Germany was frightened of the second wave of a coronavirus

Germany was frightened of the second wave of a coronavirus


2020-05-12 10:43:00

In several German districts local authorities decided to brake simplification of quarantine measures because the curve of infection with a coronavirus spread up. Meat-processing plants and houses on leaving for aged became the centers of new outbreaks of an infection in Germany.


The government of the earth Northern Rhine-Westphalia, the most densely populated region of the country, sounded the alarm after splash in cases of infection of a coronavirus at the meat-processing enterprise in Coesfeld that near Muenster.


There at 151 of 1200 workers tests for Covid19 showed positive result. The Westfleisch company stated that from among the infected 13 people were hospitalized with moderate symptoms, and the others are isolated with "easy" symptoms.


Most of workers of plant – citizens of Romania and Bulgaria, and their cohabitation in close rooms probably also became the reason of increased incidence.


As a result the land authorities included "an emergency brake" the first among the German regions and postponed the opening of restaurants, tourist places, fitness studios and large shops planned for May 11 in the District of Coesfeld – so far until May 18. But at the same time the authorities decided that schools and kindergartens in the district will be open, as well as was planned, on May 11.


By words the Minister of Health of Northern Rhine-Westphalia Carla-Josefa Laumanna, because of increase of incidence on a slaughter also increased the infection level in this area from 50 by 100 thousand people up to 61 on 100 thousand.


The head of the land Ministry of Health temporarily, "to the further notice", closed the meat-processing enterprise and told that the staff of the meat industry in the region will undergo testing for a coronavirus.


On other meat-processing plant in the federal Land of Schleswig-Holstein (a northern part of Germany) the number of employees with positive results of testing for a virus also increased.


The other day infection was found in 109 workers of the enterprise in the District of Zegeberg there. As well as in other cases, most of workers – foreigners who live in the hostel near the plant. As a result the Region of Zegeberg will also delay mitigation of the planned measures for blocking.


These are not the Germany's first cases of workers of the meat industry. So, at the end of April the similar situation at meat processing plant in the State of Baden-Württemberg led to infection of about 200 foreign workers.


It is worth noticing that the meat industry and across Atlantic faces infections of thousands of workers that brought into the USA to fears about deficiency of meat products. The president Trump had even to publish special the order, carrying meat-processing plants to the enterprises of the vital infrastructure of the United States.


And the district in Thuringia in the east of the country became one more region of Germany where the authorities considered to include "brake" for the benefit. There, unlike Northern Rhine-Westphalia and Schleswig-Holstein, the outbreak happened not on meat-processing plant, but in institutions on care of elderly people. For the last week in the region more than 80 cases of infection on 100 thousand people were registered – and the majority of cases is made by workers and inhabitants of several nursing homes.


The chief manager of the Thuring regional center Grayts Martin Shvaynsburg explains: "To be clear: we are not going to place all area in a quarantine, because only two small towns were specifically damaged".


Germany is in the second phase of weakening of the restrictions. In addition to the small shops which started to work since April 20, shopping centers, both hairdressing salons, and the museums will also open their doors. However, Germans are not going to relax. It was initially stipulated that federal lands will return to quarantine measures if within a week more than 50 new cases of infection of Covid-19 on 100 thousand inhabitants are fixed. Otherwise the possibility of "snubbing" of awaited simplification of the mode is provided.


According to Institute of Robert Koch on Saturday, May 9, the number of new infections with a coronavirus again slightly increased in Germany (1251 cases). Since the beginning of epidemic in the country more than 168 thousand people are infected. 147 people per last day died of Covid-19, the total number of fatal cases exceeded 7300.


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