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2021-03-15 23:21:00

By the way the broker pays money, one can judge its honesty, and that’s exactly what we needed to check with reviews. New companies that entered the market recently usually arouse legitimate suspicions, because there are already a lot of fraudulent firms. Today we are analyzing reviews about the work of a broker who started in Britain and came to the EU. Let's see if it delays clients' funds or there are no problems with the withdrawal.

Is Charing Cross Group scam? Company overview

Company started its way from the heart of Great Britain, even while most of other brokerage companies prefer dubious registrations on some islands.
And more specifically, the legal address of the company's office is associated with business London. The office is located in the business center in Bishopsgate.

Most of the transactions that are conducted with this broker relate to the currency market (the company has more than ten years of experience in Forex). There are investors who work with cryptocurrencies, there are those who are working on orders with commodities, precious metals, indices and stocks. Every transaction conducted on the platform is a subject of scam check.

The total number of investors reaches 10 thousand in 15 countries.
Therefore, when compiling the review, we had to rely on the opinion of Western colleagues.
According to the broker's reputation on Western European markets, there are no arguments in favor of scam suspicions. Moreover, there are a lot of reviews showing that traders enjoy their cooperation with the company.

And there are good results:
●    Simple and straightforward site;
●    High-quality trading platform;
●    Functional mobile application;
●    No problem with withdrawals. reviews. Details and nuances

The web resource of the service consists of an expanded main page, which contains basic information, contacts, documentation and account types descriptions. And also there’s the menu with additional sections that explain the nuances of cooperation with the company and offer various information.

Let's take a closer look.

Company contacts: address, phone numbers, technical support e-mail, a feedback form for all other questions.

Company documents: contractual terms, privacy policy, as well as several important documents describing trading, process of opening and cancelling the account, leverage usage, etc.

Partnership agreement: two types of programs for attracting referrals (for this the client receives a monetary reward) - direct referral of a new client, as well as the promotion of the company in the form of links, through which potential clients can enter the website itself. reviews show that in the first case, the referral program is paid if a friend also becomes a client and started trading. In the second option, payment is received for the clicks and registrations of those who followed the link. To become a partner of, you need to fill out an application form.

Market forecasts: there is a calendar of market prices for the near future in the analytics section of the site. It shows all the main market events as well as factors that affect them (region, climate, market trends, events, politics, economic situation, emerging trends).

Analysis: The training section describes the basic principles of market trend analysis that the company applies. Newcomers can find the information about technical and fundamental analysis there.

AML and KYC: Provides general provisions that the company applies in support of these anti-fraudulent initiatives. Charing Cross Group scam predicting system doesn’t let fraudsters to use the platform. Those policies are also important for the clients, because they will have to go through mandatory verification which is described there.


Platform: there is a link to the trading platform (only for registered users) and the option to download an application with a terminal to a smartphone (Android, iOS).

Registration: In the registration form, you must indicate your first and last names, country, date of birth and telephone number.

Account types
To start trading, you need to be verified, signed in and choose one of the account types. The broker has five of them. The first one is designed for novice traders and involves the usage of a small capital.
All accounts have a bonus in the form of training in strategies, analysis and platform usage. Another argument for the fact that we didn’t find any reasons to call Charing Cross Group scam.

Traders' attitude to the quality of deposit and withdrawal of funds

The company has a minimum of complaints about the withdrawal of money. Consider what customer claims we found:
Delays in payments lasted about a day (in most cases). Usually associated with the technical nuances of accepting a payment by a bank. There was also a case of a technical failure (the money didn’t leave the account, and support managed to find the issue the day after after the scam check). There were cases when requests for withdrawal of money were submitted incorrectly. Finally, several times it was a question of contacting outside working hours (we remind you that customer support works around the clock on weekdays, and has days off on holidays and weekends, so the request for withdrawing money can’t be processed till nearest Monday).
The rest of the reviews about the withdrawal of money (and this is the overwhelming majority) were positive.

What traders like:
Convenience of depositing and withdrawing funds. On bank cards, through payment systems, on Webmoney and other electronic wallets. It should be borne in mind that all the transactions are made only to those cards that were used for the deposit - this is a security requirement.
Money withdrawal speed. In most cases, this occurs within 12 hours, at most within a day. There are reviews about withdrawing money in 5 hours.
Technical support activity. Usually, all issues with freezing money on the account are resolved very quickly. Moreover, operators immediately respond to both telephone calls and inquiries sent to the email box

Charing Cross Group reviews and opinions on the broker

Here are some examples of favorable Charing Cross Group reviews about the company:

“I've been working with them for six months. Although a very young broker, it is immediately clear that the staff was recruited from professors - they give very sensible advice. I have been on the market for several years, but for the first time with this broker I realized that I can start putting aside a financial cushion”

“I finished my session at 6 am. Those who are still there, good luck guys! I ordered a withdrawal of money. Last time I had to wait five or six hours, I got enough sleep, and the money was already in my account! ”;

“The market is the market. If you went bankrupt and lost the first thousand, then I will tell you - there will still be roofing felts! I also lost and even more. I am still cautious about this broker, but I have already taken the second portfolio. As long as I'm lucky, or their strategies work. I will definitely stay with this broker further. "

Most English-speaking users describe the company as having a good track record, paying money regularly, with good understanding service.

Overall review

As a result, there is no reason to believe that Charing Cross Group scam or a dubious company. We will monitor the activities of this service and draw further conclusions. Up to the moment it can be seen as a reliable partner and good place to trade.



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