MEPs and unions suspect Amazon of surveillance

MEPs and unions suspect Amazon of surveillance


2020-10-12 12:45:00

European unions suspected Amazon of spying on its own group of workers. The other day, this American company positioned an ad for 2 vacancies. She turned into looking for intelligence analysts who might be assigned to monitor threats to internal subject, specifically from employees ' companies.

The Secretary of the European Union UNI EUROPE stated that they requested the European Commission to investigate the sports of Amazon:

"It cannot be allowed to spy on its personnel and different components of our society," said Olivier Retig. "Let the European Commission and European institutions take a difficult study Amazon and notice precisely what this marketing campaign is doing and how we are able to stop it. In Europe, we have facts protection and privacy rights that ought to be respected, which means that we ought to look at."

Two paragraphs inside the Amazon ad aroused suspicion. First, applicants have been required to be fluent in French and Spanish, which shows that European employees or politicians are being monitored. Second, political projects, terrorism, and prepared labor are particular as dangerous activities to be monitored.

For clarification, a group of 37 MEPs grew to become to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

"I turned into amazed that one sentence noted surveillance of political leaders, people and terrorists," said Leila Shaibi, a French lawmaker. - That is, political leaders, terrorists, change unionists are put on the identical Board. From the employer's factor of view, it is the identical component."

Amazon has already eliminated the activity ad from its internet site. When asked with the aid of Euronews why, she said that the ad did not correctly describe the jobs of professionals, that it changed into made by way of mistake and has on the grounds that been corrected. The corporation also said that they are no longer engaged in espionage, however handiest looking to take a look at the surroundings in which it operates.

Trade unions and MEPs have also expressed situation about violations of employees ' rights at Amazon. According to the open markets Institute, the company is predicated on strict area and calls for personnel to be superb-productive.

Leila Shaibi has been amassing court cases and stories for numerous months:

-Each time I became instructed the equal aspect, in Particular, that Amazon created its very own Union. - Said the French left, - we see that Amazon hinders the advent of an independent collective company of employees. In addition, European unions are upset with the dominant role of the American multinational agency within the e-Commerce market.

"We see Amazon pushing for a situation where nobody can pay a honest wage because this organisation is so aggressive and influential," concluded Prof. Olivier Retig.

Trade unions are calling on the European Commission to take all this under consideration whilst developing new e-Commerce regulations. Brussels will introduce a so-referred to as "digital offerings regulation" in December.


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