The EU will not fall apart, but it will face great upheavals

The EU will not fall apart, but it will face great upheavals


2020-07-23 09:15:00

The meeting of the heads of state and government of the European Union, which lasted for a record 5 days, showed that it is bursting on the seams. Small wealthy countries in Western and Northern Europe rebelled, no longer wanting to offer money to the poorer.

This angered Italy and Spain, which have been hit tough by the coronavirus. They have their own motives for discontent Poland and Hungary. It is not going that the EU will fall other than all this, but it will have to endure awesome shocks. There is no want to talk approximately any European team spirit these days.

On July 1, the EU presidency exceeded to Germany. And it is pretty logical that Chancellor Angela Merkel, along with her long-time colleague, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, attempted to straight away take the bull through the horns and cope with the issues which have accrued for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic to the maximum. No one had any illusions that everything could be easy. However, the reality turned into lots greater complex. And the capture got here from in which they didn't anticipate it.

The stumbling block became the EU budget and the 750 billion Euro plans for financial recovery after the pandemic. Seriously suffering from the contamination, Italy and Spain have been relying on big sums. However, the wealthiest EU countries — the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and Denmark-had a totally distinctive opinion. Already within the direction of the meeting, Finland joined them. They aren't a number of the big States, however they're all a number of the EU's donor States, this means that they have full-size weight in it.

Initially, it became assumed that of the 750 billion, -thirds (500 billion) will come from unfastened resource, and every other 1/3 will be loans. However, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in a tough form demanded that it changed into most effective about loans. Almost as adamant became the Austrian Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz. As a result, a compromise was found: 390 billion may be spent on unfastened aid, and any other 360 billion on loans. But the look for an answer took a file 5 days. So this compromise can't be called something apart from compelled.

Another selection related to the seven-year finances, the whole volume of which barely exceeded a trillion euros. And right here once more the function of principal provider of information was made through Dutch Prime Minister Rutte. In many approaches, the funding of man or woman States turned into connected to such principles as adherence to European legal guidelines and values, in addition to the combat towards worldwide warming. The discontented ones were also observed here.

And after all, disputes over the budget and the healing plan aren't all that the EU is arguing about. For instance, the topic of migration become not especially raised at this meeting. Meanwhile, increasingly more waves of refugees are already taking on the Greek Islands. Sooner or later (instead faster), the same Greece, in addition to Italy and Spain, that are the primary to host boats with migrants, will boost the query in their redistribution.


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