AURA Strap for Apple Watch

AURA Strap for Apple Watch


2020-09-13 13:45:00

Apple Watch straps are smart as well: AURA Strap for Apple Watch can track body fat, hydration and physical activity, lung function and changes in breathing, as well as prematurely inform the wearer about the risk of heart failure. In addition, the “smart” strap does an excellent job of its original function - a comfortable fixation of Apple Watch on the wrist, and the lightweight and high-quality material is almost imperceptible when worn. 

Earlier this year, at CES 2020, AURA unveiled an unusual Apple Watch strap that can track body fat, hydration and physical activity, lung function and changes in breathing, as well as prematurely inform the wearer about the risk of heart failure. We got a bracelet for review and tell you what it really can do. Appearance of the AURA Strap The bracelet looks like this: a sports loop, but with Velcro on both sides, and in the middle there is an additional device that fixes body indicators. The strap is available in four colors: black, red, green and gray. There is a version for watches in sizes 38 and 40 mm, as well as 42 and 44 mm. 

The bracelet supports Apple Watch series 1 and newer. AURA Strap package contents The bracelet itself is powered by a battery, which, of course, needs to be replaced. The set includes a screwdriver for its replacement and instructions. The body of the sensors is made of stainless steel and is not afraid of immersion in water to a depth of 50 meters, just like the Apple Watch itself. One battery is enough for about six months of sensor operation. 

First turn on. First, you need to download the application to your iPhone and Apple Watch, and in the watch settings, set the display off time to 70 seconds. As indicated in the instructions. Next, we launch the application on the watch and take the first measurement, following all the instructions. 

What data will be available after measurement? First, let's understand how the measurement takes place: everything through bioimpedance analysis. This is a special method for diagnosing the biochemical composition of the body, by measuring the electrical resistance of tissues in different parts of the body. 

The bioimpedance sensor built into the strap will transmit an imperceptible electrical current through your body. Further, I fix the degree of resistance to the current passing through the body, the ratio of muscle and fat masses is determined. The bracelet will also show your weight, the level of hydration of the body, track the work of the lungs and changes in breathing. The combination of all the data allows you to predict what will happen to your body in the future and how to correct the situation. The bracelet can assess, for example, the risk of heart failure and notify the wearer. Yes, Apple Watch Series 4 and Series 5 can do this without a fancy strap, but the amount of fat, muscle and hydration level cannot be counted. In the application on the iPhone, you can conveniently and in detail view the data collected by the bracelet and track the indicators over time. You can also indicate the goals that you want to achieve. 

Does every Apple Watch owner need this bracelet? Absolutely, we can say no. This is a niche device for athletes and those who care about these metrics. The AURA Strap lets you ditch the need for additional measurement devices and use your favorite Apple Watch for everything. The price tag, by the way, is quite humane: in the USA they ask for $ 99 for a bracelet, which is twice as much as for a regular Apple sports loop.


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