The negotiations on the Brexit came out at the highest level

The negotiations on the Brexit came out at the highest level


2020-06-19 13:29:00

The first excessive-stage talks among the events after the UK's exit from the European Union were held. The Prime Minister stated through video link that he become satisfied to see the members of the European Commission, Council and Parliament.

So far, little progress has been made in determining destiny trade family members. Six months earlier than the closing date, London and Brussels decided to accelerate their speak. The timetable of negotiations on many unresolved issues may be tightened.

EU leaders tweeted that they took observe of the United Kingdom's decision no longer to increase the transition period, and agreed to provide their citizens with the satisfactory deal.

The EU is ready to leave the United Kingdom within the single market if it complies with the General policies, specifically on nation subsidies, but it sees this as a violation of its sovereignty. Legal cooperation and fishing also are hindrances.

"I don't think the political ecosystem is right now, however I assume Boris Johnson may be able to make a deal before the quit of the year. The Prime Minister desires to gift this as a victory over the EU," said Sam Lowe, a fellow at the Center for European reform. –I suppose the EU must make concessions on fishing if it wants a deal, and also circulate far from its maximalist view of nation useful resource. Then he could use this agreement to carry down anti-European sentiment in their countries. But of direction, when you get into the information, you will see that so that it will achieve this deal, the UK can even have to circulate significantly faraway from some of its positions."

But neither facet can have time to develop the victory. There is nearly no time left to training session a compromise. In the event of a failure of negotiations approximately the relationship after the "brexit" loses, manifestly, with the aid of all parties.


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