The US will no longer protect Europe

The US will no longer protect Europe


2020-07-16 09:49:44

The guarantees that the US will protect Europe as it did before are no longer so obvious. This was said on Tuesday by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking at a press conference after attending a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Bavaria. According to Merkel, common European efforts, rather than the actions of each state separately, can be appropriate for finding such an answer.

Germany currently holds the presidency of the EU Council. One of the priorities of the German government was previously called the search for a common coverage of EU contributors on the subject of predominant geopolitical players, which includes the US. There are enough controversial topics underneath President Donald Trump: tariffs, Nord Stream 2, the American contingent in Europe, and Washington's withdrawal from different important global treaties.

Germany more frequently than the EU countries becomes the object of criticism from the American authorities. The variations among Berlin and Washington are confined to the areas of electricity, defense, and trade. Trump has repeatedly criticized German corporations for taking part in the Nord Stream 2 project, and demanded that Germany urgently increase defence spending to 2% of GDP. In addition, he is going to withdraw part of the American army contingent from Germany.

"30 years after the reunification of Germany, after the end of the cold war, the world is arranged in a brand new manner. What we took for granted, for example, that the US protects the European Union, is no longer a matter of course. This is changing and we need to find suitable answers to this", the Chancellor said.


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