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2021-06-02 12:32:00

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Advertising of "quick earnings" and "income without investments" has not seduced thinking people for a long time, and the very word "Forex" causes a skeptical grin among many. The reason for this attitude is the huge number of failures that inexperienced traders experience with sad regularity. We will prove that Forex trading can be a profitable business - but only under several conditions. Which ones? AssetShot Forex experts will talk about this in the article.

How to start trading on "Forex": theory and practice by AssetShot Forex broker 

Imagine the situation. A beginner who has just got access to the market from an AssetShot Forex broker comes to the foreign exchange market, having heard that here you can make money quickly and easily. Without thinking twice, he opens a deal and loses. He tries again and fails again. Or another scenario: an accidental win - enthusiasm for the first success - a deal for a large amount and a total loss.

The story is familiar to many. There is an overwhelming majority of such people among novice traders on AssetShot broker, and it is they who form the opinion that it is impossible to make money on Forex. Meanwhile, the only real reason for failure is lack of knowledge.

It so happens that a person cannot develop his trading style for years (although there are more of those who leave the market after the first defeats). Patience and perseverance are very useful qualities for a trader, but without knowledge, they will not help either.

If you do not have an idea of what the foreign exchange market is and how it works, do not know how to recognize trends and benefit from them, there is no point in trying to make money on Forex. Good luck on this path is possible, but they are always random. And the foreign exchange market is not a place to rely on chance. This is a system that works according to certain patterns. Learning to catch them, analyze and use them to make a profit is the task of a novice trader. This requires theoretical and practical knowledge.

AssetShot broker tip: You always need to start with the study of theory. The minimum set of knowledge includes:

Only after mastering the theory, you can start practice - try to apply technical and fundamental analysis, make transactions on a demo account on, and only after that open a real account. It is best to do this under the guidance of an experienced trader, who at first will correct your actions, warn against mistakes and provide psychological support in case of failures.

The leader mustn't be only fluent in theory, but also a good teacher, able to convey his knowledge to students in an understandable form. And, no less important, he must be a successful practitioner, have extensive experience in trading on the Forex market.

AssetShot broker tip: Is it possible to make money on Forex without a strategy?

All training materials on the topic "how to play in the Forex market" talk about a trading strategy. The authors unanimously argue that it is impossible to make money without it. Meanwhile, novice traders often neglect the strategy. The results are usually sad - losses consistently exceeding profits, growing disappointment and the belief that it is impossible to make money on Forex. Let's try to understand why this is happening and what is the reason for the importance of the strategy.

AssetShot Forex broker tip: What are the strategies?

The types of trading strategies are classified according to different criteria. The first and main one is the holding period of an open deal. From this point of view, strategies are:

A trader using short-term strategies opens from 2 to 200 trades within one day. The duration of asset ownership is from a few seconds to several hours. The profit from each successful trade is small, as are the losses if you lose. The most comfortable short-term trading method for beginners is intraday. Experienced traders on AssetShot Forex often prefer scalping, in which 100 or more trades can be opened per day.

What is the most profitable strategy? Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question for all. The choice depends on your psychological characteristics (caution or risk appetite), knowledge, the amount of time that you are willing to devote to trading. Beginners at AssetShot broker usually start with the simplest and most popular strategies - such as Turtle, Three Candles, London Session. These are all short-term trading systems.

It will take more than one month before you find your strategy and start making stable profits. The first successful steps in trading are the result of a deep study of fundamental and technical analysis, work with a demo account, trial and, of course, mistakes. Therefore, the question of how to make money on Forex without experience can be answered with only one word: nothing. The only way to a profitable strategy is through training.


