Apollofinances scam review: webinars | Apollofinances.com scam?

Apollofinances scam investigation: Forex video courses can be scam


2021-04-10 20:17:00

Trading with strategies is pointless without understanding the market and basic skills, Apollofinance scam monitoring specialists state. A good algorithm requires constant modernization. The trader must understand what changes are needed to made the strategy in order to correspond to change market.

Advice from Apollofinances.com: it is better not to use ready-made strategies, but to create them yourself, based on personal experience and information that is available on the Internet. Then you will understand exactly how it works.

If a trading school offers to buy a strategy from it in one form or another, it means that they are trying to make money on you. According to analysts of Apollofinances scam will take your time and waste your money.

Many people are unable to see the difference between forex advisors from brokers (those who provide access to interbank liquidity), and also do not understand the risks that accompany margin trading. And that’s so difficult for them — they decide to buy some video course just to understand this field. That’s a common mistake.

Apollofinances.com tip: Paying for video tutorials is pointless. Over the years of the forex trading existence, a huge number of free videos and channels have appeared that provide the same information as the authors selling their visual content. There are hundreds of thousands hours of video on the web.

Apollofinances broker tips: Video courses

They can be short (dedicated to a specific topic, tool, indicator, strategy) or consist of several dozen videos covering many topics. They are made for new traders who will become the loyal auditory of company in just few months of cooperation. So why some so-called brokers charge money for videos that educate traders?

In most cases, video tutorials provide basic concepts or cover very specific topics. Both are freely available (in texts, articles, publications). Most often, the author of the video tutorial borrows that person founds and just records the video. So it’s just waste of money, because you’re buying something that is available somewhere for free.

Apollofinances warns: not all video tutorials are informative. Many of these are lengthy advertisements for courses or personal training with an author.

But even this is not the main problem of learning to trade by watching videos. The point is that such forex courses do not provide feedback. If you do not understand something, you will not be able to get advice from the author. That is, learning to trade in Forex by video is akin to self-study.

Apollofinances scam review: webinars

Webinars are usually organized by banks, brokers, forex dealers and traders who want to share the experience.

These are face-to-face meetings. They can be free or paid. Some of them are held by scammers in order to offer their services as a mentor. Some mentors try to earn extra money by selling paid programs and courses.

Webinars can be divided into two categories:

Tip from Apollofinances: If you're a beginner, choose the seminars carefully. You definitely can get confused in theories, methods and trading systems, and also spend a lot of money on this.

The quality of the paid beginner seminars is not much different from the free ones. They are carried out to make money on the promoted name. Warning from Apollofinances.com scam is investigating specialists: don’t believe that you can get some unique strategy with no basic knowledge about the market. There are no revelations or secret techniques.

Webinars are held remotely (mainly via the Internet). Everyone can take part, regardless of their location.

It is easy to organize webinars, since you do not need to rent a room. Therefore, there are numerous scammers in this field. They force trainees to create an account on specific website they want or impose useless training materials.

Note from Apollofinances scam: in fact, the information most couches provide is available for free. They are well aware that they are deceiving people, but they continue to present their seminars and webinars as an opportunity to receive some kind of revelation.

There is no denying that there are benefits to participating in seminars and webinars. But it is important to choose those forex courses or trading school that offer the necessary information, and dont engage in self-promotion.

