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2020-02-02 08:40:00

About us

Start of trading for Forex trader is one of the most important stages in building his future career. During this period, trying himself, he understands whether or not to engage in this type of activity. At the same time, the network is replete with advertising of brokerage companies and the choice of a mediator for trading becomes a difficult task.

Hidden pitfalls

Forex is a market in which a commodity is a currency. It must be understood that there is no game of super luck. This is business, and it has its advantages and disadvantages.>

The broker is the basis of the success of the trader. Without his mediation, access to trading for a private trader is impossible. And a lot depends on the honesty and honesty of the broker, starting from the profitability of momentary trading, ending with the desire to work in this area in general.

Unfortunately, with the popularity of Forex, scam is a common thing. Scammers who pretend to be brokers, and simply dealers far from professional ethics are found here so often that the fraud at the auction received its own name. Self-profit scam is called itself. And to avoid if for newcomer is not so simple, starting from unscrupulous advertising, ending with a pure scam.

Be careful

What you need to know in order not to fall for the bait of scammers? It seems to be simple - to study the reputation of a company on the network. However, in practice this is more complicated than it seems at first glance. And the reason is simple - custom reviews and paid advertising articles that hide the truth behind mirages of colorful promises.

There are several criteria by which you can determine the integrity of the broker:

• lack of financial regulator and license;

• aggressive advertising company with a game on the emotions of the public and promises of fabulous earnings;

• cliched reviews of the same type about the broker;

• pending lawsuits.

But all these are only indirect signs and they do not always work. In order to insure yourself against a mistake when choosing, it is not enough to turn to open sources of information, these sources of information must be truthful and competent.


If the mistake had been already committed

In the vast majority of cases, having become a victim of deception, the young trader quickly enough understands that he is being manipulated and that the intermediary is unclean. But far from everyone decides to change the broker. Moreover, this, most often, does not happen.

Why? The answer is simple. Banal ignorance of alternatives and fear of making a mistake again. Lack of access to unbiased and unpaid information that can be trusted gives rise to a vicious circle of hopes for a favorable outcome. But without a competent decision, it will most likely not be.

There is only one way out of this situation - to get to the truth and make an informed decision.

Why did we create this site?

This resource is intended for those who choose a broker for the first time or are thinking about changing Forex broker. Even if the trader has already made a mistake and was deceived, there is an opportunity to try to fix everything - the game on the exchange is too attractive and fascinating to abandon it because of the first unpleasant moments.

We publish reviews of existing brokers and reference materials on Forex trading for beginners, as well as those who would like to change something.

We can be trusted because we:

• independent;

• act on the side of a private trader;

• are interested in the development of Forex in Poland.

We have experience in foreign exchange trading and want to share this with compatriots to help them avoid disappointment and limit losses.


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