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Advice from professional experts ChaseCapitalOnline Scam brokers in the Forex market, who are they?


2022-01-06 21:06:00

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We have prepared a material for you based on the advice of experts from ChaseCapitalOnline scam will be researched and will no longer look so threatening if you follow these tips.

Also, having studied all the signs of the actions of dishonest companies, we can practically deny the possibility that scam.

Scam brokers in the Forex market - they are often not even always brokers, but simply people, without companies, who only position themselves as brokerage companies, in fact, they are only experienced Internet users who are able to fabricate a number of factors on the website they have created.

The owners of such fake sites have sometimes even no basic knowledge of the Forex market. But for a new trader who does not have an economic education, not everything is so obvious.

A person visits a beautifully designed site, sees catchy promises of profit, and words like "spread" and "instant execution of orders" add to the sweet promises of expertise. As a result, a person registers, makes a deposit and ... here the most interesting thing begins - the technology of deception.

Tips from ChaseCapitalOnline scam detection team: How to identify and avoid Forex scams

We exclude the possibility that scam.

Tips from ChaseCapitalOnline broker experts. How to identify a scam broker?

In the 2000s, when the Forex market became publicly available and was just reaching its peak of popularity, it was not easy to distinguish a fraudulent broker from a real player in the interbank market, especially if a trader was just starting to take the first steps on such a difficult path. But today, in the era of total globalization and informatization, when any open information is easy to "break through" on the Internet in a matter of minutes, it has become much easier to protect yourself from fraudulent schemes of blacklisted forex brokers. The easiest way is to study our site, because we have already saved you time and selected both reliable and fraudulent companies from all companies

Advice ChaseCapitalOnline scam check team.  Lets check main features of fraudulent brokers:

High Profit Promise

Such promises directly indicate that a forex broker is a fraud, because no real broker can guarantee a trader a profit in principle. Moreover, according to statistics, only 11–25% of novice traders eventually become professional players in the foreign exchange market and start making good money on it.

No Risk Statements

This is also a clear sign of fraud, because a trader's success does not depend on the broker. The trader's own strategy plays a key role, that is, how he diversifies risks (for example, divides the deposit between several currency pairs or uses auto trading). And it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk on Forex.

Lack of documents

By law, the activities of forex brokers must be regulated by an authorized body - either a state-owned or a private licensed company. It is enough to find information about the broker's website and check it on the website of the regulator itself - this is open information and the reliability of license numbers is checked in a matter of minutes.

Unprofessional behavior

This includes a lot of steps. Scammers always insist on making payments "here and now", they talk about the high qualifications of their managers (PAMM accounts), but their profitability can only be confirmed by excel tables.


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  1. guest review Ferguson Christopher 20.01.2022
    The company makes so many interesting proposals for traders. Thanks to the educational materials of the broker, I learned a lot about the promotions and CFD. The most reliable signals that I used. I trading on Forex for about a year and did several times with funds. So far I am generally satisfied.
    1. guest review Wilcox John 21.01.2022
      There are dozens of brokers to choose from. Why will I focus on this company? Because when you do not understand something, usually everything is what you get from the support service. «Wait, we check your problems.» Here the support service is the guys who are devoted to their work that can help you at any time 24/5.
      1. guest review Phillips Antony 21.01.2022
        The company has proven itself as a very reliable platform. He was satisfied, because for 7 months of working with this broker, there were no problems with payments.. Thanks to a multitude of training materials and good support, you will easily understand the intricacies of trade, even if you have never been doing this before.
        1. guest review Russell Anthony 01.02.2022
          Based on his experience (3 years on FX), I can say that chasecapitalonline Consultants is probably the best broker in the European Union. Very favorable spreads and at the same time no strange behavior, like some market meters.
          1. guest review Greer John 07.02.2022
            Currently, this is my favorite broker, adjustable ESMA. Very low trading costs and good customer service, which is still needed. Pros: low commission, good execution of orders.
            1. guest review Walker Sydney 07.02.2022
              Very low transaction costs and many tools. Also very good performance on the main currency pairs.
              1. guest review Heath Jasper 18.03.2022
                Super system, I recommend it especially beginners who are just trying to invest their money. Customer service is also good, overall this plus.
                1. guest review McDowell Rolf 23.03.2022
                  Excellent broker, excellent contact with staff, many opportunities when it comes to investing. Decent offers for all. Great deal for me. Especially thanks to the demo system, I am not afraid to invest.
                  1. guest review Tyler Anthony 28.03.2022
                    Some time ago I closed my account in chasecapitalonline Consultants. However, over time, I have to admit that chasecapitalonline Consultants is the best broker with which I have ever worked, so I come back. Big plus for fast translations and support 24/5.
                    1. guest review Neal Michael 05.04.2022
                      I trade here recently, but everything is fine. Khorous support, the work of the terminal is beautiful. Fast registration. For me, the most important thing is that there is stability. chase capital online- Respect
                      1. guest review Wilkins Ethan 12.04.2022
                        Drawing up verification, quick replenishment of the card, it is convenient to use a trading platform, support works in Russian, quickly respond
                        1. guest review Todd Alfred 17.04.2022
                          I transferred money to my account, I traded everything well a little, the next day I saw negative reviews here regarding the withdrawal of money and decided to return the money back from the account. The first time did not work. The second time I took it, though on chase capital online, and then the world without problems good support (phone, telegrams) from the part of the personal manager Valentine took the money, the conclusion works contrary to many local reviews