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2021-06-04 12:47:00

AssetShot broker

AssetShot scam

After the pandemic and economic crisis a lot of people who had some capital and invested money in their business found themselves at a loss.

At this material we will tell you how to start trading, find a decent broker and what assets to choose, if you need some extra income to fix the situation.

We use AssetShot reviews as an example. scam or a fair deal: what do we know

Why did we choose this broker? It earned positive reviews from many traders. Overall it considered to be secure and easy for beginners.

Contact information

First Floor, First St Vincent Bank LTD Building, James Street, Kingstown, P.O. Box 1574, VC0100, St Vincent and the Grenadines


[email protected]

The AssetShot Forex broker is as open as possible to all form of communication with future traders.

Customer support works 24/5. A lot of investors like to be in touch during periods of breaks on the exchanges or switch between currency trading sessions around the world (like Forex).

Where is it profitable to earn money: trading conditions and assets

All brokers are divided into 2 types when analyzing from the point of view of providing services:

  1. Trading in almost all assets and all markets is available;
  2. Accent is placed on one of the possible markets.

AssetShot review: customer and analyst reviews show that it is better to choose currencies as the first asset (and it is available at the tariff for beginners at this broker).

How to find a broker

If you have decided on the market, asset and have chosen a broker for yourself, you need to choose a suitable tariff plan:

We have mentioned the most important points. However, there is still the most important criterion - security and scam protection. Both personal data and money. The company needs to be protected, as well as the traders.

The company uses encryption;

All future investors pass a verification procedure.

AssetShot review: Registration and verification

To register at, you just need to choose one of the account tariffs. Then you can pick a demo account or a real one. Provide all info required on the registration form.

Then it is time for verification. All customers need to be sure about their money. But in return they should provide trust and openness as well. They need to provide pics of their ID and places of residence and fill up all the info extremely attentively.

AssetShot reviews: Account types, portfolios

When you finish the registration, picking up a portfolio will be the next step.


Binary options on stocks, currencies, indices, metals and energies

Minimal deposit





Floating from 2.8 pips

Minimal spread


Minimal lot




Trust management


Trading platform





50 currency pairs, 45+ CFD

Account Currency



No commission for all accounts

4 types of accounts were offered:

Getting money from to your bank account or wallet broker provides 3 ways to receive your money from trading account: 

AssetShot review and tips for all who want to start

Broker prepared some tips for those who want to become traders:

What do clients say?

 I am glad that I work with AssetShot. The broker has an excellent analytical base, I always use expert recommendations in my trading. Convenient and intuitive trading terminal, easy to set up, there is a wide range of trading instruments and tools for market analysis, deals are opened quickly, so it's easy to get the best prices.

 I tried to open an account at AssetShot. I had little faith in its effectiveness, but I was pleasantly surprised, as it really gives on average 10% per month. Excellent service and company, very satisfied!

 If we talk about the reliability of deposits in the financial markets and unhindered access to money, then my cooperation with AssetShot broker will serve as a vivid example. I am satisfied with the high level of security when trading.

I like a wide range of trading instruments. I mainly trade currency pairs and stocks of well-known world companies. With the advent of the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies, I also turned my attention to them. AssetShot trading conditions are good, deals are opened quickly, so there are no problems with trading.


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I have been trading Forex for more than 5 years, mostly with manual and automatic trading. I set up advisors for round-the-clock automated trading. I'm sure I can help to establish your trading skills....


