Apple won the case for a huge fine from the European Union

Apple won the case for a huge fine from the European Union


2020-07-16 09:19:00

Apple won a case within the European courtroom of justice in opposition to the European Union, achieving the cancellation of a 13 billion euros, issued back in 2016.

We are talking about the tax benefits that the American company received after the registration in Ireland from 2003 to 2014. Earlier, the European Commission had received recognition that the preferences were granted illegally, but the European Court of Justice found no evidence of "economic benefit" and violation of any EU guidelines.

As noted by the, the European Commission is likely to appeal this decision, for this it has weeks. Margrethe Vestager, the EC's Vice-chair for digital technology and competition, promised to have a look at the verdict and take similarly steps.

In turn, Apple underlined  that it is not about how much taxes they pay, but about where the company should pay them. The Irish authorities, who also opposed the decision till 2016, approved its cancellation, saying that "it is usually clear" that the American Corporation never received any unique, contrary to the General rules of benefits.

The EU has been fighting against American tech giants along with Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple in current years. According to Brussels estimates, due to various schemes, they are underpaid about 250 billion in taxes, which appreciably reduces the price range of the Association, the significance of which has extended within the context of the financial crisis.

This case is not the handiest one which issues Apple's paintings in Europe. Since mid-June, the EC has been investigating the combination of the Apple Pay price system in reference to a likely violation of antitrust laws.


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