The Germany called for a new policy towards Eastern Europe

The Germany called for a new policy towards Eastern Europe


2020-06-18 07:31:00

In an interview with DW, Heiko Maas spoke about building relations with Eastern European countries, as well as with the United States and NATO.Germany, heading the Council of the European Union (COE) in July, will focus on helping international locations cope with the results of the coronavirus pandemic. This changed into said through German overseas Minister Heiko Maas in an interview with DW on Thursday, June 18. He noted Italy and Spain as examples of European countries that specially need help in overcoming the crisis. Germany, as a country with the sort of big export quantity, "will enjoy the truth that matters will cross well in Europe," Mas stated.


"Bridge among East and West"

In Europe, there are many States that, from the point of view of safety coverage, are organized otherwise from the countries of Western Europe, the flesh presser said. At the same time, he pointed to the reminiscences of the Soviet Union, now transferred to Russia, the Baltic States and Poland, which sense threatened by way of their protection. Germany in this example can emerge as "a bridge in Europe between East and West," in line with Mas. He advocated a brand new policy closer to Eastern European countries, so they do no longer feel that they're "2nd-elegance participants".

The rule of regulation is one of the concepts of the European Union, Mas emphasizes, referring to Hungary and Poland, that are accused of violating this rule. According to him, Germany at the head of the EU Council can begin a discussion approximately a stronger hyperlink between the rule of thumb of law and the EU's allocation of monetary help to individual countries.


About the US and NATO

Heiko Mas referred to as relations with the United States "instead complicated", however delivered that Europe and America are related by common values. It is in all likelihood that America will no longer be Europe's" protect" and it'll need to do greater about its safety. "I don't need Europe to turn out to be militarily impartial. I need us as NATO allies to defend our interests collectively with the United States," the politician factors out.


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