. Djared 23.11.2018
          Worked with Qwik for a long time and did not want to rebuild to another terminal. But when I figured it out with Metatrader, I didn’t regret it at all. Such a flexible system of settings, reasonableness, efficiency of execution. I even got a little sad that I was once so attached to the previous platform)) I had to deal with MT when I went to Key Markets broker. There is no choice of terminals. Tools sufficient for a good breakthrough at a basic level. The system works stably, without failures and disconnects. Static spreads, average market quotes and do not crawl out of the promise. Trading conditions in general have not changed even once. No commission on I / O, ordering fast. For an hour you can withdraw any amount. Broker offers an affiliate program, I need to figure it out.
          1. Marta 29.11.2018
            It feels like you haven’t traded for ages! In Key Markets or somewhere else, it’s never easy at all. So, before you start working with an office, you first need to figure everything out and only then do something. For me, the main thing is that the consultations are ok. And then all the rest.
            1. O`nil 02.12.2018
              You overdrove too much. I work with Key Markets a little bit – and have some additional money for whims, mine and my children’s The main thing is not to put the cart before the horse, not to pump in all money at once, and you’ll live happily.
              1. Miranter 06.12.2018
                I came to Key Markets three months ago. I like a large selection of goods for trade (oil, precious metals, raw materials, food), there are 50 key currency pairs and stable trading conditions. Static spreads. Regarding the market, they are the same or slightly lower. You can replenish or withdraw to any amount, without delay, without commissions, quickly enough. Trading platform is Metatrader 4. There is a mobile application, you can work not only at home, but also on a trip from your phone or tablet, of course, unless you are driving. There was only one technical problem for the whole time. The application did not want to install on macbook. I had to install on the emulator. At the same time, the terminal is not buggy and does not hang.
                1. Mifisto 12.12.2018
                  Left a fairly good broker because of the constant technical overlays and failures. Watched the new names. I was looking for the most similar trading conditions and a stable system. Last month stopped at the broker Key Markets. Another friend once recommended. He said that the company works transparently, does not cheat. I did not find any reviews in the internet, so it was a pure risk. It turned out that the broker has been on the market for 10 months. The basis of the work laid a great experience of experienced traders. And this, by the way, is felt. The product is not raw in functionality, although the site is visually quite fresh. Technical support is always in touch, I have a personal manager. I can not always quickly get through, but they advise on 5+. I think the company will continue to develop. There is no choice of terminals yet, few training materials. No entertainment content. It is worth paying attention to additional ways to withdraw funds and add another 1-2 user tariffs. Stability is real.
                  1. T.Karter 15.12.2018
                    No matter how I came out at Key Markets, I want to talk about my experience with the new broker. Firstly, the company was clearly created by real trading professionals. They also picked up technical support staff. Consultants competently answer all questions, pay attention to the smallest moments that can help the newcomer not to go into a minus and not to drain the deposit. All conditions are met as originally stated. The broker offers 50 currency pairs, a large selection of goods for trading, static spreads and market-equal quotes. Four tariff packages. Entry to the starting costs $ 250. Each package has a leverage of 1: 300, the possibility of scalping and trading on news. There is no commission for input / output. The trading platform is only MetaTrader 4, but for me personally this is quite enough. I would like to add a lot more, for example, additional output paths and ways to connect with support.
                    1. Polo 19.12.2018
                      Five months ago, I registered with a Key Markets broker here. My opinion, it is a promising broker, because founded by experts of the exchange business. Hope, it will develop. While, I can say that all the stated trading conditions are met, there are no hidden commissions, no random loss on the deposit or left spiers in the account. Managers are competent. I think that there are not just boys and girls sitting on the phone, but they also trade during the day. The technical side did not let down once. There were no disconnects, the execution speed is standard, 1-2 seconds for opening and 2-3 for closing. Replenishment takes 10-20 minutes, the output takes up to two hours maximum. Spreads not higher than market, fixed. There are slippings, you don’t get completely insured against them, but with the terminal you can minimize them and prevent chaos on stormy days on the market. Just before the first removal you need to be verified. Since this is the first and last paperwork, it takes some time. I think that the requirements of safety standards also play a role here.
