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2021-04-11 14:32:00

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The popularity of currency trading is growing, today many of those who were not previously interested in this area want to make money on Forex. Why? People were afraid of risks, could not overcome the psychological barrier, did not believe in the possibility of making money online. But the pandemic and the economic crisis have forced many to reconsider their views.

Apollo Finances reviews from clients

Therefore, today many foreign brokers are looking for ways to successfully enter this market and even compete with each other. One of the good consequences of this competition is very convenient rates for newbies. You will not surprise anyone with a personal broker for the owner of an large investment of 100 thousand euros. But what gets someone who invested just only a thousand, or even less, and is there a way for him to get a personal account manager as well?

Today, a company Apollo Finances came into our field of review, because now the answer to this question is “ Yes”.

Apollo Finances broker is a company with a long trading experience.

However, since last year, it has added one more account type with just $250 in deposit, which opened the way for trading for the very beginners and those who can’t yet call themselves experienced traders. These days, this is a large group of players influencing the market and quickly learning the basics of trading (and making money at the same time). In general, the number of clients of this broker reaches an impressive 9 thousand, and among them investors with small initial amounts gain quite a considerable percentage.

As they say in Apollo Finances reviews, the company offers some training materials, additional information and a lot of detail on company website. If client has any questions left, he can address them to a personal manager.

The company has a lot of reviews from clients abroa-d. We estimate that most of the comments are positive. Traders note:

Apollofinances.com reviews of European clients

But, of course, it is much more interesting what its regular customers from the UK, as well as Italy, Germany and other EU countries say about the company.

The local clients is more whimsical, accustomed to good service and picky about any technical glitches, hitch with payments, etc. In fact, we found almost no negative comments about the company, apart from a few comments about the delay in transactions. Some of these delays  were caused by natural technical reasons, for example, the operation of the service for withdrawing funds (payment system) or a lengthy check by the bank's security service when crediting money to a card account.
For example, there is a review by Jacob Vancey (from Warrington, UK, 36 years old, frequent businessman) on Trustpilot about a year ago:

“I can't get money for a day! I call the support and hear that the money has been sent to me, but it is not on the account ... ". As a result, it turned out that the money was "stuck" in the bank, Jacob received it 4 hours after he left a comment, and only after the broker's service asked the bank to reconsider the payment. That is, the delay was caused by circumstances beyond the company's control. On the contrary, the managers of Apollo Finances did everything to resolve the issue. The story ended with Jacob writing: "Thanks for the service, I felt your support and now I know for sure that you are an honest company and my money is safe with you."


Apollofinances.com reviews about website

The sitemap is very simple and straightforward. Investment terms are available in the Account Types section

To find out the terms of cooperation, you can find all the necessary data in Legal section, or call the official number of the company. There is also a form of callback request.

We have selected several reviews about the broker's website:

Will Horse from Liverpool, 30, owner of a garden furniture showroom:

“I got the first knowledge about trading on the stock exchange on my own. I was looking on the Internet for some information that would be useful, but simple for someone as far from trading as me. So Google brought me to the Apollo Finances site, I found training videos, and thus, after just a couple of days, I began to understand something in a matter in which I did not understand anything. Then I checked in and got a call from my manager George. From that moment until today, I have successfully traded only with this broker. "

Robin Salholder from Madrid, 48 years old, repair shop manager:

I already tried to trade before Apollo Finances but didn’t spend all my money because God saved me. First, I got to the speculators, who all the time persuaded me - transfer more money, more! I stopped and walked away from them, and then I read the story of a seller about a broker in London. Then I decided to start trading again and now I recommend this company to everyone. And most of all I like the simplicity of this trade, I have a program on my computer and on my phone, very clear and uncomplicated, I have never had any technical problems. "


