Europe is preparing to get out of the crisis

Europe is preparing to get out of the crisis


2020-07-02 07:49:00

Germany begins its six-month presidency of the EU Council on July 1. Berlin is at the helm of the European Union at this difficult time, and from this day, German Chancellor Angela Merkel will acquire the most attention. And the expectations of the German presidency are extraordinarily high.


"The reality that during this sort of extreme crisis, the EU presidency passes to Germany is a tremendous success. Angela Merkel has a huge experience in European politics, and additionally has the credit of trust from all heads of European governments, "European Commission head Ursula von der Leyen stated in advance in an interview with Handelsblatt.


Europe's hopes for Germany and in my opinion for Angela Merkel are absolutely justified, consistent with Dmitry Suslov, Deputy Director Of the center for comprehensive European and international studies at THE HSE.


"Germany is the engine of European integration, the political and economic middle of the EU. This is the country that makes the finest contribution to the financial system of the Commonwealth, that is certainly a staple inside the EU today, which is working to further strengthen and deepen European integration," the expert notes.


In many ways, Europe's expectations are linked to the personality of the German Chancellor, who has been in power longer than all the current leaders of the Commonwealth.


For a long time, Germany has opposed the increase of solidary pan-European debt. However, now it's going to need to convince the so — called "stingy four" — Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands and Sweden — insisting that price range need to be allocated most effective inside the form of loans and on terms of austerity.


This problem will be discussed at the first face-to-face EU summit after the closure of the borders on July 17-18. The agreement requires the consent of all members of the Commonwealth. The summit will even talk the draft seven-year budget of the European Union.


Germany's listing of tasks additionally consists of negotiations with the United Kingdom on its future with the EU after the end of the transition period. This problem is planned to be the Central topic of the second stage of Berlin's EU presidency. By October, the parties hope to reach a trade agreement.


The transition period ends on December 31 this year, and London does no longer intend to extend this period, despite the pandemic that has intervened in the negotiation process and huge differences between the parties on key positions.


Notably, the United Kingdom additionally has excessive hopes for Angela Merkel.


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