Risk of corruption during the EU exit from the crisis

Risk of corruption during the EU exit from the crisis


2020-06-13 21:45:00

Last year, there were mass demonstrations in Prague calling for the resignation of the Czech Prime Minister on corruption expenses. On the streets of Warsaw, hundreds of poles demanded the independence of judges. In other Eastern European countries, high-ranking officials have been accused of abusing EU funds.


The Council of Europe's anti-corruption frame, GRECO, stated in its annual report that the situation has improved slightly since then, but much remains to be done. As usual, he made recommendations about what to do and what not to do.


"Two issues remain of concern," said Gianluca Esposito, General Secretary of GRECO. - One is that the deputies of national parliaments implement only 26-27 percentage of these recommendations, which is obviously not enough. This explains the low level of public trust. The second trend that we see is the continuation of negative changes within the independence of the judicial system in a some member countries."


Now the European Commission proposes to spend 750 billion euros on restoring the European Union. There is a threat of misuse of part of this Fund.


Liberal MEP from Hungary Katalin Chea offered to create a blacklist of European companies that have been convicted of corruption, and ban them from taking part in Union tenders for 5 years.


She also believes that those countries that refuse to participate in the work of the Prosecutor's office should no longer recieve money from Brussels.


"In his report, GRECO actually reminds that each country that uses EU finances is required to be a member of the European Prosecutor's office," Chea stated. - In these difficult times, when each Euro cent is wanted for our economic recovery and our green transformation, we can't allow our money to be wasted.


At the end of this year, the chief Prosecutor of the European Union, Romanian Laura Codruza Kevesi, is due to take up her duties. She expects that under her leadership it'll be possible to prevent the squandering of funds allotted to overcome the coronavirus crisis.


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