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2021-03-15 20:21:00

By the way the broker pays money, one can judge its honesty, and that’s exactly what we needed to check with reviews. New companies that entered the market recently usually arouse legitimate suspicions, because there are already a lot of fraudulent firms. Today we are analyzing reviews about the work of a broker who started in Britain and came to the EU. Let's see if it delays clients' funds or there are no problems with the withdrawal.

Is Charing Cross Group scam? Company overview

Company started its way from the heart of Great Britain, even while most of other brokerage companies prefer dubious registrations on some islands.
And more specifically, the legal address of the company's office is associated with business London. The office is located in the business center in Bishopsgate.

Most of the transactions that are conducted with this broker relate to the currency market (the company has more than ten years of experience in Forex). There are investors who work with cryptocurrencies, there are those who are working on orders with commodities, precious metals, indices and stocks. Every transaction conducted on the platform is a subject of scam check.

The total number of investors reaches 10 thousand in 15 countries.
Therefore, when compiling the review, we had to rely on the opinion of Western colleagues.
According to the broker's reputation on Western European markets, there are no arguments in favor of scam suspicions. Moreover, there are a lot of reviews showing that traders enjoy their cooperation with the company.

And there are good results:
●    Simple and straightforward site;
●    High-quality trading platform;
●    Functional mobile application;
●    No problem with withdrawals. reviews. Details and nuances

The web resource of the service consists of an expanded main page, which contains basic information, contacts, documentation and account types descriptions. And also there’s the menu with additional sections that explain the nuances of cooperation with the company and offer various information.

Let's take a closer look.

Company contacts: address, phone numbers, technical support e-mail, a feedback form for all other questions.

Company documents: contractual terms, privacy policy, as well as several important documents describing trading, process of opening and cancelling the account, leverage usage, etc.

Partnership agreement: two types of programs for attracting referrals (for this the client receives a monetary reward) - direct referral of a new client, as well as the promotion of the company in the form of links, through which potential clients can enter the website itself. reviews show that in the first case, the referral program is paid if a friend also becomes a client and started trading. In the second option, payment is received for the clicks and registrations of those who followed the link. To become a partner of, you need to fill out an application form.

Market forecasts: there is a calendar of market prices for the near future in the analytics section of the site. It shows all the main market events as well as factors that affect them (region, climate, market trends, events, politics, economic situation, emerging trends).

Analysis: The training section describes the basic principles of market trend analysis that the company applies. Newcomers can find the information about technical and fundamental analysis there.

AML and KYC: Provides general provisions that the company applies in support of these anti-fraudulent initiatives. Charing Cross Group scam predicting system doesn’t let fraudsters to use the platform. Those policies are also important for the clients, because they will have to go through mandatory verification which is described there.


Platform: there is a link to the trading platform (only for registered users) and the option to download an application with a terminal to a smartphone (Android, iOS).

Registration: In the registration form, you must indicate your first and last names, country, date of birth and telephone number.

Account types
To start trading, you need to be verified, signed in and choose one of the account types. The broker has five of them. The first one is designed for novice traders and involves the usage of a small capital.
All accounts have a bonus in the form of training in strategies, analysis and platform usage. Another argument for the fact that we didn’t find any reasons to call Charing Cross Group scam.

Traders' attitude to the quality of deposit and withdrawal of funds

The company has a minimum of complaints about the withdrawal of money. Consider what customer claims we found:
Delays in payments lasted about a day (in most cases). Usually associated with the technical nuances of accepting a payment by a bank. There was also a case of a technical failure (the money didn’t leave the account, and support managed to find the issue the day after after the scam check). There were cases when requests for withdrawal of money were submitted incorrectly. Finally, several times it was a question of contacting outside working hours (we remind you that customer support works around the clock on weekdays, and has days off on holidays and weekends, so the request for withdrawing money can’t be processed till nearest Monday).
The rest of the reviews about the withdrawal of money (and this is the overwhelming majority) were positive.

