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Swisscom sues Sunrise (UPC) for 90 million francs

Swisscom v. Sunrise: 90 million francs lawsuit

Wed, 03 Apr 2024

A new scandal is shaking the Swiss telecommunications world. Swisscom has filed a lawsuit against Sunrise (UPC), claiming damages of at least CHF 90 million....

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French economy: Bruno Le Maire gets the energy sector

From economy to energy: What's going on with France's minister

Thu, 25 Jan 2024

As economy minister in Macron's first government, Bruno Le Maire has expanded his prerogatives and those of Bercy with each reshuffle....

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The economic problem of social inequality

The economic problem of social inequality

Mon, 18 Sep 2023

Approaches of an economic crisis in the world was expected in the meaning of usual or cyclic crisis. But there happened another situation what the authorities of all countries of the world weren’t ready for...

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Central Bank: Influence on the global economy

The role of the Central Bank in ensuring the stability of the national economy

Mon, 11 Sep 2023

The Central Bank is a key body in the financial regulatory system that plays a direct role in ensuring the stability and sustainability of the national economy....

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A few steps to successful real estate investment in times of crisis

5 steps to a successful real estate investment start. Even in a crisis

Tue, 05 Sep 2023

If you have already chosen the path of passive income and capital preservation, then sooner or later your steps will lead you down the path called “investing in real estate”....

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