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  1. guest review Cameron Arthur 16.06.2021
    I needed a broker to work with mid-term and good scalping. Now I trade with AssetShot, in general, everything suits. Except, perhaps, the need for a long time to call technical support. There are no webinars and training videos yet, probably for beginners it would be useful. MetaTrader 4 trading platform, one of the best in general. Everything works productively, quickly. Requotes and slippage are, but not often, and do not greatly affect the result. In addition, slippage is controlled. I do not remember disconnects. Everything here is adequate.
    1. guest review Walker Joseph 22.06.2021
      About AssetShot broker. First about the good. The system is stable. MetaTrader 4 multi-market custom platform, effective analytics, security in data transfer, high speed of execution of all financial transactions, a large selection of traded positions. You can choose what to work with: food, precious metals, raw materials, energy, 50 key currency pairs. Without any blah blah, there is a really high level of technical support, there is a personal manager and round-the-clock communication. Recently appeared affiliate program. Under basic conditions, leverage is 1: 300, static spreads, withdrawal without delay. Now about what is missing, IMHO. There are no training materials like video, webinars, articles. There is no entertainment content from the word at all. It is very necessary to increase the list of contacts with support. Only one phone is not enough, and there is no point in writing on an email, if we are talking about efficiency. The opinion is that I stay here to work, in general, everyone is happy, but I hope for further development for the better.
      1. guest review Parsons John 28.06.2021
        After CiTrader I searched for more suitable and quiet spreads, now I trade with AssetShot. It took time to reconfigure to work with another terminal, but I managed. The manager explained that all trading platforms are subject to the same logic of work, so the matter is only in nuances, and there will be no difference in global terms. He gave me a link to the detailed manual, so I downloaded the instructions and carefully studied everything. For the first time, I set up trading bots to give myself the opportunity to get used and not to drain the deposit. At first I put three hundred dollars, and when I saw a steady profit already, I toped up another five hundred. Replenished at the current rate without commissions. Everything is fast and clear. I withdraw also without commissions, from there to full it took a maximum of two hours.
        1. guest review Bryan John 06.07.2021
          I started trading with AssetShot broker in the late fall. I understood all the risks and was ready to quit everything at any time. But I made sure that the broker is working honestly, he fulfills the declared promises and does not change the conditions on the go. Technical support highly qualified. Each client has a personal manager. In the end, I can say that the broker is excellent. Already several times deducted money from the account, and everything went smoothly and clearly. There is no fun on the site. The broker is set for a serious approach. There is a large list of offers for sale. The MetaTrader 4 platform works, it is well regulated, there is a sufficient choice of tools. The recommended minimum deposit is $ 250 for the base rate.
          1. guest review Bishop Grant 12.07.2021
            AssetShot broker is formed by trading experts and now looks like one of the most promising players in the market. Competent support adequately behaves in relation to the client of any level. Trading conditions are fairly standard, but with good execution speed, they provide greater efficiency. It is advantageous to work with native analytics, to build your strategy. In general, I liked the trading conditions, they always remain within the originally prescribed framework. I'm here for almost half a year. I withdrew several times without problems both on the card and on the webmoney.
            1. guest review Black Alexander 05.08.2021
              It seems Assetshot of the only company that develops software for mobile devices. For this respect, very convenient, I often in the road.
              1. guest review Atkins William 15.08.2021
                For Forex for 4 years and fully agree with the author of the article, but earn the last year and a half earn for Forex due to guys from the site I subscribed to their newsletter and now they send me profitable robots for free, which have been traded for more than a year on my accounts and bring profit Yes, and the VIP section is super. In general, I am satisfied.
                1. guest review Turner Lawrence 23.08.2021
                  And I like them9. Spreads as spreads. No more than everyone is expanding on the news. There is no river on the marquer.
                  1. guest review Bryant Ashley 25.08.2021
                    And but the most reliable company that pays to traders to win in any condition any amounts.
                    1. guest review Jefferson Christopher 29.08.2021
                      That's right, injected tools. Respect and hope that this will not be limited to, add more.
                      1. guest review Preston Gordon 05.09.2021
                        The idea of ​​keeping your money in stagnation is a bit stupid, because inflation will eat it very quickly. With a solid broker you are better off, you may try it with assetshot.
                        1. guest review Hudson Ronald 10.09.2021
                          I like the conditions of participation for assetshot. It seems as if they were a lot about making themselves more accessible to beginners, but I have not noticed any other interesting characteristics. Still good start chance
                          1. guest review Allison Robert 15.09.2021
                            I've worked with assetshot some time, but left it because I wanted to explore other trading platforms and these people only work with MetaTrader and I just hate this interface
                            1. guest review Hardy Edward 15.09.2021
                              My experience with this broker is quite extensive. They are (mostly) okay, but there are some insignificant problems from time to time. I think every broker in the world has you, no matter how good you are… In any case, you have earned my confidence and I would always use for you.
                              1. guest review Pitts Neil 18.09.2021
                                I've never worked with this broker, but there are many positive rumors, and I keep hearing them. The quality of the support service seems to be excellent here. Almost all reviews I have seen say that. I have never worked with this broker, but there are many positive rumors, and I keep hearing them. The quality of the support service seems to be excellent here. Almost all reviews I have seen say that.
                                1. guest review Powell Williamя 02.10.2021
                                  I still expect my first support of assetshot, must have a pretty suitor. It would be better if the deduction of funds would be shorter.
                                  1. guest review Carpenter Justin 03.10.2021
                                    However, the shareholders are interesting, but I'm still worried about all the negative hazards around Forex. Maybe assetshot are a great way to test yourself.
                                    1. guest review Nelson Anthony 11.10.2021
                                      I have a problem with assetshot — for some strange reason, my e-mails will not achieve you again and again. Her support says it is a problem with my mail provider, but for me it smells of excuse. Good that I have not invested any money in trade with you. Has anyone have similar problems?
                                      1. guest review Holmes Matthew 13.10.2021
                                        Have the broker reviews for ShareFounder checked. And think that they are worth a try. At least no promises like «will be rich in five minutes» LOL. I have to monitor them a little bit more.
                                        1. guest review Price Gordon 17.10.2021
                                          assetshot is not only my business, it's my love, I wish I knew earlier of them, could have done much more…