Sanctions against Belarus

The US, the European Union and the UK are thinking about sanctions against Belarus


2020-09-03 08:03:00

The United States the European Union and the UK are thinking about enforcing sanctions towards Belarus. The talks, which also contain Canada, are said by means of, mentioning a Canadian supply at once familiar with the case.

The events are discussing this issue in connection with the tough measures utilized by the government of the Republic to suppress protests that arose after the presidential elections in the country, stated the source, who requested to remain anonymous. If sanctions are imposed, it will be carried out "in the near future," he harassed.

Presidential elections were held in Belarus on August nine. According to the CEC, Alexander Lukashenko, who ran for a 6th term, received 80 percent of the vote. This caused mass protests which have been going on for several weeks. The first actions have been severely dispersed, and newshounds, such as those from Russia, had been detained. They informed about the beatings by means of the safety forces.


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