Empire Swiss review 2022

Empire Swiss, Forex broker review 2022

2022-10-31 18:33:00

Empire Swiss  broker review 

Empire Swiss specialises in catering to beginner traders, bringing them up to the highest levels thanks to its unique training system. This is why the broker, which belongs to the category of the largest companies, is rightfully considered the best forex broker for beginners.

According to the latest Portal X data, the company has more than 80 thousand clients, and its capitalization has reached $4 billion. The broker offers its customers a standard range of assets, but as shown by Empire Swiss invest review, in contrast to many other companies, additionally offers trading in cryptocurrencies. 

What services Empire Swiss offers 

Beginners or traders with little experience should first seek the services of Empire Swiss in order to save and grow their money. According to the Empire Swiss review 2022, the company's training programme is now being actively developed and actually gives novice traders experience with all existing assets.

Facts from the broker's history

Empire Swiss was created by pioneering financial experts, who have gone all the way from novice traders to big market players on their own. When you analyse Empire Swiss best forex brokers for low cost trading, it is clear that these people understand how to teach a beginner how to trade, because the company's founders know all about trading from their own experience.

What business policy the broker is committed to

Empire Swiss believes that a broker's task is to teach the client how to invest their money competently and efficiently. Therefore, as Empire Swiss review 2022 shows, the company's business model is to create a comfortable environment for developing traders of all levels and increasing clients' capital.

What the company's customer focus is all about

The broker is the person with the greatest interest in increasing traders' income, because the amount of commissions received depends on it. As broker reviews Empire Swiss, the broker is as client-oriented as possible - helping at every stage of mastering the market and safeguarding clients' assets.

Main advantages and disadvantages of Empire Swiss

             Pluses                                                                                 Minuses

Relatively small trading commissions.

It is difficult for newcomers to open an account on their own.

Offers a wide range of products.

Customers with start-up capital receive an understaffed service.

All possible tools for analysts have been implemented on the trading platform.


Extensive training material for trading.


Access to most financial instruments.


Empire Swiss best forex brokers for low cost trading, as the company has relatively low commissions. Despite this, the broker has a wide range of products and offers all kinds of investment instruments: from stock indices to cryptocurrencies.

Broker review shows that Empire Swiss's training courses are a great competitive advantage. The company's trading platform has all the tools you need to analyse the market. What's more, reviews about Empire Swiss prove that it's the training program that helps understand the complex nuances.

At the same time, beginners may find it difficult to open an account, but experienced traders understand that this is due to enhanced security measures - the more difficult it is to open an account, the more secure it is. Empire Swiss forex broker review found understaffed customer service for clients with small capital.

Which traders might be suited to trading with Empire Swiss

What benefits experienced players will find and what will appeal to newcomers?

- The range of assets offered by the broker.

Which traders would be comfortable and productive trading with a broker

Empire Swiss review 2022 brings that the broker is suitable for all traders who want to earn more and understand the current market situation. Empire Swiss is suitable for novice traders because of its extensive training programme, and experienced traders will love the low spreads, fast transactions and high leverage.

Available assets for trading on the broker platform

According to Empire Swiss invest review, the broker has a larger number of assets on the trading platform relative to the market average. Its clients trade global currencies, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, etc.

Full review of forex broker Empire Swiss 

Empire Swiss broker review forex will be understandable for a user with average PC skills. The home page is digitalised: it has buttons to go to other pages with relevant information.

Website functionality allows for one-click access to personal account or relevant market analyses. Reviews about Empire Swiss showed that the site was developed with a customer-oriented focus, and answers to most questions can be found in the FAQ section.

On website Empire Swiss broker's customers will find up-to-date analytical data, information about major events which have an impact on the market, information about the movement of assets in the market for each individual type of asset (crypto, metals, etc.).

Technical overview of the broker's trading platform

Platform functionality

Empire Swiss investment review shows that the broker's trading platform offers a wide range of investment opportunities.

After logging in, the trader will see the Dashboard section - here the account information is indicated. Empire Swiss investment review shows that traders can easily manage their actions on the market via the Dashboard in a few clicks. And this is a unique opportunity, because everything you need to work, gathered literally on one page.

Analysis tools such as Trading info are available online to analyse market conditions.

Empire Swiss investment review has shown that traders can trade stocks worldwide on low margins.

Overview of the broker's mobile application

The mobile app has similar tools to the web version and duplicates information on current trades, deposits etc. In other words, it is a trading platform that is always around. This allows traders to execute trades from anywhere physically. 

The app allows you to track news, do market analysis, make transactions, withdraw funds and more. According to Empire Swiss review, it is simply convenient, given today's pace of life. 


Empire Swiss has developed training programmes for different levels of traders. For beginners, there is an introductory course to trading, which includes both technical information and case studies.

As Empire Swiss has shown, experienced traders will be able to improve their skills with market analysis, trend charts and the same case studies of their peers. 

Benefits of training with a consultant

A broker's advisor helps beginners avoid the most common mistakes. As the Empire Swiss review showed, even novice traders can easily understand the market spread and can build their own trading strategy if they use the services of a broker's consultant.

Empire Swiss ensures the security of every transaction

- How a broker protects personal information and transaction data;
- How you can strengthen your protection against hackers.

Empire Swiss broker review has shown that thanks to the broker's use of MT4 software, each client's data is even protected from cyber-attacks.

Account security is guaranteed by an encrypted connection

Transaction data is transmitted over a 128-bit encrypted connection. This means that even the broker himself does not have access to this information; it is only known to the parties to the transaction.

As Empire Swiss review confirms, all client funds are kept in separate bank accounts. By purchasing Account Types Gold, the trader receives additional armour to protect larger transactions in precious metals, cryptocurrencies, etc. As broker account ratings show, Empire Swiss assets allow for the largest trades in the market.


Advantages of Empire Swiss

The broker has implemented a multi-layered security system, each transaction is encrypted, the trading platform is easy to use and there is not a single precedent for problematic accounts in the company's history. These factors have formed the company's impeccable reputation.

Key competitive advantages include a training programme for all levels of traders and a wide range of assets to trade, including cryptocurrencies.

Conclusion on the minuses

The process of opening an account can take quite a long time. This is due to the fact that Empire Swiss takes security seriously, so it may ask you to go through additional authentication. Beginners can get lost in the wide range of deposit and withdrawal options, and it is always possible to seek advice from an advisor. There is an understaffed customer service with small capitals, traders with capital over $10,000 have a significant gap in the number of privileges.



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