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  1. guest review Steffan 02.04.2021
    For me it seems right to change the company in which I keep money from time to time. Here for a month and a half, it's still much better that a bank deposit.
    1. guest review David 18.04.2021
      The spreads are best here. Incredibly low, I've never seen such low spreads. Other features are fine too, though I had some minor issues with waiting for money to reach my wallet during withdrawals… never took longer than 12 hours though. You should be ready for anything with this market though.
      1. guest review Nicholas 20.04.2021
        Good functionality, low commissions. Lots of features to help you increase your income. You can master the method pretty quickly. I don't always manage to take advantage of the right moment. Hope this comes with experience.
        1. guest review Robert York 21.04.2021
          This is the best trading service. Asset liquidity is high. Buy and sell profitably. Low spreads. An intuitive terminal. Recommend!
          1. guest review Lindo 24.04.2021
            Excellent terms. I’ve been into finances since 2005, it’s my fifth broker, yet I think it’s one of the best current options for a trader.
            1. guest review Pier 28.04.2021
              Spent my first week trading following the instructions from online courses, and switched to addressing my practical questions to the living support person from a company. And support is excellent I must say. Got a lot of explanations, and thanks to that I have my depo, and even a little of hard-earned profit.
              1. guest review Steffan 01.05.2021
                For me it seems right to change the company in which I keep money from time to time. Here for a month and a half, it's still much better that a bank deposit.
                1. guest review David 14.05.2021
                  A respectable company with a long history, has some moral right to roughness in its work, but I don't see any noticeable problems. Withdrawing money is proceeding normally, the terminal is working normally. What else does a trader need to be happy?
                  1. guest review Charles 27.05.2021
                    The broker has experienced analysts, there is training, and it seems from experienced analysts. There are a lot of trading tools and this choice gives traders the opportunity to trade on currency pairs, cryptocurrencies. And the withdrawal is made on time.
                    1. guest review Douglas 30.05.2021
                      In general, there would be a desire to trade. There is a lot of analytical material and training courses. Representation of the company in many cities.
                      1. guest review Kenneth Wade 07.06.2021
                        My comment was deleted for some reason, so I’ll write once more – I’m satisfied with this broker. Good terms and very helpful customer service here.
                        1. guest review Matthew Ramos 12.06.2021
                          I hate learning how to use some new software, so I picked this platform because I’m familiar with all the tools here. That’s the most important thing to me. Haven’t encountered any technical issues.
                          1. guest review Andre Brown 13.06.2021
                            If you want to just trade comfortably without rush, this is the place. No one promises you millions here, you won’t get your hopes up and then be disappointed horribly. But if you have reasonable expectations, you should give it a try.
                            1. guest review John White 17.06.2021
                              Well, this is my first time trading online – I registered here two months ago, and now I’m pretty much addicted. But with this addiction I make money instead of wasting them, so I’m not complaining.
                              1. guest review Thomas Patterson 21.06.2021
                                Just got another withdrawal. I like the profit I’m getting recently, guess I’ll stay with this broker for a while.
                                1. guest review Thomas Woods 26.06.2021
                                  This company has more than one account type, I didn’t notice until recently they are so different. Spreads on Platinum type are so good.
                                  1. guest review Ricardo Long 07.07.2021
                                    Recently, I disappointed in Alpari. Theu raised spreads, if you are new or trying a new one, then it is easy to drain the entire deposit. I decided to rely on reviews and trading conditions, I stopped at Apollofinances. Here, static spreads, small. I judge by GBP / USD. Quotes do not overstate adequate. There are not enough contests and bonuses for traders, any such interesting moments. But there are no complaints about the trade process, it's a worthy broker.
                                    1. guest review Kenneth Dunn 12.07.2021
                                      I opened the first real deposit in my life at Apollofinances. Before that I tried only demo accounts. I understandably practiced there, I even started to get something, but these are unreal transactions, well, the profits from them, you know… you will not become a millionaire. As for conditions it's all right, static spreads, you couldn't merge your deposit on them, and I am satisfied now. Excellent analytics, still working with her and everything goes fine. There is already a small profit.
                                      1. guest review Chad Jones 15.07.2021
                                        Although Apollofinances is a fairly young broker, they already could add more functions and services during its working. Therefore, five stars I will not put. However, all that was initially stated — works perfectly. All promises are fulfilled, spreads do not swell, remain static. Therefore, I stay here. I see no reason to change to another broker. My profit is not big yet, about a hundred and fifty bucks from a thousand to the depot every month. Normal such a second source of income, I think. I like that the withdrawal to the card or account is fast and hassle-free.
