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Сovid 19

2020-05-17 11:42:00

World Health Organization fights coronavirus rumors


The World Health Organization (WHO) is fighting not only the new virus COVID-19, but also the spread of false rumors about it. On Saturday the head of WHO Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that on a special briefing. According to him, false information leads the population into perplexity and anxiety.


Gebreyesus explained that "the fight against internet trolls and supporters of conspiracy theory" is carried out in four directions. First, the organization uses its epidemic information network to track such information in different languages. Second, a special WHO team is disseminating verified information on coronavirus. For these purposes, "myth breakers," as well as interviews with credible experts, are published on the organization 's website, its social media channels, and the media.


Third, WHO works closely with various social networks and Internet companies, including Facebook, Google and Twitter, to filter false information and promote information from reliable sources. Finally, they established a connection with influential people to ensure that they spread verified information through their own social media channels, especially among their subscribers in Asia and the Pacific.


The head of WHO also gave current information on the spread of the virus at the briefing. According to the organization, 34,598 cases have been confirmed in China and 723 patients have died. There are 288 cases in 24 countries outside China. One person died.



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