There are fewer refugees in Germany for the first time

There are fewer refugees in Germany for the first time in 9 years


2020-10-05 13:26:00

There are fewer refugees and legal migrants in Germany for the first time in 9 years. This is stated by web portal.

It is thought that the entire variety of refugees and migrants with a house allow within the country is 1.31 million. This is 50 thousand much less than in the previous six months. In addition, there are 450,000 asylum seekers and those in Germany who will soon have to depart the country.

Law enforcement companies of Germany provide an explanation for that the decrease within the number of refugees is because of the mass termination of the safety fame. Representatives of the Left-wing celebration in Parliament now criticize the government for refusing to fill vacant seats with individuals who are held in unworthy locations in other nations.

At the equal time, in the course of the coronavirus pandemic, Germany, no matter the advent of border controls for foreigners, persisted to simply accept refugees into the country.

Earlier, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz introduced the failure of this system for the distribution of migrants inside the European Union. These are attempts to introduce mandatory quotas on the variety of asylum seekers for every European country. It is mentioned that many nations in Eastern and Central Europe rejected this concept.

The migration crisis in Europe broke out in 2015. Some nations have argued for curbing the drift of refugees and against quotas on the number of migrants.


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