                                        1. guest review Robert Hill 25.07.2021
                                          Last winter, I went from Insta Forex to Apollofinances. I got comfortable with the demos there, everything worked out, but on a real account I unexpectedly merged on the spreads. At Apollofinances, the spreads themselves are small, static, not jumping from the market when storming. Quotes correspond to the market. I compared the EUR USD pair, which I trade. It is inconvenient that you will not get the support in the morning from the first time, you have to hang and wait, sometimes up to 10 minutes. It is good that the team is sane, they explain and adequately help. In short, I would give the broker a solid four from me.
                                          1. guest review Hugh Gardner 25.07.2021
                                            On the Internet, you can write anything, even nasty things, even advertising, someone even pays for it. I write my opinion, you can check on my experience. I think Apollofinances is an adequate middle broker. Order execution is fast, prompt withdrawal, great support. There are not enough additional tools, contests, webinars, no demo accounts. Spreads are low, static. Work profitable.
                                            1. guest review James Stewart 29.07.2021
                                              More than two months ago, I opened a brokerage account at Apollofinances. The first impression is all too simple. Then the support explained that it will be necessary to pass the verification of the account before the first withdrawal, there you will have to sign the papers. But it will be the first and the last time. All other procedures are quietly carried out via the Internet. Trade conditions are satisfied, on the strong four. Static spreads are not high. Bonus is absence of commission on withdrawal and input. Orders are executed quickly. There are no webinars, tournaments, contests or promotions yet. More to come probably.
                                              1. guest review Phelps Joseph 07.08.2021
                                                After the end of the school year, I had more free time and I decided to add one more broker, to the load of one of my regular laborers… I thought about opening an account in a fresh company, which still does not load customers with a bunch of advertising and promotional offers. I was looking for a simpler version. Trading platform, bots, available entry and nothing more. Chose Apollo Finances. Quickly registered, it is super. I replenished the bill and the bidding began automatically. Excellent speed, almost instant performance. Fixed spreads, quotes not overstated, in general, I liked the trading conditions. In the traded offers are 50 currency pairs, raw materials, food, precious metals. 4 custom packages. You can scalp and trade on the news. There were no disconnects, slippage occurs, I don't remember requotes, fast withdrawal without commission. Over time, I think to accumulate a depot and climb the next package. And leave this broker the main source of income. Analytics effective, I am satisfied.
                                                1. guest review Matthews Robert 11.08.2021
                                                  I decided to choose Apollo Finances broker because of relatively low and fixed spreads. The overall impression of the work is favorable. Technical support competent, helped, more than once rescued from the drawdown. Recently rescued from the lock, where I was stuck on my own stupidity. I did not know what to do next. I contacted the personal manager, he helped. So I got off with a slight fright and a slight minus. There are drawbacks, of course. But for a steady profitable work just enough. I've been trading for two months now. The company seems to be reliable, the profit is growing, while I do not save anything, but immediately withdraw money, I like it better.
                                                  1. guest review Roberts John 20.08.2021
                                                    While I was looking for a broker for the mid-term, I found young broker Apollo Finances as an excellent option for effective scalping. In the meantime, I figured out, I stayed here, everything coincided))))) I work with a customizable MetaTrader 4 terminal. The system is clear, reliable, orders are executed in seconds, cancellations on transactions, failures, disconnects are not present, requotes are minimized. Fast input and output. Full technical support and adequate trading conditions. I have already found my broker.
                                                    1. guest review Bailey Eugene 25.08.2021
                                                      I have the most pleasant opinion about the new Apollo Finances broker. See, what about conditions, good is the first: MetaTrader 4 multi-market platform with flexible settings, secure data transfer and stable system, successful analytics, a large selection of traded goods — 50 key currency pairs, raw materials, energy, food, precious metals, highly qualified team consultants and personal manager, 24-hour support, affiliate program for friends, leverage 1: 300, fixed spreads, prompt withdrawal of any amount without commission. In cons I bring lack of training materials, webinars, videos, inter-trading tournaments, competitions, contests, promotions, lack of communication channels with technical support, a small number of financial instruments and the absence of insurance at the basic level. Like nothing is forgotten.
                                                      1. guest review Johns Peter 27.08.2021
