How to clean laptop

How to clean laptop


2021-02-04 17:28:00

Cleaning the house is a mandatory part of maintaining cleanliness in the home and ensuring the health of all family members. Dust and dirt accumulate on surfaces and serve as a place for the spread of microbes, can cause allergies and the development of chronic diseases.

Electronics, including computers and laptops, are considered to be the dirtiest places on the desktop. Everyone loves to have a snack after watching your favorite TV series or work: crumbs, debris eventually fill the internal systems of technology and lead to breakage and malfunction. Dust and wool clog the cooling system and impede proper air circulation. Because of this, the gadget begins to overheat, slow down and fail prematurely.

A logical question arises: "How to clean a laptop from dust at home?". It is necessary to completely disassemble the equipment and use a vacuum cleaner or hand tools to remove dirt. The process is simple, if you follow the instructions and carefully disassemble and remove the battery, hard drive and other chips that are located in the gadget. Equipment that is under warranty is subject to maintenance, so it is better not to disassemble such products yourself, and give them to masters. In other cases, mechanical cleaning comes to the rescue.

How to determine if a laptop needs cleaning

The first alarm bell - the equipment began to heat up actively. When the processor is running, heating the laptop is considered normal, but even if at rest, without performing resource-intensive tasks, the gadget heats up a lot, it's time to start cleaning.
Dirty device can turn itself off. This is due to overheating of the cooling system. The laptop simply does not have enough resources to maintain its performance.
Another indicator is noise. Most modern laptops run quietly and can make noise only when the CPU is running. If during use you hear extraneous sounds from the cooler, or any others that are alarming, this is the first signal for emergency cleaning.
The laptop began to hang and run slowly. This can be due to malware or clogged memory, if it has not been cleaned for a long time, it's time to listen to the iron.

How to clean a laptop: the preparatory stage

Do not forget, if the equipment is under warranty, do not do the analysis yourself, because in this case the warranty may be revoked. Give the laptop to a service center, where cleaning is free. It is possible to be engaged in independent cleaning of the laptop of a dust only after the expiration of a warranty period.

At the preparatory stage it is necessary to collect tools and take care of the convenience of the workplace. It is better to be engaged in dismantling at day, natural lighting not to lose important fastenings and details. Take care of ventilation and cover the table or surrounding objects with oilcloth or special cloths to protect the furniture from dust. The most important thing in this matter is a set of tools. You will need a brush, screwdriver, thermal paste, napkins, a set of screwdrivers, cotton swabs, a balloon with compressed air. Let's take a closer look at why all these elements are needed:

You can unscrew the laptop cover with a set of screwdrivers. Standard mounting systems on gadgets are removed with screwdrivers such as "cross" and "star". Well, when you have a universal set with a bit of different sizes, in this case there are no unsolvable problems.
A can of compressed air is needed to clean the entrails. It is dangerous to use a household vacuum cleaner. Devices in which there is a reverse or a spray with compressed air are suitable for this purpose. It can be purchased at hardware stores. The main advantage of this product is a long narrow spout, which can penetrate hard-to-reach places.
The brush can be used for painting or painting, the main thing is a hard pile. With the help of bristles you can get to the plates of the radiator and remove dust.
Antistatic gloves - they may be needed by those who decide to replace the thermal paste. They are not needed for cleaning without replacing the thermal paste.
In general, all gadgets are assembled in the same way, but some models have differences. We want to share a useful life hack: after you start unscrewing the screws and removing the insides of the iron, take a picture or record the whole process on video. During assembly, this material will help you not to make mistakes and correctly place all the necessary parts in the laptop.



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