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  1. guest review Melvin Foster 17.04.2021
    I like this broker… especially because the more I dive into trading business, the more it begins to look like fighting for survival right now… the market is so turbulent, it's hard for people to even get a decent starting position. Brokers can change the situation for you, but you have to choose wisely, of course. Don't be distracted by scammers and always make rational decisions, just like I did.
    1. guest review Edwards 19.04.2021
      This is the most challenging and exciting market in my life. I feel like I'm on the verge of getting better value every day. At the same time, I understand how easy it is to succumb to temptations and lose. I try to be careful. The broker helps me with this, balances my decisions.
      1. guest review Claude 21.04.2021
        Wow… I just got my first win! Now it really seems to me that there is every chance to make capital on trading. Just choose a broker wisely, because I've heard such stories ....! People lost fortunes by contacting unscrupulous services. Everything here works honestly, that's for sure.
        1. guest review Chris 25.04.2021
          I’m a newcomer so I can’t add much, but support is better than in many larger companies
          1. guest review Leo 01.05.2021
            Glad that I've joined. I got 1.5 pips spread for EURJPY and EURCHF and that's best terms that I've seen since last November when I left my previous broker.
            1. guest review Floid 10.05.2021
              It’s better to trade money, not to keep them, no way to be sure what happens tomorrow. Here I’m getting at least hundred a month with my regular activity, and that’s not something extraordinary.
              1. guest review noel 13.05.2021
                The only broker where there is progress and modernization of trading platforms. In all the rest, the ancient one has not changed in principle for 10 years.
                1. guest review albert 19.05.2021
                  Their terminal is convenient as well as it is pleasant to use the mobile version. Regarding the speed of work, everything is in order here and even more than in order, I do not understand why people write untruths.
                  1. guest review Martin 23.05.2021
                    Of course, a huge number of tools can be of interest to many traders. There are ready-made solutions for trading, but I cannot recommend them. You will lose money, I checked.
                    1. guest review Paul Watts 01.06.2021
                      I came here a month ago because of low fees and high activity, haven’t regretted it yet. Fast order placement is an advantage as well.
                      1. guest review Michael Fields 07.06.2021
                        I wanted to get start trading online for a while, tried demo accounts a couple of times, but this was my first serious attempt. This company was a right choice I think, I’m happy with what I earned in just half a month.
                        1. guest review Donald Adams 14.06.2021
                          Working with this company helped me so much to learn and become more experienced. If you want to understand how something works, you always should try it for yourself. And money you earn while trying is a nice bonus.
                          1. guest review Robert Phillips 18.06.2021
                            I haven't traded for a while, just got back and was happy to discover this company. I like spreads and the general atmosphere here, and it's nice to see market getting more active in a last couple of months.
                            1. guest review Michael Kim 21.06.2021
                              I rarely keep money at one place for long, it's more interesting for me to try out different platforms. But it's been three months and I've been doing great, so gonna stay for a little longer.
                              1. guest review Christopher Campbell 25.06.2021
                                I was planning to trade using technical analysis, but it turned out to be rather confusing for a beginner – this platform had so many different options. Thanks to my manager for helping me figure it out.
                                1. guest review Jeff Murray 09.07.2021
                                  Here is hot review about working with the broker Apollofinances. I registered only the day before yesterday. I quickly checked in, replenished the account, poured in three hundred bucks and the trading started automatically. Terminal MetaTrader 4. Initially, there are not so many tools, there are no great stuff, but for a newer, it's just what he needs. As for the conditions of a broker, a leverage of 1: 300 is the same for VIP packages and basic ones. And spreads are equally static everywhere, by the way, lower than many have. No commission for withdrawal. The withdrawing itself has not yet been tested, of course. Input similarly is without interest and at the current rate of the bank. I had a chance to check the work of support ))) I communicated a couple of times, initially I got through at the first attempt, and the next time I set up redial, but I was less lucky, I had to hang on the line a minute.
                                  1. guest review Carlos Taylor 11.07.2021
                                    There was a good experience with BKS Broker, until they began to embed paid functions and take money for some trifles, such as SMS information, that is, in principle, should work for free. I thought that here I would lose faster than I would find. I started up in the Apollofinances, and still satisfied. I must say that there are fewer functions than we would like. But here is a fast withdrawal on a wallet or a card, and low spreads. By the way, as for the withdrawal to a bank account, I do not recommend it. The money will come, but it can take a long time, up to 3 days, the banks work in this way. Support pleases me, I think, at Apollofinances it is more adequate. Dialing is fast, though not always on the first attempt, but the employees are competent. It feels like managers are collected by their experience, and they are practicing trading, they do not advise too much and at the same time they give all the necessary info.