What traders like:
Convenience of depositing and withdrawing funds. On bank cards, through payment systems, on Webmoney and other electronic wallets. It should be borne in mind that all the transactions are made only to those cards that were used for the deposit - this is a security requirement.
Money withdrawal speed. In most cases, this occurs within 12 hours, at most within a day. There are reviews about withdrawing money in 5 hours.
Technical support activity. Usually, all issues with freezing money on the account are resolved very quickly. Moreover, operators immediately respond to both telephone calls and inquiries sent to the email box [email protected]

Charing Cross Group reviews and opinions on the broker

Here are some examples of favorable Charing Cross Group reviews about the company:

“I've been working with them for six months. Although a very young broker, it is immediately clear that the staff was recruited from professors - they give very sensible advice. I have been on the market for several years, but for the first time with this broker I realized that I can start putting aside a financial cushion”

“I finished my session at 6 am. Those who are still there, good luck guys! I ordered a withdrawal of money. Last time I had to wait five or six hours, I got enough sleep, and the money was already in my account! ”;

“The market is the market. If you went bankrupt and lost the first thousand, then I will tell you - there will still be roofing felts! I also lost and even more. I am still cautious about this broker, but I have already taken the second portfolio. As long as I'm lucky, or their strategies work. I will definitely stay with this broker further. "

Most English-speaking users describe the company as having a good track record, paying money regularly, with good understanding service.

Overall review

As a result, there is no reason to believe that Charing Cross Group scam or a dubious company. We will monitor the activities of this service and draw further conclusions. Up to the moment it can be seen as a reliable partner and good place to trade.



