Trump spoke about the peaceful transfer of power after the election

Trump spoke about the peaceful transfer of power after the election


2020-09-24 17:20:00

US President Donald Trump has revolted against the tranquil exchange of intensity in case of a misfortune in the forthcoming presidential political decision. His words on Thursday, September 24, drives 

At a question and answer session at the White House, Trump was asked whether he ensures a tranquil exchange of intensity after the November decisions. "We'll see what occurs. To be honest, there will be no exchange of intensity. There will be a continuation," the American head said. 

Prior in September, trump said that Joe Biden's triumph is more appealing for Russia. "Russia may need Biden to be chosen. Nobody, aside from me, has driven such a strategy towards Russia, nobody. This incorporates the gas pipeline and the fortifying of the military," the President said. He included that under him, the United States turned into the world's biggest nation regarding vitality assets, stopping to rely upon imports. 

Prior to that, trump said that casting a ballot via mail is the main motivation behind why he can lose the political decision. Simultaneously, he noticed that he is prepared to concede his annihilation in the decisions in the event of proper outcomes. 

The US presidential political race is booked for November 3.


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