                                    1. guest review Edward Barrett 12.07.2021
                                      The last couple of weeks I went into trading with Apollofinances. The first impression is quite positive. The broker does not put a commission on withdrawal, only the bank. Quick opening of deals, closing in a couple of seconds. There is a dependence on volatility, not without it. Spreads are low and static. So far, I may not have received the full picture in that time, but I got out of the minus and took the first cream, my first twenty))) and in just half an hour. It is a pity that there is no training, demos and micro accounts. But on the other hand, working in real mode with real transactions there is a chance to get more necessary experience.
                                      1. guest review Robert Powell 22.07.2021
                                        On my list are gold and oil. If the conditions of the broker do not suit me, I calmly part with it. I leaved Forex Finance when they decided to inflate spreads. Now trading with broker Apollofinances. Yes, the reputation has not been gained yet, still young. I liked feedbacks, it is clear that they were written by real and experienced people. The first contact did not disappoint me. Spreads are really adequate, as it was presented. They are fixed, do not jump with the market in a storm, and on average in the market lower compared with alternative options. It's nice that there is no commission for input and withdrawal. I was also curious to play with cryptocurrency, it turns out that the broker has such an opportunity. That's what upset me a little, so is the terminal. I did not work with MetaTrader 4 before, it took time to study. I did it, but it would be nice to have a choice of terminals.
                                        1. guest review Herman Russell 26.07.2021
                                          I will not lie, It is impossible to affirm that Apollofinances is the best broker in the market. Normal and stable, that's for sure. And still young, so do not expect a huge list of services, entertainment and all sorts of things. No demos and micro accounts, by the way. I poured three hundred to start. If there were demo, I'd play around with them to perfect my line. But I heard that a company with demos and micro accounts can be a kitchen that does not give real money. Static spreads are adequate. If you compare with equivalents in the market, it is even lower. What I looked it were AUD and NZD, and the yen too. Money is withdrawing quickly, an hour or two, no more. There was no standard brokerage commission for card withdrawal, cool, only bank interest is taken if it by default. Yes, introducing the means is also quick and by the current rate. So decide for yourself who is the best for you.
                                          1. guest review Harold Brady 28.07.2021
                                            It will be a year soon as I work with Apollofinances. It was a long time to figure out what's what. There were no force majeure, large problems or controversial situations with support during this time. Stable fast execution of orders, one or two seconds. There are moments in the period of volatility, when it may take more time, but not critical. During my medium term, I never got into requotes. The traditional wish for scalpers is to be attentive and careful, regardless of the broker you are trading with. Regarding the spreads, I can say that I work mainly with CHF, and there it is generally lower when compared with the market. In addition, they do not jump, because they are static. For output, it is enough to pass the verification once, before the first time. True, I did not see this information anywhere, I just sent money, and then for a long time I couldn’t understand where they went. I had to deal with the support, but they did it, and the withdrawal itself was already quick.
                                            1. guest review Boone Erik 06.08.2021
                                              I have a lot of experience working with Qwik. The cross-over to another platform has always seemed to me something difficult and dreary. But it so happened that I had to change both the broker and the habits. There is only one trading platform here, Metatrader. Despite all my concerns, everything turned out to be much simpler, and I do not regret about the changes. The terminal has a very flexible customizable system. Everything works like a clock, stable, clear. In general, the whole process of working with Apollo Finances broker is thorough and thoughtful to the smallest detail. Enough tools for a strong breakthrough from the position of a beginner. Experienced traders have what to do and room to grow. For 4 months of work here I had no conflicts with support, the system works without failures. Disconnections were not. Spreads are fixed, quotes do not crawl out for the initially set limits. In general, as I understand it, the broker conceptually holds on to the stability of its conditions and does not change them from principle from the very beginning. The order execution is instant, there is no commission for I / O (which is very fast by the way). There is also a loyalty program to invite friends, I need to understand in detail
                                              1. guest review Moody Lester 08.08.2021
                                                Four months ago, I opened an account with Apollo Finances forex broker. I found trading conditions as convincing and reasonable, despite the relative youth of the company. Here is a wide selection of trading positions. You can work with precious metals, oil, raw materials, food and, of course, currency. The broker exposes 50 key currency pairs, as well as mid-market quotes, static spreads, and at the same time does not change the trading conditions on the go. Replenishment can be done for any amount, as well as withdrawal (within deposit of course). No commissions, delays and postponements. The broker works with the MetaTrader 4 terminal. It possible to trade at home from a computer, or to install a mobile native app on a tablet or smartphone, and to work on a trip or in an office. Here, strangely enough, I had a technical hitch. Failed to install the application on MacBook. I had to put on the emulator. But at the same time, the system still continues to work normally, it does not hang and does not slow down.
