Why the UK is rooting for Trump

Damage to the deal: why the UK is rooting for Trump


2020-08-06 12:16:00

The US-UK trade agreement faces a number of problems due to the upcoming US presidential election. The possible loss of Donald Trump can also place a cease to the deal or critically have an effect on the final agreement, and the events do now not have time to complete negotiations earlier than November. At the same time, a separate negative thing is the impasse in discussing the future interaction of London with Brussels, and the inner contradictions among the UK and the USA in addition worsen the situation. The UK and US are actively discussing a future loose trade settlement. The different day in Washington held talks with representatives of each party, specially, the American capital turned into visited through the British Minister of foreign exchange, Elizabeth Runs. However, a range of factors hinder the deal's development, and the primary one is the imminent US presidential election.

The election marketing campaign is in full swing, but none of the applicants — cutting-edge US President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden-can yet declare the position of a clear leader.

In reality, the polls are at the facet of the rival of the American leader, in keeping with A YouGov look at from August four, Biden is gaining 49% of the score on the national level, when most effective 40% of respondents are geared up to vote for trump.

Nevertheless, a comparable state of affairs was already determined in the 2016 vote, which resulted in trump taking the chair of the head of the White residence, so it is still no longer worth writing off the President. However, the scenario around the US presidential election is not the handiest factor hindering the agreement among London and Washington. Another primary obstacle is the UK's go out from the European Union, even though British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promotes the address the USA as one of the destiny victories possible way to Brexit.

The obstacle is not specially London's departure from the EU, but the destiny of the British aspect's change relations with Brussels.

Currently, negotiations on this difficulty are at a deadlock, because the events cannot resolve the disputed points and do not want to offer in to each different.

The US negotiation method will definitely be influenced by one of the major requirements of the European Union — the renovation of trade standards and rules of Association in trade with the UK, whilst London insists on an unfastened exchange settlement. If the British side eventually makes concessions on this issue, European requirements can also have an effect on the United Kingdom's cope with the USA, which in General may cause the failure of the settlement.

However, whilst London holds a hard function and expects concessions from Brussels, so it is premature to attract conclusions approximately the future financial family members between the UK and the EU. If the parties can not triumph over the deadlock, their further interaction will take region in the framework of the WTO, which maximum in all likelihood will no longer interfere with the United States-British deal in any way.


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