A stressful atmosphere of the EU-China summit

A stressful atmosphere of the EU-China summit


2020-06-25 07:34:00

The first assembly of the leaders of the European Union and China after the infectious outbreak became held through video hyperlink. Recently, diplomatic tensions were growing between them, specially over the problem of admire for human and minority rights. During the Summit, the head of the European Council, on behalf of EU governments, expressed "serious situation" approximately the Hong Kong protection law adopted in Beijing.

"We certainly assist the precept of "one country, two systems", -introduced Charles Michel at a press conference. "50% of European investment in China passes through Hong Kong, there are 1,600 groups working in Hong Kong, and we agree with that we want to admire the political neutrality of those corporations."

Great significance was given to business cooperation. Brussels has been looking for an investment deal with Beijing for six years to enlarge European capitals access to the Chinese market.

But the President of the European Commission admitted that little has been done so far:

"In order to finish an investment agreement, we can, particularly, want considerable commitments from China concerning the conduct of its kingdom - owned establishments, transparency of subsidies and integrity on the issue of forced technology transfer," said Ursula von del Leyen.

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the deliver chains of raw substances and goods and elevated the EU's dependence on China in strategic regions.


But the head of the EU chamber of Commerce in China warned that it will no longer be easy to diversify sources:

"It could be madness for agencies to leave China, especially when it produces products that are extremely important for the safety of Europeans: pharmaceuticals and scientific system," said Joerg Wuttke. – We should buy them elsewhere or produce them ourselves, however it will be more expensive. Are Europe or insurance companies inclined to pay for this? "


Brussels accuses Beijing of spreading misinformation approximately Covid-19, which additionally did not contribute to the fulfillment of the Summit.


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