                                                1. guest review Collins Robert 12.08.2021
                                                  In my opinion, this is a promising and ambitious broker. I have been trading with Apollo Finances since June. I see the company as the brainchild of experienced traders who have invested all their experience and knowledge here. Therefore, I believe in the growth and development of the organization. Trading conditions have never changed as I've seen. There are no hidden fees, no attempts by managers to rule account, no strangely lost money, left candles or transferred deals. Everything is transparent, honest, clear. Technical support is evidently selected in terms of competence. I am confident that managers trade during the day and thus monitor market changes and trends. No complaints about the technical side. Excellent connection, the transactions has not been canceled once, there were no disconnects. Opening on average takes 1-2 seconds, closing 2-3 seconds. Replenishment (at the current rate) takes to 20 minutes. Withdrawal together with the bid form rakes up to an hour or two. Spreads correspond to market indicators, static. From slippage can not go anywhere, they are, but they can be minimized by terminal settings. Passing the paper identification must be once before the first withdrawal. It takes a certain amount of time, it is worth patience and doing everything carefully. Such, apparently, the requirements of the safety norms system.
                                                  1. guest review Robinson Logan 17.08.2021
                                                    Due to frequent technical overlays and system failures, I had to leave a fairly good broker. For an adequate replacement, I carefully looked at the new brokers who were not spoiled with fame. I needed stability in my work and trading conditions as close as possible to my usual ones. Now I’ve stopped at Apollo Finances broker. Under my request, everything came up here, plus the recommendation of a good friend did its job. According to him, the broker works transparently and without divorce. To be honest, there was a feeling of leaping into the unknown. I did not find any reviews on the net. Found only a general informative article. It turns out that the broker has been working for almost a year. The company develops on the basis of many years of experience of traders and financiers. Decided to take a chance. The system is filled with the options just as much as is necessary for stable work and confident earnings. The site is fresh, periodically I seen updates, but there are no entertainment elements. Qualified technical support works around the clock, each trader has his own personal manager. Reaching him by phone call is not easy, but the level of competence pleases. So far there is only one trading platform, very few educational materials, tariff plans, and only two ways to contact support.
                                                    1. guest review Barber Egbert 20.08.2021
                                                      I want to share my work experience with the new Apollo Finances broker. The first. This is not accurate, but IMHO this company is created by real pros in trading. At least, such an impression, judging by the level of competence of the support workers. Managers always! know the answers to all the questions about work, they see all the nuances of the current market situation, they are up to date on all trends, they will always prompt and give the necessary advice. Sometimes they can even just save — a novice from an inevitable minus in a drawdown, help to go to zero, so as not to drain the deposit. The second. All declared trading conditions do not change from the moment of creation. This means that the broker has decided on the line of development and confidently knows where he is going and where he leads his clients. There are 50 currency pairs, a wide selection of products sold, static spreads and mid-market quotes. Only four custom packages. Starting is worth 250 dollars. The same condition for all tariffs is 1: 300 leverage, scalping and news trading. No commission on I / O. There is no choice of trading platform, only MetaTrader 4, but this is a good option. I think it would be worthwhile to make some additions — to diversify ways of withdrawing and communication channels with support.
                                                      1. guest review Gallagher Mark 26.08.2021
                                                        A colleague invited me to open an account with new Apollo Finances broker. Once, I expressed a desire to increase the family budget, but did not know how to do it. It turned out that his entire family recently engaged in trading, both his wife and children. All passed forex courses. Apollo Finances has an affiliate loyalty program, so a friend asked me to register using his link. While this broker is not so popular, but in this there is a positive point. The system works stably and efficiently performs the tasks, without brakes and freezes. Will it execute as confidently when the number of traders grows much more? Well, for now, here is just a super conditions for scalping. The site quickly updates the statistics. But in volatility, the execution of orders may slow down a bit. The terminal MetaTrader 4, tested by millions of traders, can be easily customized for your strategy. At the same time, as your wish, use native analytics, or turn on trading bots and generally go to bed. Replenishment and withdrawal quick. Input at the current rate, and withdrawal is without commission. Verification took place right before the first withdrawal. I am generally pleased. I think soon I will have a second salary))))
