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ChaseCapitalOnline forex broker

Despite the fact that the company started its work recently, it has already managed to earn a very good reputation among users. ChaseCapitalOnline broker is on the market since 2020.

ChaseCapitalOnline review on the openness of general information about the company

We can find all the important information about the broker on the official website of the company, which is positively assessed by traders. Therefore, it is not worth waiting for any secret manipulations on the part of ChaseCapitalOnline. Customers love that the company openly shares all data about itself. reviews of the company's trading conditions

Users gave a lot of positive feedback about the company to the trading conditions of ChaseCapitalOnline. Users separately noted the convenience and reliability of the trading terminal, the variety of types of trading accounts and the high professionalism of the support service. reviews about account types

In a special section on the website, you can find information on the types of company accounts. They include four types of trading account, the difference between which is the size of the spread, the size of the credit leverage and the size of the trade. For all accounts in this case:

Minimum deposit - from $ 5000;

Leverage from 1: 100 to 1: 400;

Spreads from 2.8 to 0.1 pips

Trade size from 0.01 to 50 lots

Partnership conditions offered by ChaseCapitalOnline: reviews

You can open a trading account with a broker in order to start trading immediately in this section after completing online registration. A wide range of payment methods convenient for you will ensure the efficiency and convenience of depositing funds to start working on the FOREX international currency market.

Where to begin?

First, go through the online registration, it will not take you much time. Please be careful when filling in your data when registering a trading account. Incorrect, inaccurate or erroneous data can significantly complicate the withdrawal of your profit later.

ChaseCapitalOnline offers 4 types of trading accounts, they differ in the amount of the deposit, the size of the leverage, the size of the spread, the presence of a personal advisor and a trading terminal.








$15 000

$25 000

$50 000




















MetaTrader reviews: how to register on the site:

The very process of creating your first Forex account will take you a couple of minutes. On the website of the selected broker, you must indicate your personal and contact information, the amount of the deposit and other information. If you have any questions, you can always contact the support service - they will be able to help. Also on the site there is an opportunity to fill out a feedback form, and our employee will contact you to advise.

ChaseCapitalOnline Review: What Traders Talk About

“I can only recommend ChaseCapitalOnline. Quick help via live chat, phone or email.

You should at least read the site thoroughly beforehand. For example, a support phone number is in bold. So much for the service.

I also think that the trading conditions are very good. The spreads are fine and I had no nasty surprises when the spread suddenly widened.

Overall SATISFIED and therefore 5 stars!”

“I don't see any drawbacks either in terms of trading conditions, or in terms of input and output, or in communication. I did not find any hidden commissions, all conditions are clearly spelled out and met. At first I used the demo here, so I wanted to take a closer look at the company. But trading on the demo still does not understand how much it corresponds to the real thing. Probably the best broker I've seen for work.”


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  1. guest review Quinn Daniel 19.01.2022
    Everything is always accurate and understandable. There have never been problems with the output of funds. Also pleases mailing with analytics and news.
    1. guest review Little Edward 25.01.2022
      Investments offered by this company are some of the best that I have ever had. I get a decent profit. They quickly handle the conclusion request. The support is nice to deal with.
      1. guest review Holmes Randolph 25.01.2022
        This is a brand to which I can trust. They practice transparency, and I can control everything about my trading account. The support service has always quickly helped me solve all the questions that have arisen.
        1. guest review West Peter 28.01.2022
          Very good offer, first of all. For day trading, probably the best broker with whom I have traded so far. Very good performance.
          1. guest review Stevens Edgar 31.01.2022
            I switched to chasecapitalonline Consultants about two months ago and positively surprised. Very good performance and low spread, just what I need. Pros: Low costs, good performance.
            1. guest review Lynch Peter 06.02.2022
              I came across this broker about 8 months ago and since then trading with them. Must admit that mainly due to low spreads, but the platform is also good. The execution is fast enough, and with support service it is easy to find a common language.
              1. guest review Blake Oliver 17.03.2022
                I am a newcomer on the market, as the trading is only 5 months, but during this time I tried 3 brokers, and chasecapitalonline Consultants probably showed the best results today. Big plus for a very understandable platform and efficient support service.
                1. guest review Casey Brendan 23.03.2022
                  I am very pleased with the services of this broker. Now, when so much happens, I have access to both the platform on the computer and the excellent mobile application. In addition, there are promotions, ETFs that have a good discount. Everything in one place. Perfect for me.
                  1. guest review Cox Daniel 26.03.2022
                    Super customer service, good contact that I really appreciate. XStation also works well as a platform. To confess, I trade with a small budget, but for these several months of cooperation, I did not notice any problems with the broker. Perhaps some tools could be slightly cheaper.
                    1. guest review Cox Joseph 11.04.2022
                      I trade in chase capital online more than one year, for all this time I have never turned to technical support. The terminal is quite satisfied.
                      1. guest review Lang Noah 21.04.2022
                        If you want to earn money, then wolk. I want to express my gratitude chase capital online. Do not succumb to panic and emotions. In the market, I am only from the 19th year, but successful trade began to please only now.
                        1. guest review Moody Matthew 26.04.2022
                          I have been trading from the age of 15, everything suits, a huge plus, that the conclusion is passing without problems and most importantly quickly, everything is at the highest level, I recommend to everyone this platform!!!