Second country is thinking to leave Europe

Second country is thinking to leave Europe


2020-07-27 08:06:59

Europe faces Nexit — the Netherlands exit from the EU. The Dutch are dissatisfied with the economic and migration policy of Brussels.

Western specialists were interviewed and came it came to the belief that the contradictions within the EU have become particularly noticeable after the summit held this week. The assembly adopted the EU finances for 2021-2027 and the anti-crisis economic recovery plan. The discussion lasted nearly five days.

The most important opposition leader became Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. He criticized the high-priced seven-year budget proposed via Germany and France, and additionally attacked dependent countries which are trying to live at the rate of the EU. Towards them Rutte stated both the Eastern European powers — the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Slovakia, and the Mediterranean Italy, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, and Portugal.

Moreover, the Dutch politician suggested now not to give Hungary grants for economic recovery, because Budapest allegedly does not observe democratic principles.

"The EU summit showed how deep the EU's fragmentation is and that national interests regularly be triumphant, even when it is just a few tens of billions of euros," said Christopher Dembik, head of macro analysis at Saxo Bank.

According to the expert, the summit may have bad effects for the EU, and could fortify the cut up inside the ranks of the ruling elite.

"And even though it seems unlikely, this summit will push the Netherlands to leave the EU," the expert stated. He noted that the trust between the member States of the European Union is now thoroughly undermined.


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