Nikola as a new competitor to Tesla. Secret of success.

Nikola as a new competitor to Tesla. Secret of success.


2020-08-20 10:34:00

The world has not but had time to get over the dizzying fulfillment of the employer Tesla, as at the horizon there is any other producer named after the inventor Nikola Tesla and posing a serious project to the auto giants. Nikola's enterprise has rapidly long past from a touch-recognised startup that is going to supply electric vehicles to a new growing big name inside the car enterprise. Since its IPO in early June, its capitalization has reached a maximum of $ 30 billion — extra than Ford and Fiat-Chrysler, brands with an extended history. Now it exceeds sixteen billion dollars. At the identical time, Nikola has no longer but launched a unmarried automobile. The founder and head of the corporation, Travor Milton, is already called "the second Elon Musk", and Nikola herself is called "the Tesla killer". The purpose why Milton became interested in electric powered vehicles, in line with his own phrases, is they can make extra money — the marginality of this enterprise is better. However, for shipment transportation, the load of the truck is critical.

The total weight of a street train is limited in all countries, so the lighter the tractor and trailer, the heavier the burden it includes can be. It is the heavy weight of batteries that has continually been a limiting factor for the development of electrical trucks — they can not carry as a lot cargo as diesel cars. But Milton located a approach to the problem.Nikola does not shop power, but produces it on Board. In addition to the electrical motor, the organisation's vans are geared up with so — called fuel cells-an electrochemical device in the cells of which a chemical reaction occurs between hydrogen and oxygen. During the response, a consistent current is generated and water is synthesized, that's then surely drained onto the street. Oxygen for the response is taken from the air, and hydrogen cooled to low temperatures is saved under excessive stress in tanks.

The generation has many advantages. In addition to the lower weight, it additionally method faster refueling-even at speedy charging stations, it takes 20-30 minutes to top off eighty percentage of the battery capacity, and you may top off the hydrogen tank in 3-five mins. At the equal time, the battery capability drops inside the cold, and the strength reserve at the hydrogen tank does now not depend on the outside temperature. Finally, recycling used batteries is a time-eating and extremely dangerous process for the surroundings, which is excluded inside the case of gas-cell vehicles.


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