                                                        1. guest review Bishop Vincent 01.09.2021
                                                          If some problems occur, react very quickly. This is one of the main advantages of this broker to the competition.
                                                          1. guest review Eaton David 01.09.2021
                                                            There are two unspoken rules. The first thing every trader knows: You can not place your entire money in a place and do not start trading without preliminary analysis. But there is also a second rule: If you analyze too long, fear and search for intermediaries, you may never start trading.
                                                            1. guest review West Robert 05.09.2021
                                                              I confirm that it is very comfortable and profitable here. The spreads are very low. No additional markups. Strategies are not the most formular, but they will quickly find out.
                                                              1. guest review 08.09.2021 O’Neal’ Anthony 08.09.2021
                                                                This broker is on the list of my favorites. Since I'm not a beginner, I do not need constant explanations and recommendations, I came to earn money. There are all requirements for this. Who knows he will understand me. Much luck!
                                                                1. guest review Hancock Claud 08.09.2021
                                                                  How often does it happen? Beginners want more and more immediately as soon as they achieve their first profit. They believe that money come easily and therefore will become victims of false brokers who promise a lot and then disappear. You do not have to believe that you would never tell your friend to believe. Hold your mind clearly.
                                                                  1. guest review Harrell Anthony 09.09.2021
                                                                    How do you manage to offer such a wide brokerage package if others on the contrary make the conditions for dealers unfavorable? Is not it a covide panic that concerns you? It feels like the world has become crazy, but I just talked to the customer service and it sounds very convincing.
                                                                    1. guest review Cole Williamя 14.09.2021
                                                                      I have opened a demo account, I will try it. Much has been spoken over this broker. I like the possibility of short contracts. I am looking for services to feel safe on the market.
                                                                      1. guest review Blake Paul 21.09.2021
                                                                        Doubt? Nobody will persuade you to take risks. Start with a demo. Try it, suddenly all these conditions prove to be ideal for you.
                                                                        1. guest review Dickerson George 21.09.2021
                                                                          This broker gradually gives its obligations and offers the opportunity to earn good money. These are his absolute advantages. As a bonus you will receive excellent technical support.
                                                                          1. guest review Fields Alan 23.09.2021
                                                                            The spreads are small here, but what about payouts? This broker offers more favorable conditions. I would like to try.
                                                                            1. guest review Skinner Edward 24.09.2021
                                                                              I have learned from another seller of this broker when I finished the meeting. Did I understand that everything is fair and easy to get the money you deserve?
                                                                              1. guest review Pierce Tobias 30.09.2021
                                                                                Is this already the tenth broker you consider to start with the trade? Stop. Everything is clean here. See how many users give good ratings. But of course you make your analysis!
                                                                                1. guest review Norris Charles 05.10.2021
                                                                                  There are virtually no technical problems with this broker, and the trading conditions aims to generate revenue. With long or short positions you can still benefit.
                                                                                  1. guest review Lang Peter 09.10.2021
                                                                                    Dealers who are here long, how are their impressions of this service? Is it useful to take a trade? So I really like everything at first glance.
                                                                                    1. guest review Simmons Austen 09.10.2021
                                                                                      It's easy to try new tactics here that never came to mind. The team has a maximum of tools for trade and you can learn all intelligent movements.
                                                                                      1. guest review Marsh Peter 15.10.2021
                                                                                        Do not hurry to change your broker. Especially considering what happens in the market in connection with Covid and Lockdown. Would you like to earn more? Ask the manager like. I'm sure you do not know your strategy as good as an experienced specialist.