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  1. guest review Stanley Walter 17.06.2021
    I really like the speed and quality of execution of transactions here. I can not remember any breaks of communication with the server. Of course, plus is a sane support and fairly quick withdrawal. At first, I did not even think that a little-known broker would be my favorite among so many offers. AssetShot gives fixed spreads according to market indicators. I want to accumulate a depot, so I withdrew only once, for verification. So far, no complaints about the broker, we are working for 3 months together.
    1. guest review Benson Nigel 29.06.2021
      I am exploring the capabilities of AssetShot broker's PRO account with an initial deposit of 10,000 bucks. I think about the transition. I like the spreads in this fare. I already have my piece of cake, and on this package the profit will start growing much faster. I want to develop my capabilities and move on. It is time to do the main source of abundance in my life from passive reserve income))) The broker gives you the opportunity to work on only one trading platform, MetaTrader 4, but everything in it can be customized for individual request. Up to full automation of processes. Effectively work with native analytics, moreover, it is updated every day. With such speed and scalping is great. Leverage is 1: 300, there is a choice of positions for trading and 50 key currency pairs.
      1. guest review Webb Winfred 04.07.2021
        With the past broker ugly story came out. Lost control over spreads, or so it was conceived. In general, my deposit went down the drain. After some time, a friend sent a link to register for a loyalty program with AssetShot broker. The spreads are all static, the quotes are not overstated, the speed is generally prohibitive. I am good on small transactions. No commission on I / O. I stay here, have something to do. In addition, an excellent terminal MetaTrader 4 and sane support.
        1. guest review Carpenter Harry 12.07.2021
          I was a little nervous before registering with a AssetShot broker. I did not know anything about it. And I would not open an account if a friend did not ask. At first I tried to call support more often and ask more questions. I relaxed only a month later. Now I like everything. Especially, predictable stable profit. Already I repeatedly withdrew for half a year. The MT 4 platform is used. The whole system works without crashes and glitches, stable and reliable. I work with a pair of AUD / NZD, compared it to the market — here it has low spreads. It is very necessary that there is an additional communication channel with support. It is difficult to dial there.
          1. guest review Elliott William 15.07.2021
            I thought that the client packages from the broker should be rearranged. AssetShot currently has four tariffs. I would add a couple more between the first and second offers. The minimum is now worth $ 250. The following packages cost $ 2,000, $ 10,000 and $ 50,000 respectively. It seems to me that the two new tariffs would fit well with prices of $ 500 and $ 1,000, for example. And one more would fit, just before the last, for 25 thousand dollars. I would just open on the second package right away or quickly switch to the second tariff. At the base, I already know everything, it became a bit boring, but the next tariff is still expensive for my pocket.
            1. guest review Ray Anthony 04.08.2021
              Also trading in FC, for a long time. I can't boast of special success (I did not become billionaire :), but I don't complain about execution — everything is clear. The slippages are of course, but minimal. At Euro / Dollar and Pound / Dollar, in any case.
              1. guest review Barton Joseph 09.08.2021
                They have forgotten writing that VAssetshotSasy the best quotes — no one no one, not even similar!
                1. guest review Blankenship Charles 10.08.2021
                  The arbitration temporary, the spatial cannot be because it is fashionable to earn quite well even in small changes in time prices.
                  1. guest review Phelps Anthony 11.08.2021
                    So you should not watch some kind of prices, trade with one broker and everything will be fine!
                    1. guest review Lyons Horace 14.08.2021
                      Hmm… Here such passions write about Assetshote. I say the following — delays on placing orders with strong price movements there are on all platforms… unless there are almost no textbooks… what is actually not strange… To. This is a separate server (training). The market in the market is and interesting that the entrance to the market is not in the manic movement of the movement… trying to jump into the outgoing train… And in advance about calculating the entry and exit positions in advance… The possibility of an alogichic behavior of the market. I play at the second year.. Where we are not! :) Work more on yourself… Analyzing the market… Do not try to adjust the market for yourself — it is impossible… on the contrary, try to adjust the market… the market must be loved… After all, he is yours… So play the market and everything will be fine… And then it will not be necessary to cry about the fact that you could not fly at the time of the movement :))) Opends all of you and more profitable profits :)
                      1. guest review Fisher Peter 01.09.2021
                        I drove away on six months and returned last week. And I'm sorry. So much time was lost, and I could earn more than ever on a distinguished market. Guys never change something good for something better. I swear that's the biggest trap for you!
                        1. guest review Banks Edward 02.09.2021
                          On the platform you can add any number of indicators for technical analysis. I like the speaker and the ability to work with my phone.
                          1. guest review Fletcher Kerry 06.09.2021
                            I contacted you for the first time in May and first got the money two hours ago. I can call low commissions, fast ordering and an active platform as a big plus for the trading process.
                            1. guest review Page Blake 13.09.2021
                              The last time I checked my account balance, I saw + 35% at the beginning in June. This is a good reason to stay here.
                              1. guest review Brown Daniel 22.09.2021
                                If you have more than three transactions per day, always stay dynamic and always try to give me more trading options. There are no problems with the terminal or with the conditions, so I can say that I like everything here.
                                1. guest review Morton Giles 01.10.2021
                                  Average results achieved for three weeks at work with assetshot. No idea if I continue to work with you.
                                  1. guest review Montgomery Williamя 04.10.2021
                                    First, I thought that every online trading platform is a nightmare to be honest. I just trust nothing, which you can not keep in your hands, but assetshot proved to be a decent way to make some money in addition to my salary. Surely glad that I tried it.
                                    1. guest review McBride Robert 18.10.2021
                                      The work with assetshot is like watching a marvel movie — everything is noticeable, rich and fantastic. In contrast to the view of a Marvel movie, you will receive money even afterwards.
                                      1. guest review Manning Edgar 21.10.2021
                                        Interface seems bad, but all services work. Will certainly recommend assetshot
                                        1. guest review Armstrong Milton 26.10.2021
                                          My friend said to me that the retreat can be too slow, but I have not experienced something like that. Maybe it works only for big quantities.