The Bundestag called the threats of US senators a Declaration of economic war

The Bundestag called the threats of US senators a Declaration of economic war


2020-08-10 11:10:00

A member of the Bundestag from the Union 90 / Green party, former Minister of environmental safety Jurgen Trittin called the letter folks senators threatening to impose sanctions in opposition to the German port because of the Nord Stream 2 a Declaration of monetary warfare. He informed the signal-means-profits information Agency.

In a letter to the operator of the port within the metropolis of Sassnitz, three senators call for to forestall work to assist the construction of Nord Stream 2. Otherwise, the port faces sanctions so that it will lead to its "monetary destruction". The MP known as on Germany and the EU to give the US a strong reaction — in keeping with him, this may be measures towards American shale fuel.

He recalled that Sassnitz is within the constituency of Chancellor Angela Merkel, and asked how she can provide an explanation for her "persevered inactiveness" to the port personnel.

Nord Stream 2 involves laying two strands of a gas pipeline with a complete capability of 55 billion cubic meters of gas in line with 12 months from the Russian coast through the Baltic Sea to Germany.

Berlin and They help the task due to the fact they're interested in dependable fuel supplies. Norway is likewise in favour of creation, with the authorities protecting 30 percent of shares in Kvaerner, one of the contractors.

Ukraine, which fears dropping revenue from Russian fuel transit, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania, which do not forget it political, and the USA, which actively promotes its liquefied natural fuel inside the EU, item to Nord Stream 2. This is pronounced via


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