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  1. guest review Kelley Brian 21.03.2021
    Even if you consider yourself a middling trader, you need to get a various experience with brokers of different levels. Including with the top from the very main ratings. At some point, you realize that there is no point in comparing at all. You just need to understand what conditions you need and better fit your needs. Someone wants to gamble, or have a full basket of entertainment content, and d someone will be enough automated trading and a stable connection. For example, I recently yet traded with Alpari and was pleased with everything. Then, cos of the spreads, I went to a less well-known broker, tried one, then another. Now generally opened an account with a broker Charing Cross Group, a novice in the market. I tested support, and was surprised at the high level of personnel training. Trading conditions are quite suitable. Static spreads, no hidden fees, fast order execution, excellent scalping, comfortable terminal MetaTrader 4. Identification must be passed before the first withdrawal of money. What is missing, here is only 4 user packages, no webinars, demo accounts, communication with support by phone only or email. I hope the broker is planning to expand their resources, although in general I am already satisfied.
    1. guest review Taylor Christopher 11.04.2021
      I first heard about Charing Cross Group broker in April. More precisely, I came across information in the internet. Surfed the forums and saw a list of newbies on the market with a couple of comments on each position. Someone wrote that this broker has good prospects and a high level of ambition. I had memorized it, because the broker worked for only a few months at that time. And remembered that case in the fall, when I came across informational articles from the managers of the same company, some tips and recommendations. It was written with skill, and obviously an experienced hand. I decided that it was a sign))) in fact, I was just looking for a new option for myself, I decided to risk opening an account on a budget package. I have enough experience not to merge, even under not very successful conditions. Well, by the way, the newbie here will not be right so comfortable, there are no demo and macro accounts, training videos, webinars, promotions or welcome bonuses. But an experienced trader immediately goes into the plus and begins to earn. In addition, there is competent support and round-the-clock personal manager. If you can get through quickly, it's generally excellent. The ordering is very fast, quotes are not inflated, all key pairs are actively working. You can scalp and trade on the news. No I / O commission.
      1. guest review Fitzgerald Clyde 02.06.2021
        In May, I finished a cool forex courses. In the final, there was intensive with a mega coach of trading. I was so motivated that I immediately went into the business. I started several accounts at the same time with different brokers, trained on demo accounts, tried different strategies, experimented with indices and indicators. And then I merged, on demo))) After that I decided to look for my strategy, calmly sat down to deal with the data, consulted with support, expanded my knowledge every day until they were all optimized in my head. After a while I opened a real account with a young broker Charing Cross Group. The starter pack here costs 250 bucks. The shoulder is 1: 300. The broker doesn’t have any demos, webinars, but this is not important to me. Only one platform MetaTrader 4 is presented, I have already worked with it before. Execution of orders is almost instantaneous, just a few seconds for all types of transactions. In volatility, the system predictably slows down, but not critical. Spreads are static. I am glad that can enter the foreign market here. It's great that there is a round-the-clock technical support and a personal manager. With the help of his timely advice, I was finally able to reach the first profit, this is very cool.
        1. guest review Beasley Daniel 12.06.2021
          At the beginning of autumn I decided to unload the schedule and keep only a couple of the easiest brokers for myself. I chose by spreads and availability of commissions. I found one quickly, and the second one came only a couple of weeks ago. Charing Cross Group broker appeared on the market less than a year ago and is not very famous. But I liked the trading conditions. Registered, replenished the account for three hundred, the trade went automatically. Called from technical support, offered help. They told about the MetaTrader 4 terminal and competently answered my questions. Intuition did not let me down, I think that the company was created by experienced specialists. At least the support works at the level of pros with extensive practical experience in trading. The system itself is established as a clear mechanism for stable operation. By the way, very good native analytics. The managers do not interfere in my work, I have never seen traces of their possible hidden acts with my account. It is clear that this is not a kitchen and not a scam. In trading conditions, mid-market quotes and static spreads. I work with a pair of dollar / euro, once displayed on the webmoney and a couple of times on the card. The commission was only banking. Everything was very fast and transparent. I do not need any promotions and tournaments, so their absence for me is rather a plus. There is a desire to expand the staff of workers, obviously there are not enough free hands, especially in the morning, becouse it’s just not possible to reach the phone quickly.
          1. guest review Foster Jessie 24.06.2021
            Until I gained experience, I didn’t really know how to distinguish brokers among themselves. It was only later that I began to note for myself the speed of execution, the presence of annoying technical bugs, learned to distinguish the imposed service from the actually needed one, or small flaws from specific oversights of broker. For example, at the broker Gerchik and Co. I was upset by the unpredictability of analysts. The feeling of chance of every victory, even the smallest profit, did not leave. As if I jabbed a finger, and then lucky or unlucky. I had to leave. At first I wanted to go to another well-known broker. But then changed my mind and started looking for a younger company, I had quite a positive reputation. I got acquainted with the broker Charing Cross Group. Friends recommended. They said, do not pay attention for the time of creation, everything has been collected by practicing traders for a long time and tested by personal experience. So it happened. Confident analytics, competent support, maximum optimization. The system does not lag and works with good speed. The tool kit is generally standard. There is no choice of platforms, there is only the fourth MetaTrader, but enough for me. Fixed spreads, no I / O commission, average market quotes. Four tariff plans. The basic threshold has an accessible threshold, even for a novice, only $ 250. All key currency pairs are presented.
