In the UK, the format of communication with citizens has been changed

In the UK, the format of communication with citizens has been changed


2020-07-06 08:01:00

In the office of the Prime Minister of the UK at 10 Downing Street, announced something much like information restructuring and transparency. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson determined to follow the example of American President Donald Trump and keep every day press conferences, which will be broadcast on television. This is a radical change in the government's relationship with the British press and the country as a whole. The innovation of Johnson's authorship is designed to be more open, in order to ensure transparency of presidency policy for the citizens of the country.

Johnson announced a brand new Cabinet initiative: any longer, each day briefings will be held at 9 Downing street at noon. The Head of government admitted that the fulfillment of the each day briefings on coronavirus stimulated him to retain communicating with the humans, bringing to the discussion now political subjects and urgent issues. The intention of Johnson's new initiative is to make the work of their government as transparent as viable for the British.

Like Trump, Johnson does now not intend to attend each briefing - alternatively, he's going to handiest "pop in from time to time." Until today, political commentators and reporters accredited to the House of Commons of the British Parliament have attended two each day briefings with a consultant or Deputy Prime Minister. The new Downing road facts approach, which starts in October, stipulates that night conferences might be broadcast on TV monitors, whilst the morning briefing will preserve to take location behind closed doors.

According to the British media, the search is already underway for an experienced presenter who will conduct white house-style briefings on behalf of the government.


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