The globalization of financial markets is a natural result of the development of the world economy in a free market. The main characteristic of progressive business processes is the most profitable use of capital in international relations.

Against this background, phenomena occurring in the Forex market and the role of financial brokers are of particular interest, which should be studied by analyzing the functions of Trendingraphs at Forex, as well as the impact of the world's dominant trends on the company.

Initially, only large banks, including national banks, and reputable commercial organizations could engage in currency speculation. The size of the deposit for participation in trading at Forex was measured in millions of dollars, which limited the access of individuals to trading.

Today, thanks to the mediation of brokers such as Trendingraphs, Forex has become available for private traders.

Modern business logic dictates the need to invest in the part of the world where they will bring maximum profit. Thus, the purchase and sale of currency become a prerequisite for competitive business development.


What services does Trendingraphs offer as a broker for a private trader?


Acting as intermediaries, brokers make it possible to minimize the trader’s initial investment and, use their license, assuming the responsibility of registering it.

The list of main functions of Trendingraphs as a broker includes:

·         Providing a trader with an account to make a deposit;

·         Providing access to quotes;

·         Providing a platform for remote access to trades and market analytics (for example, MetaTrader 4, which protects the transactions of traders of Trendingraphs from scammers);

·         Compensation of the small amount of the starting capital of the client through the provision of leverage;

·         Consultation and informational support.

The income of a broker in such a situation is formed at the expense of commissions received on traders' transactions. And the mediation of Trendingraphs is not a scam, but a full-scale partnership that is mutually beneficial for both parties. The broker, under its own guarantees, becomes a link between the trader and other segments of the financial market.

Thanks to globalization, activity standards are unified for all market participants. Moreover, this fully applies to the activities of Trendingraphs as a broker, reviews of which testify to the high quality of the services provided. In addition to registration and legal support, the company provides consultations to help the client to develop in the market.

Trendingraphs as a broker provides all the technical and analytical tools necessary for a trader that fully meets today's requirements.

The realities of the international market today

The role of Trendingraphs at Forex is a direct consequence of global processes. Today, multinational companies and contracting internationally are gaining ever-greater weight. In addition, the data, which is the result of Trendingraphs broker analytics of market reaction on the changes taking place in the world, help the trader to react to what is happening in a timely manner.

The globalization process is characterized by:

1.                 Internationalization of production;

2.                 Increased foreign direct investment;

3.                 Absolute freedom of movement of capital between domestic and world markets;

4.                 Strengthening international trade;

5.                 Creating a global infrastructure for effective international cooperation.

Based on the above, it is obvious that щту should not take the impressive list of currency pairs from Trendingraphs as scam or marketing ploy. The economy really has a need for active currency trading.


Worldwide Information Security Problems and Their Reflection in Trendingraphs Forex Activities

With the development of network communications, the exchange rate is sensitive to economic and political changes in any country. The virtual economy is gaining momentum and its means of payment become part of the financial market.

However, this process has another, rather unpleasant side. Year by year, the number of crimes related to the data theft and hacking of software designed for financial transactions is increasing.

Comparison of statistics speaks for itself.


The share of fishing attacks in the financial sector in 2016, %

The share of fishing attacks in the financial sector in 2017, %




Therefore, the issue of protecting Trendingraphs customers from scam and hacking is of particular relevance. 

To this end, the company:

Offers its customers proven software that has a streamlined security system that reliably protects Trendingraphs traders from scammers.

Ensures the security of created accounts through confidential access, which protects Trendingraphs customers from scams through access to their registration data.


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