            1. guest review Patrick Jack 25.06.2021
              Came to broker Charing Cross Group for a company with a friend. I myself have virtually no real experience. Now basically I look how bots work and I try to understand the whole with trading. Little by little I try myself, I consult, I test different strategies. In the future, I want to define my line and earn money on it. There is some experience of using demo accounts, everything worked out there, but in real life, so far only a minus, if you try to turn on the brain. So you have to learn. At the expense of one luck you will not go far. At this broker I like adequate support, they communicate patiently, politely and answer all questions. When there were problems, the personal manager always helped. He helped in the drawdowns so that I would close to zero without panic and not merge. I felt embarrassed, but I think I'm not the only one here, well, not the first one for sure. Also, the broker has static spreads, you can plan a strategy. But the demos and macros are not here at all. I can say that if you are not a complete noob, then sooner or later you will understand everything without these tools. I am generally pleased.
              1. guest review Washington David 26.06.2021
                Six months ago I left FreshPhorex. At first, there went some problems with the withdrawal, and then unformation was spreading, that it is generally a kitchen and skam. So I quickly rolled my fishing rods and started searching for a new broker. Stopped at Charing Cross Group and, knock on wood, I have no complaints from me about the company for almost 5 months already. I withdraw promptly, clearly, everything works transparently, there is no doubt about broker honesty. No hidden commissions, there are no commissions on the output / input at all. Slippage and requots are not common, no disconnects. Support pleases me with technological literacy and a respectful attitude to the client. I work with a personal manager. He always rescued with his tips at abrupt moments, such as drafts, or if I could not find and adjust something. Excellent speed of order execution. When the market is storming, I turn on the bots. I do not risk. And I do not like scalping, although there is everything for this. By the way, the broker does not have demos and macro accounts, and thank God, as for me. They were on the FF, and in general, it's associate for me with kitchens and swingIng a deal through the locale. Charing Cross Group works only with real deals and the external market. Offers mid-market spreads, static. Quotes do not get taller than the stated limits. It is a pleasure that all the broker's promises as for trading terms are fulfilled. Still, there are shortcomings of a young company — it is impossible to call technical support from the first time. And besides this it remains only to write letters to the email. As in the last century. It would be worth to attach online-support chat to the site.
                1. guest review Wheeler Richard 09.07.2021
                  I began working with Charing Cross Group, a young forex broker, in late November. During this time, the site has been updated, but IMHO this skeleton lacks stuffing. There are still no tournaments, bonuses, almost no training material. Somehow all is damp. Only 4 tariff plans, there is no insurance for the base level. Financial services are presented in the minimum sufficient set. Well, maybe this is the position of the company, I still do not understand. If the organization bets on the stability and efficiency of the system, then I understand that. Although the technical side no complaints. The functionality flies, there were no cliffs, orders execution is almost instantaneous. No hidden fees. Slippage can be minimized by the settings of the MetaTrader 4 terminal, I do not remember the requotes too. There are all opportunities for successful scalping, you can trade on the news. Very competent support, effective analytics. The platform can be put on a tablet or smart, there is a native mobile application. I had a case, I left the storm in a minus, but after that the system itself leveled me to zero.
                  1. guest review Rodgers Daniel 13.07.2021
                    I appreciated the ease of registering a broker Charing Cross Group. Automatically after the replenishment of the account, trading begins. You can forget about account verification before the first withdrawal. All this simplicity solutions like the most. And honesty. Managers immediately warned that you should not waste your mind in vain expectations. This broker is not so long in the market, and many of the usual options for spoiled traders are absent here. Charing Cross Group has no macro and demo accounts, promotions, competitions, tournaments. But in its merits are the stability of system, speed of order execution, absence of cliffs and minimum number of requotes and slippage. There are all the tools for scalping. I would also add to the advantages technical support competence and successful analytics. Spreads are static, correspond to the market. No commission on I / O. Convenient terminal MetaTrader 4. I would also add tools for scalping, beyond what was offered by the broker, for connoisseurs. And would expand the optiona
                    1. guest review Hood Charles 17.07.2021
                      friend suggested opening an account with Charing Cross Group, a new broker. It was not easy to gather information about him. There are almost no reviews. But on the forums I met different people, including those who have been working for several months with Charing Cross Group. I wanted to make sure that my friend by naivety does not draw me into a scam. For a while I waited for surprises, dirty tricks and other troubles. Two months passed before I could completely relax and exhale. Obviously, the company has big ambitions and demands to conquer the market. The organization works smoothly, stably, and I attribute the minor shortcomings to the youth of the company. For example, support can only be contacted via email and phone. At the same time, you almost never get through the first attempt. I am satisfied with the quality of the service. A couple of times noticed short disconnects, but without consequences. Yes, and I saw it for sure, simply because my computer works around the clock. Opening / closing is almost instantaneous, account replenishment takes a few seconds, withdrawal an hour and a half. With the withdrawal there were no problems. A leverage of 1: 300 is the same for all user packages, static spreads, 50 currency pairs.