Among the variety of intermediary services that Forex

Among the variety of intermediary services that Forex


2020-03-21 07:54:00

Among the variety of intermediary services that Forex brokers offer for Poland, Saxo Bank stands out even if it is not a brokerage company in the usual sense, but an online investment bank that operates with a wide range of financial instruments. It has been on the market since 1992. And it is part of the Saxo Group, which includes a whole range of companies.

The weight of the bank branches is licensed by the financial regulator, and what kind of organization it is depends on the location of the branch.

The head office is located in Limassol, Cyprus.


Traders' feedback on the registration and regulation of the broker in terms of reliability

● Forex Broker Deserved Critical Reviews

Some traders find such an extensive branch control system too complex;

● Deserved broker approving reviews

For a long period of work in the market, which in itself indicates the absence of a fraud and a scam, as well as the presence of many financial regulators, including reputable ones and capable of guaranteeing that the broker is not a scam.

Trading conditions offered by the broker

According to the practice implemented by brokers for Poland, the bank offers customers several levels of service, but they are implemented exactly as levels for a single client account.


Minimum deposit amount for various service levels of Saxo Bank




$10 000

$50 000

$1 000 000


Moreover, the leverage reaches 1:50, starting with the Premium level, the services of a personal manager are available, and for the Platinum level, individual expert consultations are provided.

To access Forex, the bank provides its customers with platforms of their own design, designed for various devices:

● SaxoTraderPRO - a trading platform;

● SaxoTraderGO is a web application.

There are demos for the software.


Reviews of traders about the trading conditions of the company

● Forex Broker Deserved Critical Reviews

Some reviewers consider the leverage to be too small, and the size of investments even in the basic level of service is too large.

● Deserved broker approving reviews

For the possibility of a different level of access to services on one account.

Customer support

For traders, the bank offers all the same basic services as brokers in Poland usually do:

The Bank provides a wide range of support services, not inferior in filling programs that other Forex dealers offer.

● support for traders during trading hours;

● educational materials;

● analytical articles;

● free online courses.

Feedback from traders before customer service

● Forex Broker Deserved Critical Reviews

For too leisurely work of a support service, spending too much time on resolving customer issues;

● Deserved broker approving reviews

For the quality of support services and the curriculum as a whole.

Deposit funds and payments

In the field of payments, the bank is much more conservative than other brokers for Poland. It involves payment only through such a reliable channel as banks:

● bank cards;

● bank transfers.

Feedback from traders regarding deposit and withdrawal of funds

● Forex Broker Deserved Critical Reviews

There are no accusations of non-payment, divorce and scam; according to the feedback of traders, the bank is working correctly;

● Deserved broker approving reviews

In the form of statements that the bank is “not scammers”. And that even in the case of delays in payments, it is rather technical delays in the movement of the transfer between banks.


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