The rating of the most expensive brands

The rating of the most expensive brands in the world has been compiled


2020-08-31 09:16:52

The American Apple Corporation crowned the listing of the maximum expensive brands inside the world. This is evidenced by the rating statistics compiled by way of Forbes.

It is mentioned that the cost of the enterprise is envisioned at 241.2 billion dollars — for the yr, the figure multiplied by using 17 percent. In second place is Google-the corporation became estimated at $207.5 billion with a growth fee of 24 percent.

The 1/3 region within the rating changed into taken by means of the Microsoft brand (162.9 billion), the fourth — by Amazon (one hundred 35.4 billion). Facebook (70.3 billion) additionally located within the pinnacle 5. It is detailed that this employer driven Coca-Cola, the fee of which became 64.4 billion bucks.

In addition, the score consists of manufacturers such as Disney, Samsung, Louis Vuitton and McDonald's.

In June last 12 months, the most pricey corporation within the global have become the American Amazon. Its fee for the yr increased to 315 billion dollars. According to the listing of Top one hundred most Valuable Global Brands, Apple is in the 2nd position, and Google, which was the chief in 2018, is inside the 0.33 role.


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