AirPods Max owners complained of condensation inside headphones

AirPods Max owners complained of condensation inside headphones


2021-01-02 07:15:00

AirPods Max owners complained of condensation inside their headphones with prolonged use.

A Reddit user talked about an unexpected problem with AirPods Max wireless headphones - with prolonged use, condensation appears inside, which can harm sensitive (and unprotected) electronics.

Donald Philemon said that after a full day in Apple headphones (over 12 hours), he felt moisture and took off the fabric ear pads. There were drops of moisture under them - the author of the post clarifies that this is not sweat and melted snow, since he uses AirPods only in the house. However, he admitted that the room was cool.

Water appears inside the headphones for several reasons: firstly, in winter, the aluminum case is much colder than a warm human ear, and the dense ear cushions fit so tightly that they block normal ventilation. In such conditions, a small sweat will appear in any case, but in order for the situation to be as serious as in the photo, you need to sit in the headphones for many hours in a row - condensation sometimes appears in plastic headphones, but in smaller quantities.

Most people will never encounter this amount of moisture inside their headphones, as they will periodically remove them from their heads to talk to someone or just to give their head a rest. Also, perspiration will not come out in a warm room, although in the heat your ears will most likely start to sweat in an enclosed space.

Apple AirPods Max went on sale in December and were in short supply almost immediately.


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