Trump withdrew the US from the WHO

Trump withdrew the US from the WHO


2020-07-09 11:23:00

The United States Congress has obtained a notification from the head of the White House, Donald Trump, that the country has officially withdrawn from the World Health Organization (WHO).

As indicated on his Twitter page, US democratic Senator Robert Menendez, this decision will hit US citizens.

"Congress has been notified that the President of the USA has officially withdrawn the US from WHO in the midst of the pandemic. This decision will not protect the lives and interests of Americans — it will leave Americans ill and America alone," the Senator said.

Trump said during a press conference on May 29 that the US will not cooperate with WHO.

He explained his decision by means of announcing that the agency did not carry out the reforms required by Washington. Funds intended for WHO, as the US President stated, might be redirected to health needs around the world.

"We are ending our relationships with the World Health Organization, which is working under orders from China," the US leader stated.

"To break off relations with who at such a difficult moment in the world is, of course, short-sighted and absolutely wrong," parliamentarian saying.

At the same time, Washington's decision may have a negative effect on WHO itself, for the reason that US was a major sponsor of the organization.

"But I assume that there could be countries that will lead a more pragmatic policy and, on their part, will compensate WHO for the lost revenue to some extent," the MP predicted.

In addition, he called this step by way of Trump an attempt to "shift responsibility" from the American government for the tremendous spread of the pandemic within the United States and a massive number of deaths.

"I think that the United States will suffer a lot of political damage from this step," a member of the lower house of the Russian Parliament expressed confidence


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