Pfizer warns of US coronavirus vaccine shortage

Pfizer warns of US coronavirus vaccine shortage


2020-12-07 06:45:00

Pfizer has warned the Donald Trump administration that it will not be able to provide the United States with sufficient doses of the coronavirus vaccine until June or July 2021, as other countries have already bought a significant number of doses. This was reported by Signal-Means-Profits, citing knowledgeable sources.

At the same time, according to the sources of the publication, the Trump administration does not expect the country to have problems with the availability of vaccines against coronavirus in the second quarter, since other manufacturers are also developing the vaccine. However, many of the experts cited by these sources believe that problems are very likely and that the supply from other vaccine developers may not be enough to reach the required population.

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This summer, even before the Pfizer vaccine was approved for use, the company offered authorities to buy 200 million doses of the vaccine, which would be enough to vaccinate 100 million people (the vaccine is administered twice), according to sources, this summer, even before the vaccine was approved for Pfizer. However, at that time, the authorities decided to limit themselves to ordering only 100 million doses. Pfizer has warned, sources say, that it will be able to provide 50 million doses by the end of the second quarter, and another 50 million doses in the third quarter.

Meanwhile, one of the high-ranking officials of the Donald Trump administration, on condition of anonymity, said that today President Trump may sign a decree that the first to be vaccinated by US citizens before the vaccine begins to be supplied to other countries.


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