PACE offered road map for economic recovery

PACE offered road map for economic recovery


2020-05-12 10:57:00

Increased social benefits, tax incentives, financial support for business - these and other measures are outlined in the road map for recovery from the coronavirus pandemic proposed by the rapporteurs of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The document was distributed on Thursday by the press service of the organization.


"To act in concert, to overcome the crisis and [defeat] the virus," the parliamentarians from Greece and Turkey Georgios Katrugkalas and Celine Saek appealed to world leaders and international organizations. "The spread of coronavirus in the world led to the introduction of extraordinary measures to contain the pandemic. And while national politicians try to mitigate the crisis in the health system, they must also improve it, achieve a comprehensive rapid recovery of the economy, stimulate sustainable development and protect socio-economic rights. "


In this regard, PACE rapporteurs propose a list of measures that they believe will contribute to the achievement of these objectives. "Increased social benefits and income support for all workers, with a focus on low-income households and independent workers, Extending the coverage and duration of social support, in particular unemployment benefits, Tax incentives for health workers and other sectors involved in emergency management, Reduction of taxes on basic consumer goods and services, "are the first four points in the list of proposed measures.


In addition, Katrugkalas and Saek propose to suspend the payment of social security contributions and the "collection of wage-related taxes" by self-employed citizens. They advocate "ambitious incentive programmes" for small and medium-sized enterprises, better use of rapid response mechanisms to automatically adjust tax rates, and promotion of remote work practices.


"We call on the parliaments and governments of the participating countries, as well as social partners and other actors of civil society, to introduce or take into account the actual data and analysis of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in order to mitigate the worst effects of this crisis, especially on the more vulnerable segments of the population, and to pave the way for a smooth and comprehensive recovery," they concluded.


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