UK disappointed with US plans to impose new prices

UK disappointed with US plans to impose new price lists


2020-06-25 07:00:00

Britain is disappointed by using the USA plans to impose new duties and raise prices on imports from some of European countries, including the United Kingdoms. This was stated on Wednesday, speaking in the residence of Commons, British foreign trade Minister Elizabeth Truss.


"I am very dissatisfied with the latest information from the US. And I would strongly urge them no longer to impose new tariffs on British items," the Minister changed into quoted as saying by Reuters. "The tit-for-tat price lists imposed among the EU and the United States are absolutely hurting commercial enterprise on both sides of the Atlantic. And I do not want to see any more of these new unreasonable tariffs," she introduced.


On Wednesday, Bloomberg, mentioning a statement from the office of US trade negotiator Robert Lighthizer, said that Washington is thinking about the opportunity of introducing new obligations and raising existing tariffs on imports of a number of goods from France, Germany, Spain and the UK for a complete of 3.1 billion dollars. The Agency notes that American government are getting ready to impose new obligations on European merchandise including olives, beer, gin and vans, and also want to elevate tariffs on certain categories of products, which includes plane, cheeses and yoghurts. In mid-March, America expanded responsibilities on aircraft from the European Union from 10 to 15 percent.


A loose change settlement is currently being negotiated between London and Washington. They started out after the United Kingdom left the EU at the night of February 1 after 47 years in the network. This spread out opportunities for her to make exchange deals all over the words. In 2018, the volume of British exports to the USA reached 123.5 billion pounds (150 billion dollars at the modern exchange charge), and American imports to the United Kingdom - 78 billion pounds (95 billion dollars).


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