Broker Delta Market: Customer Experience. Review

Broker Delta Market: Customer Experience. Review


2020-03-19 17:39:00

Nowadays anyone can trade on the currency market, and there’s no need to have a huge capital in order to do that. However, lots of people have a question: how do you choose a reliable and safe platform? The Net is full of malefactors, after all. In order to evade scammers’ traps, you have to evaluate a company's reputation, license availability, trading conditions, special aspects of depositing/withdrawing funds and other things like that. You should also read clients’ comments and expert reviews. One of the most popular and tested brokers — Delta Market, and today we want to introduce their review to your consideration. We’re going to tell you in detail why traders prefer this company, what benefits they offer, and what principles they use in their activity.

General information about Delta Market

Delta Market forex has a stellar reputation and allows trading various resources (cryptocurrencies included). They also do offer some leverage.The platform has everything necessary for comfortable and profitable trading. There is a partnership program, materials for study, and economic calendar too, which allows you to evaluate the market situation. Company also has some really knowledgeable support services and many other things. reviews confirm that.

Delta Market Review

Trading has some real and tangible risks to it, because it is a high-risk business activity. There are a ton of fake brokers stalking around the financial market and looking for new prey. You should always be extremely careful when choosing a broker. That is why, before you make a final decision about what broker company you want to get in cooperation with, it is always worth conducting a deep analysis of its activities. This is exactly why we created this Delta Market review.

The company has first appeared in Marshall Islands and is currently gaining popularity at a rapid pace. At the moment, more than 10 thousand traders use their services out of 15 countries. scam protection system plays a huge role in their development.

It all stems from the fact that they provide several undisputable benefits:

The indicators denying that Delta Market scam are the following:

Delta Market Contacts


Contact information

 ⯎ Address  Delta Market Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro
 ✆ Phone  +441507243012
 ✎ Email  [email protected]

Online platform

First and foremost, we were pleasantly surprised by the broker’s website. It’s executed in organically conjoining overtones, and there’s nothing in excess that could distract you from the process of trading. According to reviews, this resource is multi-language, and adapted to english-speaking clientele too. All the documentation and other information is translated adequately, so that there are no unpleasant surprises.
It can be seen that platform developers certainly did a good job. They have divided the information organically over several sections, so that the clients don't have to search for necessary information for too long. You can easily:

Another benefit of the platform is how easy it is to become one of their clients. You just have to enter your name and second name, email address, password, date of birth and country of residence into corresponding fields. This once again proves that using the company’s services is not only beneficial but also very comfortable too.

Wide range of assets to choose

The broker provides several types of assets for trading convenience. Here’s a short list:

Delta Market Assets

Due to the fact that this platform has a lot of resources on it, traders have a lot of possibilities to get profit. scam protection system makes sure that throughout the process of trading you will stay protected from various malefactors.


Legal information, license availability

The website offers complete legal information about the company. Here you can get acknowledged with the trading conditions, regulations, user agreement, confidentiality policy, order execution policy, AML and KYC, warnings about possible risks. For example, this broker warns you: trading is a quite risky endeavour, and there is a possibility that you will earn nothing here present. In order to trade successfully, you need to keep analyzing the market situation constantly, read expert reviews and other educational content, and adopt the experience of professional users.

Delta Market Identification

When it comes to license, we must say that Delta Market forex has a common license in its region. Is that a sign of the Delta Market scam though? Absolutely not. Those licenses are as strong as any other government papers showing that the company conducts honest and safe activity. The broker strictly adheres to the international law and verifies each client’s personal account. In order to do that, a client must provide:

  1. 1. Photo of passport (or any other document that confirms identity);
  2. 2. Bank statement or utility bill (to confirm that client does live at the stated address).

The broker guarantees a high level of security and wallet protection from hacking attacks. The security of users personal information is guaranteed with the SSL encryption system protection of personal data.

Service plans

The company offers some very beneficial trading conditions. The first thing that catches the eye — reliable liquidity providers, which include CitiGroup, Barclays, Deutsche Bank, HSBC.

There are three types of accounts available for clients (the minimal deposit is 100 dollars, but we’re going to state amounts recommended by the broker):

  1. 1. “Bronze”. In order to open it, you would need to invest 250 US dollars and more. The client gets a leverage ratio of up to 1:300. The minimal lot is 0,01, and there are more than 50 currency pairs to choose from. Besides, you can always get a consultation from your manager;
  2. 2. “Silver”. For this account tier you would need a deposit of 2000 United States dollars and more. This type of account would suit more professional traders. For those traders it will open a ton of possibilities other than stated above (you’ll have to specify the details with manager);
  3. 3. “Gold”. The optimal investment is 10 thousand dollars and more. This advanced service plan is intended for real professionals, people who have been trading for a while.
  4. 4. “Platinum”. This investment plan is created for serious investors aiming at 50 thousand dollars on their account and more. This account type has the most profitable terms including lowest spreads.

Delta Market Account Types

There is also the atmosphere intrinsic to this broker. When you cooperate with Delta Market, you feel that you’re not pushed by your broker and are free to choose the most suitable type of account tier that will benefit your particular needs the most. This kind of atmosphere is rare among brokers, and we believe it to be another advantage for Delta Market, and another reason to recommend them to a wide variety of traders all around the world.

Bonus system

According to Delta Market reviews, the broker provides a ton of possibilities to get profit:

Besides, clients are provided with individual bonuses for various actions (support service notifies each client personally about such occasions).

Commission fees

The main Delta Market feature that sets them off from other competitors is a complete absence of commission fees. It is one of the main benefits that makes many newbies and professional traders give preference to this particular platform.

Support service

The support service works 24 hours a day. All the managers are strict professionals, they will answer any questions and help solve any problem. Judging by numerous reviews, company employees tend to answer you instantly. You can contact them at number +441507243012 or via email [email protected].

Withdrawal of funds

This broker conducts a clear and honest activity. This is proven by a wide choice of depositing\withdrawing of funds, including the following:

  1. ֍ Direct bank transfers;
  2. ֍ Debit and credit cards (“Visa”, “Mastercard”);

Delta Market Reviews


All the transactions are conducted without any lags (each method envisions its own time limits you can always specify with your manager).




The Delta Market broker review has reasserted that it is quite profitable, safe, and secure to cooperate with this company. Everything here is dedicated to profitable trading, starting with a comfortable official website with simple navigation, ending with attractive trading conditions. Despite being quite a new broker on the financial market, Delta Market review has already established some great reputation, supported by many positive reviews from its clients. However, you must remember that all the risks and responsibilities of the intermediary collaborations fall onto you, so you should always be careful during the broker selection process.


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