Samsung patented sub-screen camera with movable patch that masks its location

Samsung patented sub-screen camera with movable patch that masks its location


2020-12-28 06:45:00

Lets Go Digital has discovered a Samsung patent that describes a moveable patch to disguise the in-screen front camera.

As the experience of ZTE has shown, the camera module located under the AMOLED matrix without a cutout does not provide high-quality images and looks bad, so companies are looking for alternative ways to create a smartphone without a visible lens on the front panel.

Samsung filed a patent application in July, but it was not approved until December 24th. The patent describes a small screen on a movable substrate that is located under the main display and acts as an active shutter for the front camera. In fact, the screen consists of several layers: smooth glass with a touch layer, the main AMOLED screen with a cutout for the camera, a patch screen with a mechanism and a dual camera at the bottom with a flash and a face recognition sensor.

The patent describes that a small screen can display service information: time, date, message notifications. The mechanism will be able to slide it either down to reveal the camera, face scanner and flash, or sideways to quickly scan the face to unlock.

The border of the small screen will most likely be noticeable, since it will be slightly lower than the main matrix, so it will be played up in the interface - how this system will look when playing video is not specified.

It is not yet known when smartphones with a curtain screen will go on sale and whether this technology will reach the mass market - not all patents are being implemented. The moving layer under the screen will make the smartphone thicker and may require a reduction in battery capacity, but it will look unusual and will not affect the water resistance of the device.


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