Expert reveals reasons for Iranian

Expert reveals reasons for Iranian missile attack of Iranian Navy boat


2020-05-09 14:34:00

During the training of the Iranian armed forces, one of the Iranian boats came under the fire of a union frigate. The incident occurred during missile shooting. As a result, the boat under fire suffered significant damage. There are those killed and wounded among the crew. The experts put forward a number of versions of what happened, explaining the incident as a possible provocation or sabotage by third forces, which actually led to the occasion of "friendly fire" - "MK" dealt with specialists.


The Iranian Navy increased the number of military training in Persian Gulf this spring. In April, the US president said he had ordered the US Navy to open fire on Iranian warships. The Iranians responded to Trump 's threats by increasing their military activity.


During the last training in the area of the Strait of Hormuz, an anti-ship missile fired from the Iranian frigate Jamaran hit the Iranian support ship Konorak. According to preliminary data, the number of crew members killed was 19 and 15 others were injured.


The incident immediately caused a violent reaction in the media. A number of publications suggested that the tragedy was due to possible provocation of third forces or for any other external reasons. According to "MK" military expert Yuri Lyamine, the currently available data allows to bear witness more to an accident than to evil intent.


- Destroyed boat, or rather - auxiliary ship rebuilt by boat, "Konorak" was engaged in placement of floating targets for missile shooting. While it is not possible to say exactly whether the frigate fired earlier than necessary, whether the boat did not leave the firing zone in time. A rocket with an active homing head when it enters the attack zone - it automatically searches for the largest target. That was the boat. And as a result, happened this accident.


Allegedly, the salvo was given by a Nur missile - an Iranian copy of China 's ะก-802 anti-ship missile. In any case, the gunman frigate Jamaran is armed with them. He likely fired a training missile without an active warhead. Otherwise, if the missile were combat, there would be nothing left of the boat. And so, according to the published photos, it is visible that the boat demolished the superstructure, visible traces of fire. Most likely, the rocket fuel was on fire. And the hit of such a missile in such a small vessel for it death is similar, - the expert told.


According to Yuri Lyamin, that situation should not be considered as a sign of the low readiness of the Iranian fleet. The expert reminded that such incidents regularly occur in armies and fleets around the world


- I will say that it is the first Iranian fleet on my memory. Anyway, I can 't remember the other one. It is worth noting that Iranians in the area regularly conduct trainings and shooting, and the fact that such an incident has occurred now is nothing to say. It occurs constantly. For example, somehow at a naval exercise, an American ship shot at a Turkish frigate. Got him into the superstructure, too. So nothing unusual happened, - Yuri Lyamine summed up.


Perhaps the error of calculation that launched the missile at its own could trigger military tension in the Persian Gulf. At least that is the reason that was voiced in January of this year, when Iranian air defense shot down its own civilian aircraft near Tehran. Anti-aircraft were waiting at this point for a U.S. strike in response to an Iranian missile attack on U.S. military bases in Iraq and took the civilian aircraft as a military vehicle.


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