Apple prepares 14-inch MacBook Pro and budget MacBook Air

Apple prepares 14-inch MacBook Pro and budget MacBook Air


2020-12-21 06:30:00

Famous insider Min-Chi Kuo has shared new data regarding the upcoming MacBook models. According to him, in 2021 Apple will release a 14-inch MacBook Pro with a new design and a mini-LED display.

Mini-LED screens have high brightness, better contrast ratio than OLED, and high energy efficiency. At the same time, the technology itself allows you to make the screen panel thinner due to the use of very small LEDs. Their accuracy provides the most uniform illumination without flare and color distortion.

Rumor has it that mini-LED panels will soon be used in almost all Apple devices, from the iPhone to the iMac Pro. In the case of laptops, such an innovation should not increase the cost of devices, since the increased cost of screens should compensate for more affordable Apple branded Silicon chips.

Speaking of processors, Chinese sources are confident that Apple will release the 5nm M2 chipset in early 2021. Its first owner may be the 16-inch MacBook Pro. Rumors of this have already been reported, although the processor was then referred to as the M1X.

In addition to the 14-inch MacBook Pro, Min-Chi Kuo noted the brand new "affordable" MacBook Air. It will be clearly cheaper than those that are sold now. However, at the expense of what the price will be reduced is not specified yet. Such a novelty will be presented only in 2022.

The release of new devices with a fresh design, mini-LED screens and powerful ARM chips will double the sales of Apple branded laptops in just three years, the analyst is sure.



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