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Apollofinances scam investigation: Forex video courses can be scam


2021-04-10 23:17:00

Trading with strategies is pointless without understanding the market and basic skills, Apollofinance scam monitoring specialists state. A good algorithm requires constant modernization. The trader must understand what changes are needed to made the strategy in order to correspond to change market.

Advice from Apollofinances.com: it is better not to use ready-made strategies, but to create them yourself, based on personal experience and information that is available on the Internet. Then you will understand exactly how it works.

If a trading school offers to buy a strategy from it in one form or another, it means that they are trying to make money on you. According to analysts of Apollofinances scam will take your time and waste your money.

Many people are unable to see the difference between forex advisors from brokers (those who provide access to interbank liquidity), and also do not understand the risks that accompany margin trading. And that’s so difficult for them — they decide to buy some video course just to understand this field. That’s a common mistake.

Apollofinances.com tip: Paying for video tutorials is pointless. Over the years of the forex trading existence, a huge number of free videos and channels have appeared that provide the same information as the authors selling their visual content. There are hundreds of thousands hours of video on the web.

Apollofinances broker tips: Video courses

They can be short (dedicated to a specific topic, tool, indicator, strategy) or consist of several dozen videos covering many topics. They are made for new traders who will become the loyal auditory of company in just few months of cooperation. So why some so-called brokers charge money for videos that educate traders?

In most cases, video tutorials provide basic concepts or cover very specific topics. Both are freely available (in texts, articles, publications). Most often, the author of the video tutorial borrows that person founds and just records the video. So it’s just waste of money, because you’re buying something that is available somewhere for free.

Apollofinances warns: not all video tutorials are informative. Many of these are lengthy advertisements for courses or personal training with an author.

But even this is not the main problem of learning to trade by watching videos. The point is that such forex courses do not provide feedback. If you do not understand something, you will not be able to get advice from the author. That is, learning to trade in Forex by video is akin to self-study.

Apollofinances scam review: webinars

Webinars are usually organized by banks, brokers, forex dealers and traders who want to share the experience.

These are face-to-face meetings. They can be free or paid. Some of them are held by scammers in order to offer their services as a mentor. Some mentors try to earn extra money by selling paid programs and courses.

Webinars can be divided into two categories:

Tip from Apollofinances: If you're a beginner, choose the seminars carefully. You definitely can get confused in theories, methods and trading systems, and also spend a lot of money on this.

The quality of the paid beginner seminars is not much different from the free ones. They are carried out to make money on the promoted name. Warning from Apollofinances.com scam is investigating specialists: don’t believe that you can get some unique strategy with no basic knowledge about the market. There are no revelations or secret techniques.

Webinars are held remotely (mainly via the Internet). Everyone can take part, regardless of their location.

It is easy to organize webinars, since you do not need to rent a room. Therefore, there are numerous scammers in this field. They force trainees to create an account on specific website they want or impose useless training materials.

Note from Apollofinances scam: in fact, the information most couches provide is available for free. They are well aware that they are deceiving people, but they continue to present their seminars and webinars as an opportunity to receive some kind of revelation.

There is no denying that there are benefits to participating in seminars and webinars. But it is important to choose those forex courses or trading school that offer the necessary information, and dont engage in self-promotion.

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  1. guest review Melvin Foster 17.04.2021
    I like this broker… especially because the more I dive into trading business, the more it begins to look like fighting for survival right now… the market is so turbulent, it's hard for people to even get a decent starting position. Brokers can change the situation for you, but you have to choose wisely, of course. Don't be distracted by scammers and always make rational decisions, just like I did.
    1. guest review Edwards 19.04.2021
      This is the most challenging and exciting market in my life. I feel like I'm on the verge of getting better value every day. At the same time, I understand how easy it is to succumb to temptations and lose. I try to be careful. The broker helps me with this, balances my decisions.
      1. guest review Claude 21.04.2021
        Wow… I just got my first win! Now it really seems to me that there is every chance to make capital on trading. Just choose a broker wisely, because I've heard such stories ....! People lost fortunes by contacting unscrupulous services. Everything here works honestly, that's for sure.
        1. guest review Chris 25.04.2021
          I’m a newcomer so I can’t add much, but support is better than in many larger companies
          1. guest review Leo 01.05.2021
            Glad that I've joined. I got 1.5 pips spread for EURJPY and EURCHF and that's best terms that I've seen since last November when I left my previous broker.
            1. guest review Floid 10.05.2021
              It’s better to trade money, not to keep them, no way to be sure what happens tomorrow. Here I’m getting at least hundred a month with my regular activity, and that’s not something extraordinary.
              1. guest review noel 13.05.2021
                The only broker where there is progress and modernization of trading platforms. In all the rest, the ancient one has not changed in principle for 10 years.
                1. guest review albert 19.05.2021
                  Their terminal is convenient as well as it is pleasant to use the mobile version. Regarding the speed of work, everything is in order here and even more than in order, I do not understand why people write untruths.
                  1. guest review Martin 23.05.2021
                    Of course, a huge number of tools can be of interest to many traders. There are ready-made solutions for trading, but I cannot recommend them. You will lose money, I checked.
                    1. guest review Paul Watts 01.06.2021
                      I came here a month ago because of low fees and high activity, haven’t regretted it yet. Fast order placement is an advantage as well.
                      1. guest review Michael Fields 07.06.2021
                        I wanted to get start trading online for a while, tried demo accounts a couple of times, but this was my first serious attempt. This company was a right choice I think, I’m happy with what I earned in just half a month.
                        1. guest review Donald Adams 14.06.2021
                          Working with this company helped me so much to learn and become more experienced. If you want to understand how something works, you always should try it for yourself. And money you earn while trying is a nice bonus.
                          1. guest review Robert Phillips 18.06.2021
                            I haven't traded for a while, just got back and was happy to discover this company. I like spreads and the general atmosphere here, and it's nice to see market getting more active in a last couple of months.
                            1. guest review Michael Kim 21.06.2021
                              I rarely keep money at one place for long, it's more interesting for me to try out different platforms. But it's been three months and I've been doing great, so gonna stay for a little longer.
                              1. guest review Christopher Campbell 25.06.2021
                                I was planning to trade using technical analysis, but it turned out to be rather confusing for a beginner – this platform had so many different options. Thanks to my manager for helping me figure it out.