The role of lawyers in the IT field

The role of lawyers in the IT field


2020-04-10 03:57:00

Lawyers in IT

In modern society, information technology has tightly entered our lives, and the life of a modern person cannot be imagined without the help of various Internet services and mobile applications. This is especially true for the younger generation, which from an early age to learn interpersonal relations for the most part through the Internet network.

However, informatization, which is initially aimed at helping a person in his affairs, as a result brings a lot of problems and troubles due to the fact that with every ten years more and more people are learning Internet access for one reason or another due to the need for social interaction with each other friend. In this regard, it is very difficult to conduct any serious activity or work while maintaining the absolute anonymity of your personality on the Internet. Also, modern information technologies cannot give us guarantees of security against intruders, because every year criminals improve their skills in circumventing security systems and methods of gaining confidence in Internet users.

Against the backdrop of these trends, a new type of human relations has emerged - network law, which is necessary to regulate information and communication technologies in the virtual space, while there is also a need for qualified specialists who can help people solve problems that they have when using the Internet, and they will also be able to give advice on the development or launch of a new “Internet product”. To solve such problems it is worth using legal services.

As a rule, IT lawyers are perceived as highly specialized specialists who work with laws in the field of software development, its installation and maintenance. However, the boundaries of the legal field are expanding, which requires constant replenishment of the knowledge of IT lawyers in other related areas related to information and communication technologies. This cannot but speak of an increase in demand for this type of lawyers and the absence of high competition among them, and allows us to safely state the great prospects for the development of network law and even its possible separation into a separate branch of law.

The specifics of the work of IT lawyers

If you look at it in detail, then network law, or it can still be designated as cyber law, was formed at the intersection of two seemingly completely different specialties - humanitarian law and information technology (IT), which are based on mathematics. Therefore, it will be difficult for a lawyer who does not understand the specifics of IT to understand legal issues related to IT. In addition, you need to have knowledge in several areas of law at once: contractual, intellectual property legislation, regulation of the protection of personal data, storage and transfer of information. A good and qualified IT lawyer must understand the essence of the client’s problem within one minute.

The main directions in the work of IT-specialists

So, we should highlight the industries in which an IT lawyer could apply his knowledge of law and information and communication relations:

1. IT-business (legal issues related to software development, storage and exchange of data on servers and web-sites),

2. Law enforcement (substantiation of illegal content, privacy issues, hacker attacks, illegal business, fraud, extortion, etc.)

Thus, IT law, together with a new generation of legal experts, should provide people with protection against the threat of offenses against them, helping the state to effectively investigate cyber crimes, and IT businesses to create an IT product whose principles and algorithms will operate in accordance with modern legislation, preserving the rights and freedoms of citizens, taking as a basis international experience and applicable international law.

In modern IT-companies, legal departments are gradually being created, and it is precisely IT-lawyers that are being introduced into them, more and more bar associations are appearing that specialize only in cyber law. The state and educational sector also does not depart from trends and creates separate departments and faculties where it could train and graduate new specialists in this field.

It is important to understand the role of IT jurisprudence in the IT sphere, which primarily consists in the fact that, despite informatization, a person remains a social being who needs interaction with other people, the legal aspects of which have been regulated by lawyers since ancient times. Now the intermediary of such interaction is increasingly the Internet network, with unlimited access to any category of citizens. The task for IT lawyers is almost global, because now you need to optimize the Internet network for the rule of law, without which normal interpersonal interaction is impossible both in real life and in virtual space.


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