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2021-04-11 17:34:00

Terms of cooperation and documentation of Apollofinances Broker : leverage from 1: 100

Everyone who chooses a broker like apollofinances.com to enter Forex market thinks about the safety of investments. Verification of any company begins with its website. The terms of cooperation, the specifics of the services provision, and their types should be set out in an accessible language all the way from the main page to final description. For example, a broker can only recommend certain actions, or can act as an active intermediary. In these cases, the commission differs. A company can also attract another participant - a liquidity provider, which will become an additional guarantor of the transactions clearance. All this increases the security of the client. However, there are basic conditions that any self-respecting broker must fulfill.

What are these conditions? That’s the question we need to clarify with the Apollofinances broker, registered in Marshall islands.


 Apollofinances broker review

You can clarify any information about this company by phone or by contacting the support from the website callback form. It is also possible to conduct e-mail correspondence (and subscribe to a useful newsletter, including economic forecasts).

Most of the company's clients live in Western Europe, and yet in order to wider its presence company started working on Polish market for the major part of 2020 and 2021 years. This new location allows to add more attractive offers to account types, and start a new stage of its development as an international broker.

Terms of cooperation with Apollofinances broker: available markets

All the nuances of how to work with this company are publicly available on the Apollofinances.com website. Let's see what documents are placed there.

Trading directions offered by Apollodinances: Forex currencies, index market, stocks and commodities (including energies and metals). A company has the greatest experience in the currency market, however, customers can choose an investment portfolio that provides the ability to trade multiple assets. Company has specialists representing all of these types of trading.

As for the deposit amounts, the broker has four levels of them. The smallest one involves depositing only $ 250. To start trading, you need to register, verify account, select an investment size and transfer the required deposit to your account.

Even if you choose the starting account, you still get a lot of features that will help you in your first market steps. First of all, it’s personal manager who will become your personal source of information. Secondly, you’ll get an access to platform with limitless instruments such as trading indicators and other tools for traders. This will allow you to build your very own trading strategy (or strategies) and gather all the income in your bank account.



Apollofinances broker is a company that guarantees its clients secure and fair transactions, as well as strict compliance with the law.

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  1. guest review Oliver 18.04.2021
    This broker suits me, I get support on a daily basis. I started without any knowledge at all. It was very scary! I came to trading from scratch, just by reading success stories on the Internet. If so many people can achieve something, why not me? In any case, I try not to risk large sums. It is more important for me to participate and learn to trade, this is my priority. Would definitely recommend this team!
    1. guest review Aksel 19.04.2021
      I've been making money online for over 10 years now. I started by doing some small assignments from sites and getting very little reward for my work. About three years ago, I started earning satoshi on online games, but it turned out little. It was always just a side job, more for the sake of excitement. Now I have the hope that online trading will bring me real profits. I'm just building my strategy. This broker helps me a lot to understand all the nuances of the market.
      1. guest review Luke 22.04.2021
        If you want a normal broker, do as I do. I selected a service for myself according to the following criteria: is the interface clear? is customer support working well? do they provide sensible advice? are there any features I need? are there any problems with getting your profit on hand? I went through several options and found my own — this broker is definitely the best.
        1. guest review Piter 29.04.2021
          Joined last Friday. You know what? This trading stuff turns way more interesting when you upgrade your demo to real.
          1. guest review Greg 03.05.2021
            They have one of the best trading terminals, I’ve been using it for last four years. No issues, no problems.
            1. guest review Frederick 05.05.2021
              I keep trading for another month and finally it’s starting to make sense. Thank you for all the explanations!
              1. guest review Marsel 14.05.2021
                I believe that it is the best forex broker. Money is withdrawn quickly, spreads are low, a huge number of instruments. Support always quickly resolves issues, professional managers.
                1. guest review Tod 23.05.2021
                  The guys withdraw money promptly and there are no problems with withdrawals, even large amounts. A close friend trades with them. Average profit up to 20%, which can be withdrawn without problems. I still have to grow and grow to such results!
                  1. guest review martin 31.05.2021
                    Good brokerage company. Technical support works like a clock. The terminal does not slow down, orders are executed perfectly. Depo is excellent and withdrawal quickly, spreads and swaps can be ignored.
                    1. guest review Walter Lewis 06.06.2021
                      Very professional employees here. A few issues I had were resolved quickly and effectively.
                      1. guest review Gary Reyes 09.06.2021
                        Can't wait to continue trading here when everything comes back to normal. Sadly, I lost my first job during quarantine, so I was forced to withdraw all my money.
                        1. guest review Gregory Fuller 13.06.2021
                          I’m well acquainted with this terminal, so I don’t have to learn anything new – that’s what matters most to me. And I’m satisfied with terms here, generally.
                          1. guest review Albert Davidson 21.06.2021
                            I like to take my time when trading, without unnecessary rush, so I really appreciate this company. It’s a calm trading environment where you can keep your own tempo.
                            1. guest review Alberto Hardy 23.06.2021
                              Decent conditions and helpful employees – that’s what I expect from my broker. I appreciate low initial deposit, and fast withdrawals as well.
                              1. guest review David Perkins 26.06.2021
                                I just wanted to try online trading, didn’t expect to like it so much and to trade for several hours daily. It’s a great hobby, when you’re bored and stressed because of lockdown.