                      1. Markus 26.12.2018
                        I have a lot of experience working with Qwik. The cross-over to another platform has always seemed to me something difficult and dreary. But it so happened that I had to change both the broker and the habits. There is only one trading platform here, Metatrader. Despite all my concerns, everything turned out to be much simpler, and I do not regret about the changes. The terminal has a very flexible customizable system. Everything works like a clock, stable, clear. In general, the whole process of working with Key Markets broker is thorough and thoughtful to the smallest detail. Enough tools for a strong breakthrough from the position of a beginner. Experienced traders have what to do and room to grow. For 4 months of work here I had no conflicts with support, the system works without failures. Disconnections were not. Spreads are fixed, quotes do not crawl out for the initially set limits. In general, as I understand it, the broker conceptually holds on to the stability of its conditions and does not change them from principle from the very beginning. The order execution is instant, there is no commission for I / O (which is very fast by the way). There is also a loyalty program to invite friends, I need to understand in detail
                        1. Leonard 04.01.2019
                          Four months ago, I opened an account with Key Markets forex broker. I found trading conditions as convincing and reasonable, despite the relative youth of the company. Here is a wide selection of trading positions. You can work with precious metals, oil, raw materials, food and, of course, currency. The broker exposes 50 key currency pairs, as well as mid-market quotes, static spreads, and at the same time does not change the trading conditions on the go. Replenishment can be done for any amount, as well as withdrawal (within deposit of course). No commissions, delays and postponements. The broker works with the MetaTrader 4 terminal. It possible to trade at home from a computer, or to install a mobile native app on a tablet or smartphone, and to work on a trip or in an office. Here, strangely enough, I had a technical hitch. Failed to install the application on MacBook. I had to put on the emulator. But at the same time, the system still continues to work normally, it does not hang and does not slow down.
                          1. Jane 15.01.2019
                            In my opinion, this is a promising and ambitious broker. I have been trading with Key Markets since June. I see the company as the brainchild of experienced traders who have invested all their experience and knowledge here. Therefore, I believe in the growth and development of the organization. Trading conditions have never changed as I've seen. There are no hidden fees, no attempts by managers to rule account, no strangely lost money, left candles or transferred deals. Everything is transparent, honest, clear. Technical support is evidently selected in terms of competence. I am confident that managers trade during the day and thus monitor market changes and trends. No complaints about the technical side. Excellent connection, the transactions has not been canceled once, there were no disconnects. Opening on average takes 1-2 seconds, closing 2-3 seconds. Replenishment (at the current rate) takes to 20 minutes. Withdrawal together with the bid form rakes up to an hour or two. Spreads correspond to market indicators, static. From slippage can not go anywhere, they are, but they can be minimized by terminal settings. Passing the paper identification must be once before the first withdrawal. It takes a certain amount of time, it is worth patience and doing everything carefully. Such, apparently, the requirements of the safety norms system.
                            1. Alucard 23.01.2019
                              Due to frequent technical overlays and system failures, I had to leave a fairly good broker. For an adequate replacement, I carefully looked at the new brokers who were not spoiled with fame. I needed stability in my work and trading conditions as close as possible to my usual ones. Now I’ve stopped at Key Markets broker. Under my request, everything came up here, plus the recommendation of a good friend did its job. According to him, the broker works transparently and without divorce. To be honest, there was a feeling of leaping into the unknown. I did not find any reviews on the net. Found only a general informative article. It turns out that the broker has been working for almost a year. The company develops on the basis of many years of experience of traders and financiers. Decided to take a chance. The system is filled with the options just as much as is necessary for stable work and confident earnings. The site is fresh, periodically I seen updates, but there are no entertainment elements. Qualified technical support works around the clock, each trader has his own personal manager. Reaching him by phone call is not easy, but the level of competence pleases. So far there is only one trading platform, very few educational materials, tariff plans, and only two ways to contact support.