                                                        Went to Apollo Finances broker from SiTrader in search of more comfortable spreads. True, I had to get used to the new platform, before that I did not work with MetaTrader. I was reassured by a support worker. As he said, this kind of terminals work typically, based on the same logic and principle of operation. He advised me to download the detailed manual and figure it out for myself. And if needed, call back with questions. Well, nothing terrible happened, I was able to get comfortable without problems. In order not to fly into the minus for want of practice, you can set up trading bots and just enjoy the growing profit, periodically adjusting the process. I filled up the account with three hundred bucks, after a while I toped up five hundred more. Replenishment is at the current rate, without commissions. There were no transfers or cancellations of transactions, execution is instant. The withdrawal with the bid takes an hour or two.
                                                        1. guest review Atkinson Anthony 28.08.2021
                                                          In the middle of autumn, I was drawn to the experiments and I checked in with a very young broker Apollo Finances. Immediately decided that I could get out at any time and leave if something goes wrong. But the broker surprised me, my fears were in vain. All promises are fulfilled, decent technical support, reliable and clear work system. I have my own personal manager. However, it is sometimes easier to write an email than to hang on the line and wait for the connection. The broker works with the most necessary package of tools, so there is no entertainment here. But on the other hand, there are many areas of trade, including 50 key currency pairs, a stable MetaTrader 4 terminal, low static spreads and mid-market quotes. Trading is simple and interesting.
                                                          1. guest review Gordon Richard 04.09.2021
                                                            In the absence of experience, you must try many options for trading strategies. Besides, mistakes are inevitable! Act and learn new things every day, very soon they will have their own conclusions. It makes sense to start with this broker.
                                                            1. guest review Terry David 11.09.2021
                                                              I like the spreads here, for me this trading option is the most acceptable. I have recently begun to practice it, and already see progress in increasing my income.
                                                              1. guest review Potter Silas 16.09.2021
                                                                How do you determine what kind of spread brings you more? It seems to me that everyone has his own truth. It all depends on your experience and its temperament to be ready to adapt if you know how to flexible. Your strategy can also change constantly. This is a sign of an experienced trader, I think.
                                                                1. guest review Fitzgerald Joseph 22.09.2021
                                                                  What do you like best about this broker? Spreads, right? If this type of trade fits you, which prevents you to open an account and take a minimal risk?
                                                                  1. guest review Sparks Blake 23.09.2021
                                                                    The cooperation with this company is for me a way to save my money and even increase it. The epidemic makes the market unstable and the behavior of certain dealer groups becomes a panic attack. Rumors and speculation, so the market is now… if they succeed for provocations, they can lose.
                                                                    1. guest review Wilson Edward 25.09.2021
                                                                      I do not want to give up… my previous experiences with another broker were very disappointing. And everything is attractive here, I want to start right away. Maybe I can catch up and return, what I lost…
                                                                      1. guest review Barton Jasper 13.10.2021
                                                                        I came out of desperation and without great hope for a benefit from this business to act. But everything turned out as much easier. I am told that everything is easy because I started with the right broker. I like to agree!
                                                                        1. guest review Howard Charles 16.10.2021
                                                                          My first trade month was very good. Then I started to increase the amounts, risked something more and therefore the success was variable. But I never regretted it to have chosen this platform. I do not even think of looking for another broker…
                                                                          1. guest review Stone Quentin 17.10.2021
                                                                            Received my first cash flow! Impressive! I have never acted… So it's true that you can make money with exchange rates. In the past it did not seem to be for me…
                                                                            1. guest review Payne Edward 22.10.2021
                                                                              My winnings have just covered all costs and solved my worries! I used a long time to complete the first bet. Now I'm just happy! Thank you guys! Your company works great!
                                                                              1. guest review Knight Christopher 22.10.2021
                                                                                What a hard session today was… I still can not believe that I got an income. I have already arranged a cash withdrawal. Do not give hope, people, you can still benefit as I benefit