Boris Johnson accused the EU of trying to dismember the UK

Boris Johnson accused the EU of trying to dismember the UK


2020-09-14 11:37:00

Brexit negotiations have reached an impasse. Prime Minister Boris Johnson accused the EU of seeking to dismember the UK. The present settlement lets in Brussels to destroy the financial system and violate the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, the British side believes.

"The EU will not best impose price lists on items touring to Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom, but it could also stop food supplies alongside this direction," Johnson changed into quoted as announcing through According to the Prime Minister, in advance London did no longer permit that the European Union could start a blockade of Britain, threatening economic and territorial integrity. The purpose for the pointy aggravation changed into the adoption by London on September 9 of a invoice on inner markets, which should alter members of the family between the administrative elements of the UK after the quit of the transition period on the stop of 2020. The record States that its paragraphs may be legitimate, despite their inconsistency or incompatibility with global regulation.

The European Union regarded this step as a political demarche and said that it's far equivalent to retreating from the deal. It is the popularity of Northern Ireland that is the bone of rivalry between the EU and the United Kingdom. The parties formerly agreed that Northern Ireland, as a topic of the British customs place, will simultaneously have get right of entry to to the EU inner market. London and Brussels signed the corresponding Protocol. Now it turns out that the British can spoil it when they deem it necessary.


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