                              1. Tommy 31.01.2019
                                I want to share my work experience with the new Key Markets broker. The first. This is not accurate, but IMHO this company is created by real pros in trading. At least, such an impression, judging by the level of competence of the support workers. Managers always! know the answers to all the questions about work, they see all the nuances of the current market situation, they are up to date on all trends, they will always prompt and give the necessary advice. Sometimes they can even just save — a novice from an inevitable minus in a drawdown, help to go to zero, so as not to drain the deposit. The second. All declared trading conditions do not change from the moment of creation. This means that the broker has decided on the line of development and confidently knows where he is going and where he leads his clients. There are 50 currency pairs, a wide selection of products sold, static spreads and mid-market quotes. Only four custom packages. Starting is worth 250 dollars. The same condition for all tariffs is 1: 300 leverage, scalping and news trading. No commission on I / O. There is no choice of trading platform, only MetaTrader 4, but this is a good option. I think it would be worthwhile to make some additions — to diversify ways of withdrawing and communication channels with support.
                                1. Karmen 06.02.2019
                                  A colleague invited me to open an account with new Key Markets broker. Once, I expressed a desire to increase the family budget, but did not know how to do it. It turned out that his entire family recently engaged in trading, both his wife and children. All passed forex courses. Key Markets has an affiliate loyalty program, so a friend asked me to register using his link. While this broker is not so popular, but in this there is a positive point. The system works stably and efficiently performs the tasks, without brakes and freezes. Will it execute as confidently when the number of traders grows much more? Well, for now, here is just a super conditions for scalping. The site quickly updates the statistics. But in volatility, the execution of orders may slow down a bit. The terminal MetaTrader 4, tested by millions of traders, can be easily customized for your strategy. At the same time, as your wish, use native analytics, or turn on trading bots and generally go to bed. Replenishment and withdrawal quick. Input at the current rate, and withdrawal is without commission. Verification took place right before the first withdrawal. I am generally pleased. I think soon I will have a second salary))))
                                  1. Voland 19.02.2019
                                    In early summer, I changed one of my brokers. The leadership started something wrong there. Changed all tariff plans, and the most profitable replaced by some uninteresting nonsense. I thought it was disrespect to the client. I decided to take a break and successfully went to rest on vacation. In late August, began to pick up a replacement, and went to a young broker Key Markets. He has been working in the market for about a year, and now he is gaining momentum. Looks like a promising player. For traders, there are four tariff plans, excellent speed of all financial transactions and suitable scalping. Effective analytics, experienced tech support. The broker uses the MetaTrader 4 terminal. The platform can be customized for all your needs. I like everything here.
                                    1. Geralt 23.02.2019
                                      A couple of months ago, I decided to study the market conditions and to watch the spreads on my currency pair. That was before registering with a new Key Markets broker. Then I thought, is it worth becoming a millionth customer of a promoted company? Why, if everything that I need, and without additional trinkets, I can find at a lesser-known broker. What I need: stable speed, minimal set of options and reliable terminal. So, I calmly opened an account with a little-known company with good conditions and a positive reputation. Key Markets offers traders 50 currency pairs, a steady connection, fixed spreads, and timely tips and tricks from adequate support. Entertainment, webinars, demo accounts are not here. But there is a mega reliable terminal MetaTrader 4 with a flexible system of settings. For all the time of my work, the broker has not changed the initial conditions, I had no conflicts with support. I would like to wish the management to increase the staff and expand the list of channels for communication with technical support.
                                      1. Paul 04.03.2019
                                        I work here already probably half a year. Key Markets gives very decent, good trading conditions. The budget deposit for entry is only $ 250. I withdraw the profit in an hour, maximum two hours. Before that, I worked on another platform and was afraid of switching to MetaTrader. Well, it happened so, I had to change the broker, and review my habits. Everything turned out much easier than I thought. The fourth MT works like a clock, the system is fully customized to your needs. Broker gives all opportunities for starting and developing a business. Non-conflict technical support, always answers questions. Quotes and spreads do not get out, the speed is good. I am satisfied with my choice.
                                        1. Rupert 09.03.2019
                                          At first, I thought Key Markets forex broker was too young in the market. Then I read the conditions, and there everything is serious. Broker offers a wide range of traded positions. I personally work with currency. But I like that there are 50 currency pairs in total, and you can trade precious metals, oil, raw materials and even food. In terms of stated static spreads, adequate to the market quotes, there is no commission for withdrawal and deposit. Conditions have never changed. The minimum deposit is only 250 dollars. You can work with the MetaTrader terminal from any gadget. For all the time I got out only one technical hitch. For some reason, the application did not make friends with the MacBook. Put it on the emulator. It works fine, does not hang and is not buggy. In general, the broker satisfied me.
