Deep fryer care

Deep fryer care


2021-01-26 17:40:00

Some people think that a deep fryer is not such a necessary device, and even harmful: after all, deep-fried food is not very useful. But often we want to treat ourselves to something delicious. To ensure that your health is not harmed, key points must be observed when operating the fryer.

The dishes are cooked in a deep fryer: potatoes, chicken and others

Change the oil in time

If the oil has been used more than once for cooking and has boiled many times, it must be replaced. This is what doctors recommend. Why? Because the fat in the oil, which has repeatedly boiled, forms new chemicals, specifically - acrolein, which adversely affects and irritates the bile ducts. Also, many times used oil has an unpleasant pungent odor and bitter taste.

Change the oil completely - do not just add fresh. This way you will avoid unpleasant mixing of flavors.

Keep the fryer clean

By cleaning the fryer of accumulated fat in time, you will save your health: this way you will not allow bacteria and other harmful substances formed in the remains of food and fat to enter your body.

Change the filters in time: the carbon filter must be replaced after cooking 80 portions, the round carbon filter - after 35 portions, the mesh square filter - after 20 portions.



After cooking fish or meat, the oil in the deep fryer will inevitably darken. To make it suitable for another use, you need to heat the oil to 160 degrees and put 2 slices of white bread in it. Wait until the bubbles around the bread disappear and it becomes a uniform brown color. After that, slices of bread can be removed. This will get rid of the characteristic smell of oil and improve its color.


To clean the heavily soiled inner parts of the fryer, fill the entire container with water, turn on the appliance and bring to a heat of 70-80 degrees. Then pour inside 2 tablespoons of citric or acetic acid. Bring the liquid to a boil, then rinse the fryer with plenty of water.



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