                                          1. Steven 12.03.2019
                                            I have been trading with a Key Markets broker since mid-summer. I do not remember any serious troubles during this time. There are no problems with support, no hidden commissions, transferred deals, muddy shares or bonuses. Trading conditions have never changed, everything is clear and transparent from the very beginning. Super technical support, extremely competent guys. Techno side works perfectly. It takes 1-2 seconds for opening open, 2-3 to close. It all depends on the state of the market. Replenishment takes place at the current rate in 15 minutes, the withdrawal (application processing + withdrawal itself) will have to spend about an hour or an hour and a half. There are requotes and of course slippage, but they can be extinguished by the platform settings. Before the first withdrawal, you will need to issue documents to verify your account. Be careful, and do not rush for your own safety.
                                            1. Adrian 17.03.2019
                                              I left a decent broker due to constant technical problems. All the same, the stability of the operating system is very important. Went through variants and settled on a pair of brokers, including Key Markets. Conditions suited me. Along the way, I learned that the company has existed for a year, has worked well, has a positive reputation among experienced traders. The system is optimized as much as possible. The site has recently been updated, but entertainment content is not there, and may never be. There are practically no training and educational materials either. In the support work masters of their craft, they answer all questions around the clock, they always know the current state of the market to the smallest details. But it's hard to get through. While there are only two ways to communicate with managers, telephone and email. And only MetaTrader 4 is offered from the lists of terminals.
                                              1. Benjamin 22.03.2019
                                                Key Markets is a normal broker who works on his own and does not create problems for his clients. If there is at least a minimum of knowledge and you have already managed to turn out some kind of strategy, get ready for a constant profit. Beginners will not be easy without demos and webinars, but they will cope. MetaTrader 4 customizable platform and support professionals will help you learn how to make a plus out of the minus. Terminal MT 4 is a really great option, very popular. There would be a desire and a head on the shoulders. They can even save from a drawdown and suggest how to steer to zero or get by with a little blood. There are 50 key currency pairs, there are plenty to choose from in terms of items to trade, subject to fixed spreads and adequate quotes. There are four client packages, the base costs 250 bucks. Leverage 1: 300, scalping, news trading. I’m waiting for the online chat to be added to the site, tired to dial in support and hang on the line for 15 minutes.
                                                1. Daniel 25.03.2019
                                                  Key Markets recently got an affiliate program, you can invite a friend for some bonuses. So I got here. Here is a stable system with a stable connection. Operational execution, nothing hangs and is not buggy. Good conditions for scalping. Terminal MetaTrader 4 with a flexible system of settings. You can work with analytical software, the market data is updated in detail every day. Fast replenishment and withdrawal without problems. By and large, there are no complaints against the broker. There are opportunities for profit, a great option for a second salary.
                                                  1. Edmund 29.03.2019
                                                    Last year, I went to Key Markets broker. I read the reviews, the reputation is positive, although there is still little information. The company is on the market for about a year. There is an opinion that the structure was collected by pros and the conditions were selected for sustainable earnings. No this is not a kitchen and not a scam. There are four tariff packages. The execution is excellent, it is very important. I love scalping, there are all the tools here. The analysis is excellent, it works efficiently, technical support always answers all the questions posed. Apart from problems with dialing, there are no complaints about it. Probably just not enough staff. MT 4 trading platform is configured, and in general I like everything.
                                                    1. Frederick 31.03.2019
                                                      Key Markets offers about 50 currency pairs, a stable system, high speed, static spreads and sane support. Fast, intuitive terminal MetaTrader 4, slippage, but in both directions. The conditions are transparent, the broker does not change them, quotes out of nowhere does not overstate. No contests and tournaments. I hope the management will listen to the reviews and add new communication channels with support and ways to withdraw funds. This is a good example of how you can effectively build a company and be attractive and productive without a lot of distracting advertising, entertainment content and high-profile promotions.